Top SEO Tips for Professional Wedding Photographers

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As a wedding photographer, you can simply share your selfie photo booth, state-of-the-art equipment, and samples of photos you have taken in past events on socials media and get new and repeat clients. You can also use word of mouth to achieve the same, but let no one fool you that organic traffic is not as crucial as other digital marketing strategies.

Just like any other business, your website is like a marketing executive who never sleeps. It is there 24/7 to sell your services. Therefore, it is one of the most valuable tools you can use to generate leads and conversions to your business; hence you should not ignore it.

That said, below are some SEO tips that can work wonders for your wedding photography business:

Develop high-quality content

As a photographer, you can be tempted to believe that sharing a couple of HD images without any content can attract visitors to your site. This is simply a misconception. As they say, content is king, and it will remain so regardless of the nature of the business you run.

Constantly create and publish great content, and let your prospects see the value they will get by involving you in their wedding plans. Don’t forget to update this information as regularly as you can, and you will be surprised by the number of leads you will get in no time.

Ensure all your links are functional

If a user clicks a particular blog post or page and is redirected to a 404 page, rest assured that the chances are slim that he will come back to your site or refer it to anyone.

Broken links might seem like a ‘small’ issue to you, but they go a long way in annoying the search engine too. They will communicate to it that your site is not credible, and in return, it will be rewarded with poor rankings. In some cases, it might be di-indexed.

Go to the content management system and update broken links. You can seek help from an SEO company, or you can direct your IT team to fix such issues as soon as they arise for the sake of your business.

Mobile-friendliness is key

Today, your site is virtually useless if it cannot be accessed through mobile devices. This is because most people around the world access the internet through such gadgets. Google has moved to Mobile-First Indexing, which means that it will use the mobile version of the content for ranking and indexing, other than desktop content. Therefore, if you want to get to the helm of Google SERPs and have your site seen by your prospects, mobile-friendliness is something you cannot turn a blind eye on.

Have a fast site

No one will spend more than four seconds on your site if it loads slowly. They will simply leave the site and go back to search results. This will lead to high bounce rates, which will, in turn, lead to poor rankings. Eventually, your business will suffer, and other wedding photographers will flourish.

Remove any plugins you don’t need, and optimize the size of your images to enhance speed. In case technical issues are causing the problem, you can consult an SEO professional.

As a wedding photographer, your website is one of the most important digital marketing tools. Practice the strategies mentioned above, get to the top of Google search results, and count the number of gigs you will get every month!

Top SEO Tips for Professional Wedding Photographers

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