Top Video Editing Skills Young Editors Need for Marketing
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Top Video Editing Skills Young Editors Need for Marketing

Table of Contents

  • What Are Video Editing Skills?
  • Soft Skills For Video Editors Working in Marketing 
  • Technical Video Editing Skills List
  • How To Improve Video Marketing Skills? 
  • Conclusion 

Can you find a company not using video to promote content nowadays? Video editing skills are essential for TV shows, broadcasts, social media, online classes, and more. 

Without surprise, Cisco’s Visual Networking Index counts 4.6 billion Internet users in 2021, of which 42% are video users. As a result, a skilled video editor can differentiate failure and success for any marketing campaign. Indeed, without video, the risk is to lose potential customers. 

Let’s look at the top video skills that young video editors need to add to their job description: 

What Are Video Editing Skills?

To put it simply, video editing skills are what you need to do professional and polished work. Professional editors work in several files, from PR and social media to multimedia art to online courses. A talented video editor combines soft and technical skills to ensure the best outcome for a company’s brand image. Indeed, the wrong style for video editing can manage marketing effort as much as lack of video content. 

Soft Skills For Video Editors in Marketing 

When employers ask for video marketing skills, they ask more than recording and uploading. A video must fit with an existing marketing strategy and adapt to the image and mission of the content. So, before looking at video or Youtuber skills, here are the soft skills a young editor needs to consider:

Understand the Audience

What are video marketing’s main goals? Reach the broadest possible audience by sharing the content on multiple channels. So, the first video marketing skill to develop is analyzing a company audience and creating targeted content. You can spend hours editing a video, polishing any single detail. But if the video doesn’t fit the company target, it will be a waste of time. So, before getting your hands on images and sounds, study the marketing campaigns of the company and its buyer personas. 

Choose Appropriate Video Style

Once you picture buyer personas, the next step is studying a company’s style guidelines to choose the appropriate video style. Interviews, tutorials, testimonials, documentaries, demos are different products. First, however, users need to recognize the brand from the video style across multiple platforms and browsers. 

Know Platforms And Apps 

In line with the previous point, choosing the appropriate video style helps understand the right platform to promote the video content. For example, an interview or online class works better on Youtube. Or, a short video presenting a new product is more effective on apps like Vine or Tik Tok. 

Time Management And Collaboration Skills

When it comes to marketing, everyone has a role and specific tasks. In short, everyone has to respect deadlines and communications to respect other team members’ work. Therefore, time management and communication are crucial to building a productive and healthy relationship with other team members among video editing skills. 

SEO Doesn’t Belong Only To Writers 

By now, you have probably heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Well, SEO is a top skill for video editors too. A video editor needs to know how to optimize video content to stand out from competitors, from description to the title to keywords. Usually, a professional video editor strategizes tags and meta tags, craft keyword-rich descriptions, and create catch titles.

Technical Video Editing Skills List

Now, these are technical video editing skills to seek on a video editor’s job description for marketing: 


Signaling is the practice of using cues to direct the audience’s attention. This technique increases retention and information transfer. Social Media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat allow using cues within a video, helping the audience focus on crucial information and takeaways. 


Segmenting refers to the basic chunking of information. Users can take “bites” of content and monitor their content “themes.” this approach improve the information structure and the ability to rewatch portions of the content. The size of the video varies depending on the platform and potential viewing device. 


Weeding means removing extraneous information that could damage the company’s image. This method is crucial to keep a coherent video style and choose the appropriate design to present the company’s products. 

Match Modality

There is no video without sound. For effective communication, match modality is a method to blend video and sounds to achieve the best results. 

PS: You can find more information about these techniques here Effective Education Videos from Vanderbilt University

How To Improve Video Marketing Skills? 

A question remains. How to improve video editing skills over time? 

There are three steps you can’t skip to become a skilled and professional video editor: 

  1. Learning: Every day is a learning day. And for video editors, that’s always true. New platforms and tools keep coming up. You can even create a film from a smartphone. So, even when you master tools, there is always something new to add to your portfolio! 
  2. Right Technology: None can do this job without the right tools. The quality of a camera and laptop makes a significant difference in the creative process and outcome. In addition, a fast storage drive increased RAM, and graphic cards are necessary investments for video makers.
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts significantly speed up the production process. Based on your program, keyboard shortcuts can make your work faster and more efficient. 

Finally, “Effective Educational Videos: Principles and Guidelines for Maximizing Student Learning from Video Content” by Cynthia J. Brame is a brilliant article about video makers and how to improve video skills. 


To recap, the essential video editing skills are multitasking, curiosity, and attention to detail. The point is to use your video skills to illustrate and narrate a company’s mission or products. Unlike writers, video editors tell stories with images. 

So, without further ado, start reading inspiring articles, learn new techniques, and add the right video marketing skills to the job description! 

Author’s Bio: Costanza Tagliaferri is a Writer and Content Marketer at DistantJob. She has covered a wide range of topics. Now, she is focussing on technology, traveling, and remote work.

Top Video Editing Skills Young Editors Need for Marketing

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