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Apple is always quicker and faster in upgrading the quality of its phone and proven itself the giant of the smartphone industry till now. In 2019, it has again struck a goal in the match of upgrading its software IOS 13 along with some other launches coming it’s way iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max plus IOS 13.1 alongside IPadOS for tablets only, IOS13.1.1 and IOS 13.1.2.

Top10 IOS Features

Now let’s go further into details about what this new software is applicable in which devices that have been mentioned by best assignment writing service the UK.

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod Touch (7th gen)

Features of OIS 13 you need to know first

  • Face ID unlock 30 minutes faster
  • Apps downloaded 2X times faster
  • System-wide dark mode
  • New swiping keyboard
  • Reminder
  • Update to Apple Mail, Notes and Safari
  • Apply Map
  • IMessages Profile pictures (WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger-style profile picture )
  • New Photos and video editing tools

Now, let’s get into a flashback of IOS 10 features that had blown the fans away with its massive update after IOS 9. In 2016 when the company released its new version of IOS was the biggest news for fans which will come in iPhone and IPad, it will be compatible with iPhones starting with iPhone 5, IPad with 4th generation IPads and IPad Mini2 along with 6th generation iPod touch.

Flash Back-IOS 10 Features you need to recall!

2016 was the major surprise for Apple fans that were aimlessly waiting for the major upgrade of IOS that was announced 4 to 6 months back. Even Apple had the advantage of their IOS 10 biggest release. The major updates were done on various apps, services, features such as iMessages, Map, Siri, Photos, and Apple Music, etc.

Lock screens were much more functional

First many were confused by the ultimate lock screen functions. How does it work? There were tutorials and guide to get you aware of how to customize those notifications and make it interactive.

When you hold your iPhone for notifications and other news feed the screen will automatically turn on. View weather updates on lock screens, swipe to open the camera and place as many widgets on your lock screen or also remove some of them as you like. By this amazing lock screen function, you won’t like to unlock it again.

Photo Apps that can transform your albums

iPhone users would easily create an organized space of images where you can separate those which are from other events or trips that happened a year ago. Now pictures of special moments and most relevant events can automatically be edited together as a reel of albums.

Moreover, the best thing about the Apple Photo App was it could recognize different objects, facial expressions to nature, mountains and other things. The new memories tab was a new user experience features where you can automatically design your favorite memories or best clicks onto the memory tab.

Map features that help you with the right destination

Apple had redesigned the Map App for the user interference to mark your destination where ever you are. Finding the location was difficult as the font or the text was not that visible but by using a new design app you can easily see and ground up your location clearly. Moreover, it was opened to developers as well as to enhance the user experience and connect a bridge between the Map App and their own App. The Map will become your advisor on every trip you stop and will give you the recommendation to start going.

Popular Music App with 15 Million users already

Apple has made the design simpler without affecting the current available features. The App was quite famous as users were happy about everything clearer lines and icons that are defined perfectly. The smartness of this App is download option just drag the white button and write your own artist or playlist you want to listen. Moreover, the app was able to show the lyrics of the songs you want to memorize.


As the iMessages work directly with a lock screen you just open the home button or whatever the option is and simply drag it with fingers over the white part. If you want to have some delicious food simply send cash over to your iMessages.

There are lots more options such as hiding the messages some personal text that won’t show to every person.  And the App will suggest you the emojis to add your messages accordingly.

Siri features

Siri was the Apple strong movement of bringing a voice assistant that with other services had worked with Siri to make voice search exceptional. For instance, any of the student’s voice searches for dissertation writing services the UK can easily give results instantly without any buffering.

Users of Apple can easily search content, write messages or photo search and even make phone calls to more apps. However, it had brought IOS 10 with the help of your voice personal payment and ride-booking.

Apple pay

Apple pay was available in safari too. Apple fans could easily purchase or pay quickly.

Control center

Redesigned control center had bought amazing elements such as Music widgets that were available through swiping to the side. The 3D touch makes things easier as the widget for apps was not required to install the app at all on the home screen.

Clock reminder for healthy sleep

The clock app works amazing with the bedtime toggle the app helps you set the reminder of your sleeping schedule and also wake you up with an automatic morning alarm to start your day fresh.

Multi-task yourself with Safari web tab

If you are the multitask person the app was basically designed for such people. You can easily split the pages into two and do your task properly.

Final view

The recall of all the awesome features of IOS 10 makes you download the software again right. Read and comment below what was your experience of using the IOS 10 and did you upgrade our app with IOS 13 or not?

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Top10 IOS Features

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