Translate and Localize your Content, Apps, and Media
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Translate and Localize your Content, Apps, and Media

Trying to introduce your product to a global market can make you wish you’d paid better attention in Spanish class. (“Okay, Dora. Hurry up and teach me some SaaS vocab.”)

But unless you’re a polyglot, it’s hard to connect with customers all over the world without feeling like something’s getting lost in translation.

If only a translation tool made it easy for you to translate and localize your content, apps, and media.

Meet TextUnited.

You’ll benefit from TextUnited’s support for over 170 languages and over 30 viable file types, letting you easily provide quality multilingual support on your website.

With the TextUnited WordPress plugin, you can translate and localize your WordPress website in just a few clicks.

To get started, connect your account to the plugin, configure the translation settings, and select the pages you want to translate.

Then, either translate the content yourself or outsource it to TextUnited before applying the translated pages to your website.

Translate and Localize your Content, Apps, and Media

TextUnited not only helps you bring easy translation to your website, but it also lets you offer multilingual customer support with the Zendesk integration.

With this integration, you can translate customer support tickets quickly and accurately in over 170 languages using machine translation or a combination of machine and human review.

Use one-click language recognition to detect the language of each ticket before you translate automatically.

The platform will save all your translations for future use, so you can translate faster while saving money on service providers.

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