Top Ten Things To Remember For An SEO Audit

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An SEO Audit is crucial for your website. In this world of digital media, search engine optimization or SEO has become important as a part of marketing. To promote your business to a wide range of audiences, it is vital to rank on the search pages of any search engine, especially Google.

Top Ten Things To Remember For An SEO Audit

Here I will tell you the top 10 things you must remember or consider while performing an SEO audit.

1. Check If Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

66% of the total Google searches come from mobiles. This single line interprets how important it is to make your website mobile-friendly. There is no doubt that your priority will be to develop a website that offers excellent mobile screen viewing. Here you also need to check the fonts of all the contents that you are publishing there.

To do that, you also can take help from Google’s Mobile-friendly testing tool. Keep one thing clear. To enhance your search engine ranking, you have to make your website and web pages mobile-friendly.

Speed Up Your Site

2. Speed Up Your Site

No one likes a website that takes too long to load. All your audiences will not visit your website if it has more loading times, and they will return just after landing on the first search page. This will end up increasing your bounce rate, which is hampering the search engine ranking.

Despite being mobile-friendly and contain quality content just because of slow loading speed, your website may fail to secure a ranking on the first page of Google search results. This is because Google has also confirmed that loading speed is indeed a ranking factor.

3.   Improve Your On-page SEO

When considering an SEO audit, there is no need to tell you how crucial on-page SEO is. If you have many pages on your website, you may not get enough time to optimize each page. And the good news is that there is no need to do that. Instead, it would be best if you found those pages that have the potential to rank well, contain essential keywords, getting less traffic than they did before some days. If you face any difficulty, you can look for many SEO Services.

Now you need to only work on those pages. So here are the top 5 things that you should do with those pages.

  • Add more than five external links.
  • Add more than five internal links as well.
  • Include your keywords in the first 100 words.
  • Include your keyword in your title tag.
  • Use LSI keywords.

4.   Check And Delete “Zombie Pages.”

Just type in Google. The result that will be shown is the total number of pages that Google has indexed. In most cases, the number appears 50% to 70% more indexed pages than you have expected. These pages are named “Zombie Pages.” Deleting these zombie pages will help you enhance your ranking. In addition, it generates more organic traffics.

Google has said that more in most cases, content does not always make your site better, and when you are deleting those zombie pages, you are giving Google exactly what it wants. Archive pages, Search result pages, old press releases, thin content less than 50 words, tag, and category pages are the most common types of zombie pages.

5. Check And Fix Indexing Problems

There may be some instances when Google will not index some of the pages. You need to find them and fix the problem. Head towards Google Search Console, where the indexing coverage report will show you the list of pages that Google cannot index due to some reason.

You also can use free tools such as Screaming Frog. It crawls your website the same way Google does and lets you know all the pages it failed to access. So when you get the list of pages that Google is not indexing, please search for the problems, double-check them, and fix them.

Check your Organic Traffic

6. Check your Organic Traffic

Tracking or checking how much organic traffic you have is important to check whether you will go in the right direction. So, without wasting any time, include checking organic traffic in your to-do SEO audit list. To check the organic traffic, go to Google Analytics. Now go to Acquisition -> All traffic -> Channels.

You will find an option for Organic Search, click on it, and the screen will see the graph of people who visited your website in the last month. Set a date of the previous 6 to 8 months for a better understanding.

7. Set Up Rank Tracking For Keywords

Keywords are the ones that are pretty much responsible for Google search ranking. So make sure you are setting up all the rank tracking keywords for your pages and websites. Along with implementing those keywords in your content, make sure that those keywords have the potential to perform well.

Keywords are the driver of your web pages. So make more content on the keywords you think can perform well or perform well in the market.

8. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is another thing that you should consider for your website to rank better. Check what strategies your competitors are implementing to rank in a better position than yours are.

You also can check the backlinks and use the sources to rank your website as well. When you and your competitors are from the same industry, there is a high chance that the working factors will also work for you.

9.  Analyze Your Backlinks And Fix Broken links

Backlinks are another critical factor in getting an attractive rank on Google search pages. When the number and quality of the backlinks are important, it is evident that you need to work a little hard to analyze your backlinks and improve them for SEO audit.

Check for any broken links and fix them. Though in most cases, if any URL changes, it automatically drives to the updated URL page. But setting those broken links and link them with the updated and more related links will work wonders for your web pages.

10.  Make Your Content Better

As they say, content is the king. It would be best if you equipped your links with all the weapons to win the war. Make sure you are publishing quality and related content on your website. When I am saying quality content, it means it should have all the things that it should have.

Related keywords, along with some long-tailed keywords, some internal links, some external links, are some of the factors that make your content worthy. Of course, the formatting and information are other essential factors to consider.

Final Words

Enhancing your ranking on Google search pages is not that easy. Apart from implementing new techniques to increase your ranking, another thing needs to be done. And that is an SEO audit. While doing that, you also need to focus on some factors that are too crucial to be ignored.

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