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By Kristin Kulpinski

As the world is fully immersed in the digital age, it seems like smartphones and tablets are becoming household items. In the past five years, about 1.4 billion smartphones were sold worldwide. Although this may seem like a very significant increase in smartphone sales, it reflects a stagnation in the smartphone market. Most people use smartphones, and 52% of the world’s population are mobile internet users. This shows that smartphones and mobile apps rose to prominence in the last decade and stayed here.

Starting/Growing a Business

Mobile apps are connecting freelance workers to their next job. Over the last five years, gig labor exploded when these services made themselves available through apps as well as on one’s browser. Apps like TaskRabbit and grocery store apps give large businesses a means to hire temporary labor. These temporary jobs provide hiring workers for a task that will have a fluctuating number of required workers. Therefore, large businesses can use them for staff members with uncertain/undefined working hours. Small companies can use temporary labor to make odds and ends meet.

Omnichannel Business is the Future

Businesses are looking for the next step in their progress with the digital age. Many retail stores look like creating an omnichannel business and forging a seamless consumer journey between platforms while designing a personalized experience. These apps are available to download onto a desktop/laptop. This creates a seamless part of that clean interface for the consumer. Their information and settings can be the same no matter which device they choose to access it by. No matter the category, businesses should be using apps to showcase their brand personality.

Best Practice When Hiring Temporary Labor

Transparency with employees is paramount. Be specific about why you are hiring certain freelancers and whether or not they will be a one-time hire or on a more long-term contract. Temporary labor includes consultants who expect a certain level of professionalism. Regardless of the level of expertise, workers will be put off by changing objectives or shifting prices. Be straightforward and outline the end goals before you start the contract. This will alleviate many hiccups down the line.

As the internet continues to revolutionize the way businesses organize themselves, they become better at tailoring the consumer’s experience to a T. Part of this looks like hiring more temporary labor for fluctuating demands or expertise. With the incorporation of these apps, it is no longer difficult to find someone for the job. Whatever it may be.

Top Trends for Apps

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