Traffic Forecast: Cold Today & Hot Tomorrow!
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Traffic Forecast: Cold Today & Hot Tomorrow!

When it is cold outside you don’t throw on your tank top and shorts to go for a leisurely walk, and when it is hot you don’t wear your favorite wool sweater and leather jacket. Just like dressing your body for the weather, we must learn to dress our content for our website traffic weather. Cold, warm, and hot traffic all need different “apparel” to turn our potential buyers into loyal customers.

Traffic Forecast: Cold Today & Hot Tomorrow!

When the Traffic is Cold

Cold traffic is when the viewer is completely new to your product, service, and brand. Contrary to what more traditional marketers might tell you, this isn’t where you want to push the sale. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself.  Let these new faces know that your company understands the problem or need they have and is committed to being the best in your industry.

Show your company’s commitment to excellence and commitment to other clients that are facing the same issues or have the same wants. At this stage, you are just trying to warm-up to these potential customers. Over selling can just come across as pushy or annoying.

Think about it like meeting someone new at a party or conference. You want to keep it casual but at the same time put your best foot forward. If you come off as pushy, they will turn around and never look back. But, if you are honest and sincere, and as concerned with them as you are with yourself, you will leave a great impression and get the chance to further the relationship.

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Some examples of content types that are great at the cold stage include buying guides, creative solution lists, videos, how-to ideas, and research findings.

When Things Start Warming Up

OK, now we are getting somewhere. The traffic is hanging around which means this is your opportunity to warm them up. Customers that make it to this stage are now aware of your brand and have an interest in what you can offer. This is your chance to really warm them up by letting them know that you are interested in helping them with their needs.

How do you do this? Use your lead magnets. Offer them a free service or product. This can be as simple as a template, an eBook, a tool, or a free trial. It just needs to be something the potential customer sees as valuable. If you can provide this to them, then chances are good they will be willing to offer their contact information to you in return.

Another great way to warm up traffic is by using social media. Keep your blog posts fresh and current. Make your Facebook and Instagram posts fun and informative. Send regular updates using social media so they are continually reminded of your commitment to your industry and your products!

Once you have contact information you can further develop the relationship and their interest in your brand by sending them information like white papers or newsletters. You can even invite them to webinars or offer live chats and/or phone calls to help answer any questions. All of these tactics help to create a sense of connection and gives your brand a more personal feel.

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Now We are Hot!

Hot traffic consists of customers who know your brand and products or services well. They are confident in you because they have purchased from you, or at least tried your products, and are happy to continue their relationship with your company.

Now you can start pushing the sales. It is time to close an additional deal before someone else closes it! Begin by asking these customers to upgrade, add on to previous purchases, or offer incentives to products they considered but haven’t purchased yet. Getting hot traffic to convert should be the easiest part of your marketing efforts. Direct these clients to places like landing pages, product pages, sales pages, and offer pages.

Another thing you can do with your hot traffic is use them to generate warm traffic. Do this by offering current customers incentives to recommend your brand to their friends, family, and colleagues. Their referrals will generate warm traffic and the rewards you give them will keep your hot traffic hot!

Being Ready for Changing Forecasts

Much like living in the Midwest, you need to be ready for changing forecasts. This means having a marketing plan for each stage of the customer relationship. Doing this will allow you to make the most of your marketing efforts and continually build a happy and confident customer base. Understanding the needs of hot, warm, and cold traffic will help to ensure that you are delivering them content that meets their needs and keeps them coming back for more!

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Author Bio: Nicole Stelmar is a managing editor at 365 Business Tips, a website that provides business owners with everything they need to know. Nicole specializes in helping small businesses increase their digital presence through content marketing and SEO.

Traffic Forecast: Cold Today & Hot Tomorrow!

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