Top Trends to Consider for Android App Development in 2021

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Most business enterprises, when selecting a mobile platform for app development, prefer Android over other OS. Why so? Android covers a whopping 85% of the global mobile market. This helps businesses to engage larger target audiences and boost overall brand visibility. 

The operating system is not only popular because of its widespread availability and diversity. It also integrates the most advanced technologies into mobile apps and tools to make the development job effective. In this blog post, we identify the most prominent trends that will help the Android platform be at the top of the app development market.

1. Android Instant Apps

Android instant apps have completely changed the whole app installation process. User time is saved as it allows quick checking of the app without installation on a device. Moreover, such apps consume less space on mobile devices, preventing performance troubles due to full memory.

Online selling businesses hire Android developers to leverage the power of this remarkable trend. The trend makes it simpler for businesses to promote their products and engage potential customers. Next, users can skip Google Play Store to search an app; instead, they directly search for apps in Google search results and open them to check. 

2. AI & Machine Learning

AI and ML technologies are popularly used to build Android mobile apps. Many digital solutions have become possible because of these innovative technologies like voice assistants, Big Data processing, chatbots, analytics, and automation.

With the implementation of AI and ML, businesses improve their customers’ experience. For example, they can:

  • Automate routine tasks like categorizing tickets based on topic, sending messages as well as reminders.
  • Improvise user suggestions, creating them according to the customer preferences.
  • Boost configuration of filters on e-Commerce sites.
  • Customize a mobile app as per the customer preferences like reminders configuration, app layout personalization, and offer special discounts.

3. AR and VR Technology

AR and VR have been serving enterprises & individuals for a long time in Android development. Google platform ARCore has been helping people to build augmented reality mobile app experiences since March 2018. With AR/VR technologies implementation, brands take their customer experiences to an all-new level. For instance, IKEA launched a mobile app allowing consumers to check whether the furniture they are buying fits in their homes or not. Google Maps is based on AR, helping users navigate smoothly by placing a virtual map over real views.

In 2021, many Android app development services will experiment with these game-changing technologies and successfully build mobile apps. They will become high in demand around various industries, including education, real estate, entertainment, tourism and travel, and E-commerce.

4. Blockchain Technology

This technology offers decentralized app development solutions to boost transaction transparency and eliminates unauthorized access by implementing strong security layers. This is a great tool to build Android apps, particularly for banks, currency exchanges, and financial institutions. A survey revealed 80% of global organizations are collaborating with Blockchain technologies in one or different ways.

The key benefits of Blockchain are:

  • Reduce chances of data loss.
  • Deploys data for improved performance whenever the network fails. 
  • Android app’s security is enhanced with data encryption.

So, these are some popular trends to integrate into Android app development for enhanced customer engagement & business growth.

Wrapping Up

Android mobile app development has plenty of benefits to offer to developers and business enterprises that build engaging mobile apps in 2021. Integrated with the latest technology trends helps companies build multiple solutions to improve customer experience and boost brand reputation significantly. On the other hand, developers can find an array of robust and effective development tools to alleviate and speed up mobile app design & development for Android.

Author Bio

The author is working with a top-rated Mobile App Development Company as a senior research analyst. Having years of experience and expertise in the mobile app industry, you can avail the latest information on the latest technologies. Stay connected for more posts in the future, and comment on us for improvements.

Top Trends to Consider for Android App Development in 2021

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