Top Technologies to Consider while Revamping eCommerce App

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Top Technologies to Consider while Revamping eCommerce App

The eCommerce industry is prevalent and expanding. About it, there is no question. Technologies have facilitated the trust element between buyers and sellers. The AI solutions for retail, the rising purchasing power of customers, and the young, tech-savvy populace are some of the other major drivers propelling the eCommerce industry.

A company specializing in eCommerce app development is undoubtedly needed to create and maintain the app. But there is more to how eCommerce alters the business landscape than first appears.

In this blog, let’s try to comprehend how the eCommerce sector is developing and the technologies that should be considered when revamping an eCommerce application.

How is the eCommerce industry Changing Business Practices?

eCommerce companies are investing more and more money in the newest technologies, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and others. Businesses who want to stay on top of technological advancements commonly hire an eCommerce app development company to help them traverse the increasingly complex tech ecosystem of eCommerce sector solutions.

These technologies have undoubtedly been available for a while, and many of the largest eCommerce giants have already implemented them or are aiming to do so shortly. However, businesses of all sizes are still figuring out how best to use this technology while revamping their eCommerce app to their advantage.

Moving ahead, let’s examine how precisely these technologies will influence the future of the eCommerce industry.

Top Technologies to Consider while Revamping eCommerce Apps

Technologies to Consider while Revamping eCommerce Apps
Technologies to Consider while Revamping eCommerce Apps

The top technologies that you can consider while revamping your eCommerce app are:


Augmented and virtual reality stands in stark contrast to the well-known mobile commerce. When used in m-commerce or e-commerce, these technologies have the potential to alter how we perceive online shopping significantly. So, with AR technology, a buyer may examine the furniture they like thru the camera on their mobile device to see if it suits the inside of the room. While using virtual reality technology, You can design a separate virtual world for your online store where customers can select their products by touching them using haptic gloves. These two technologies can be integrated with other technologies, quietly gaining popularity and completely changing how existing eCommerce apps operate.

Blockchain Technology

In developing an eCommerce app, blockchain technology can be combined with AI and big data to create a reliable and safe app. When combined with data analysis and accounting, blockchain and mobile technologies can effectively estimate sales and identify problems before they arise.

Additionally, blockchain-enabled eCommerce apps may guarantee quick, easy, and secure in-app payments. Such a simple and safe payment method can benefit customers, and they can stick with such businesses for a while.

Additionally, it guarantees security, decentralization, and transparency, making online payments a more practical choice. By leveraging blockchain to provide encryption in deliveries, shipping can be smarter.

Blockchain technology will be at the center of eCommerce’s future, which has the potential to change the sector completely. This technology has many uses and will significantly improve customers’ online purchasing experiences.

Artificial Intelligence

To meet the customers’ increasingly diverse expectations, online retailers must consider a wide range of factors. Your customers will prefer your eCommerce app if it offers a great user experience with a personalized touch. Big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence can forecast sales numbers and anticipate problems.

The global market for AI-enabled e-commerce solutions was estimated to be worth US$ 3.71 billion in 2021. It is predicted to grow to US$ 16.8 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 15.7%.

The smart recommendation of products is another use of artificial intelligence. As AI solutions for retail become more prevalent across numerous industry sectors, they will continue to be the most significant development in eCommerce app development in 2023. AI assists eCommerce business owners in analyzing consumer behavior and market trends to develop the most successful marketing campaigns and sales-boosting strategies.


The connectedness of products available in warehouses and on storefronts is improved by IoT technology. They do this by instantly delivering the most recent product information. IoT technologies examine the quantity, expiration date, product kind, and other factors. For eCommerce businesses, they maintain the inventory organized and current.

IoT has assisted organizations in real-time inventory management improvement via IoT sensors and RFID tags, enhancing the entire flow without requiring human participation. Smart shelves are proving to help lower customer unhappiness that results from out-of-stock products. Additionally, this technology can improve the consumer experience by allowing businesses to sell targeted products, customized services, smart suggestions, personalized advertising, and other things based on user interests.

AI-based Chatbots

You can customize your app to show your online visitors the most relevant items, services, or content using AI-based chatbots for personalization.

Additionally, an AI-powered chatbot is a device that enhances and elevates your user experience. These AI-based chatbots also help maintain customer engagement and increase customer satisfaction thanks to their intelligence similar to that of a human. For example, a customer may also want to explain a product’s availability, price, delivery costs, or any other information while browsing a product suggestion on an online store.

An eCommerce customer can get the necessary information immediately using chatbots instead of conventional communication channels. An online chatbot powered by AI can instantly and timely answer any inquiry. And that’s an essential factor. Instant customer support lessens distractions that negatively affect a consumer’s online decision-making process and boosts sales.

Voice Search Technology

By speaking to a computer, smartphone, or other smart device, people can utilize voice search technology to inquire for information on the online platform. Consumers may now shop in comfort by expressing the product name, characteristics, prices, and other details to voice assistants.

Using a voice assistant to place an online buy is more convenient because you can offer evaluations and ratings without typing anything. With the help of this technology, shopping is becoming more intelligent by thoroughly analyzing data patterns and enhancing its skills without human intervention. Hiring an online shopping app development company can add this feature to your current eCommerce app.

Digital Payments

Customers prefer making payments quickly and securely using digital methods like eWallets, net banking, contactless cards, and similar devices. The use of electronic payments is here to stay. Most eCommerce apps will include digital payment options in the upcoming years to enable customers to process payments quickly and securely. Voice-based payments can also be integrated with cutting-edge eCommerce applications.

Voice Assistants

Customers rely more and more on voice assistants like Amazon Alexa to complete various tasks, from checking the weather to making online purchases. Customer order repetition will be straightforward because of the voice assistant’s memory of previous purchases. Customers won’t need to touch anything on a screen to place takeout orders. Consumers will feel more at ease making purchases as more households become accustomed to this technology.

It has a lot of promise for e-commerce because of this. When revamping your e-commerce application, one of the leading technologies to consider is voice-enabled solutions.


E-commerce is a crucial component of company strategy that aids in increasing a brand’s consumer base, leads, and revenue. It can also be a fantastic way to attract customers to your retail store and sell to customers distant from you.

The most crucial requirement is a strong, clear, and user-friendly app. Growing in the eCommerce sector is challenging without a fantastic app to wow the audience and provide an unmatched user experience. As a result, if you intend to do so, the first step is to hire AI development services that can assist you in eCommerce app development.

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