Top Web Design Trends To Inspire Your 2021 Strategy

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2020 was not an easy year and has left a lasting impact on every business. With plenty of hand sanitizers, awkward zoom meetings, and anxiety of uncertainty, we all are getting exhausted. Despite the situations, everyone did their best to move forward. Learn innovations and try hard to implement them in their business.

Though, each year unique web design trends take us to the new scientific future of our business. As web design continuously change and each time come up with great ideas. However, technologies are infinite, and designer tries hard to move parallel with technologies.

Influence of Web Design

User experience is typically based on the functionality of the product and its purpose. Suppose you want your website to have an exclusive look representing your brand and deliver your message in a specific way. On the other hand, you also want to make it enjoyable and customize for the audience to have a deeper connection through visual appearance.

The professional web designer knows how to make it appealing and attractive for the users. Whether it is for social media or other platforms. Customers come towards the product, which offers valuable package and reliability to them.

So, take a look at some exciting web design trends that are appealing to customers in the coming years!

Top Web Design Trends to follow in 2021

Apply White Space

White space can give a unique and clean look to your website. It can target important information you want your visitors to look at first so the users will not be distracted.

If less white space is applied within two elements, it won’t be obvious and appear one element. They also feel difficulty when they see elements are merging. So, try to use white space to make everything clear for your users and increase your site’s user experience.

Digital Illustrations

The digital illustration can create an emotional bond with the audience. It explains your website story in an image. Most of the digital illustrations are practiced in hero-banner and feature style. So, illustration can help viewers understand your brand’s message without reading.

The major advantage of illustration is that, with one look, it will help users to know about the products and services you provide, and with this, your website starts blooming.

Put on Dark Mode Option

The dark mode has gained significant popularity in previous years. It enables all features to stand out on the website. Still, several search engines claim this tool to be a real battery saver as most internet consumers are shifting towards using the dark mode on all their devices, operating tools, chats, and others.

So, when you offer a dark mode option while designing, it gives your customers choices. Indeed, it is an emerging choice for many and an important factor in your web design strategy.

Choose a suitable color scheme.

Selecting a website color is important, and you need to choose the one that can strengthen your business’s branding. Focus on your users, and the easiest way to grab their attention is selecting colors that stand out. Bright background colors capture the most attention and contribute to a lasting user experience.

However, it is important to select a color that matches your brand. For this purpose, you can use gradients, which increases the design’s depth in many ways. Use gradients instead of plain background that covers the range of colors and serves multiple purposes.

Add background Videos

Background videos have become an emerging trend than images. As images reflect your idea, videos can show your creativity to the target audience and give your business better brand opportunities. It can deliver the main idea efficiently.

As everyone has high-speed internet connections and applying it is a good choice for a better user experience.

Use Bold Typography

The website’s welcome heading is the most highlighted feature of all, and bold typography helps designers make the font easy to read for visitors than the normal font and consider it to be a better suggestion to apply on headings.

Choose fonts according to your profession and services as they play an important role in your website and are important tools for grabbing the audience’s attention.

Transform Scrolling

When users scroll through your website, they are interacting more rather than just navigating the page. User interaction is the form of participation, and when users get involved with your website, they become more engaging and interacting.

You can improve scrolling by using various tools such as playing video animations on your website to improve visitors’ scrolling. Take caution while applying them, as they may distract visitors and slow down your website due to heavy animations.


At the end of the day, it is concluded, as more businesses are getting engaged in making responsive websites and apps, and the approach to user interface design has reached the next level. So, the design team should not only be creative, but it should also be strategic while offering several design services to your website.

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Top Web Design Trends To Inspire Your 2021 Strategy


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