Top Tips For Small Businesses Starting Their First Online Store

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During the pandemic, many small businesses and brick-and-mortar stores have invested in eCommerce for the first time. When looking at starting your first online store, it’s difficult to not only know where to start, but it can also be overwhelming when looking at the existing online presence of bigger, more established retailers that are now your competition.

Here are our top 5 tips for those businesses struggling to know where to start when it comes to eCommerce, whether you’re looking to develop a simple eCommerce site yourself or you’re working with an eCommerce or Shopify Agency.

  • Personality

No other business has you, and our number one tip for any small business owner is to fill your website with your personality and passion. Telling your story and letting customers know who you are is important, and your customers will love it. Billion-dollar eCommerce companies may be able to get an order to a customer in hours, but people would rather give their money to a friendly face with a great story.

  • Expertise

Similarly, make sure your eCommerce store gives your customers advice and expertise that isn’t available elsewhere. At every stage of your customer’s journey, make sure you’re showing and sharing your knowledge. This can be through detailed product descriptions, online guides, live chat functionality, and anywhere else you can think of!

If, for example, you were launching an online store selling electric bikes, then competing with the market leaders on price is probably not realistic. However, if your site offers great guidance on which bike is perfect for beginners, how to ensure your bike is the right size and how to measure your head for the perfect fitting helmet, then you’re offering something that others don’t. If you’re also on hand via live chat to answer questions and give advice, then that’s even better.

  • Little Touches

The key to long-term success with your new store is establishing a base of loyal customers. A fantastic way of encouraging this is by adding personal touches to their shopping experience. 

A simple example of this is to add a little treat and a handwritten note to every order you send out. It’s a really effective way of encouraging your customers to shop with you again, tell their friends, and leave you a great review.

  • Work With an Experienced Partner

The quickest and most effective way of ensuring your store successfully finds the right people to work with. Know your strengths and if you are out of your depth when building your store, select an experienced eCommerce agency to work with. Likewise, if you’re confused by Facebook Ads, then pick the right partner for this. 

The best agencies and consultants will work closely with you and produce great results for your budget. Ensuring you’re not trying to handle everything yourself will produce better results and allow you to focus more time on the areas of the business where your strengths lie.

Top Tips For Small Businesses Starting Their First Online Store

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