Top Ten Reasons For Recreational Cannabis Reform (Everywhere)

With all the fuss, muss, regulatory resistance and drama that is in the room right now just about everywhere about actually moving the normalization conversation forward (did we mention the European Commission’s loony idea about labeling CBD as a narcotic), we here at CannaListEU thought we would come up with our own top ten reasons why cannabis reform is inevitable.

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  1. It’s the science, stupid. See the latest fuss, muss, regulatory resistance, and drama. And that is just one disease. Maybe “all” it’s going to take is a(nother) nasty global virus pandemic to move full and final reform finally, but don’t forget, all this fuss is also just about ONE cannabinoid. THC is still off the charts. Don’t forget about AIDS.
  2. It’s also the economy, too. As tired as all of those who have suffered these excuses when holding their noses and voting in particularly inane American presidential elections for the last forty years of hearing this excuse, when it comes to cannabis, there are no more. Why delay large-scale plantations of cannabinoids as a green job producer, just about everywhere? The world is entering a global economic reaction to the Pandemic that is unlikely to be pretty. This period is also almost destined to have long term shocks, including permanent job disappearance, if not dislocation that still leaves out vast numbers of the planet who are not even able to work at home. Much less even come close to being “knowledge workers.” Growing cannabis is one of the best ways that countries can help their economies as well as their citizens, be far more healthy. Who knows, it might even cure the planet.
  3. Continuing with current policies is stupid, inhumane, and economically insane. See high incarceration and racial profiling of minorities in multiple jurisdictions. See also the continued existence of a black market that nobody, anywhere, at any point in human history, has successfully ended for long. If the Nazis couldn’t exterminate it, not to mention decades of an equally morally bankrupt U.S. Drug War, why continue to, as Einstein once said, continue to repeat the mistakes of the past? Especially when the starved economy near you is desperate for tax revenue, not to mention jobs.
  4. Photo Credit: Katrin Hauf, Unsplash

    Cannabis is a plant. Reform is not “political,” which is pretty evident to anyone who has looked at major political party ball-dropping on the topic for decades. Everywhere. If the fuss, muss, regulatory resistance, and drama in the U.K. can start producing CBD oil for sick kids, this entire discussion should already be done and dusted.

  5. Dissecting cannabinoids is also a stupid discussion that will only result in more time-wasting fights. See Novel Food vs. Narcotics in Europe on just CBD.
  6. If you are in the North American part of the planet, here is the next great reason for proceeding, post haste, on full and final reform. Canada and Uruguay just did it.
  7. If you are in Europe, Luxembourg is about to do it in the next 18 months.
  8. If you are in New Zealand, you are probably planning on going to the polls to do it this fall. Go for it. The entire world is watching.
  9. There is a global industry that has now put way too much money, time, and energy into the entire discussion just to go away quietly. Not to mention a raft of pharmaceutical companies beginning to finally embrace real research if not R&D on the next stage of understanding this plant.
  10. They already said we couldn’t get this far. Look where it got us.

Top Ten Reasons For Recreational Cannabis Reform (Everywhere)