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Top Website and UX Stats of 2019

Having a website for your business is essential these days. If you do not have an online presence then a huge section of potential customers will not be able to contact you. In today’s digitally centric world, not having a way for people to find your business details online really limits your customer reach. So, even having a basic website is better than having none at all.

However, the importance of UX and other website details such as content types and the features and functionalities used to impress users is increasing. Just having a website is not enough, if you really want to surpass the achievements of your competitors then you need to do more than just launch a basic website. You need to blow them away with amazing UX.


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This infographic really highlights the impact of UX with some interesting statistics to think about when setting up a new website or improving your current one. For example, only 1% of users interact with website sliders. Sliders were considered to be great design feature some years back but they have lost their significance as people are no longer drawn to them on a website.

Another key stat shows that 70% of small businesses miss call-to-actions. If you have a website that does not have clear, well-positioned and compelling call-to-actions then you really are missing a trick. Or more importantly, you are missing out on massive conversion potential! So check your website to see whether your CTAs are doing their job. It might be that a change of button color, a move of the position of something fairly small in terms of effort could have a big impact on your online business lead generation figures.

Top Website and UX Stats of 2019

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