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If you’re into the eCommerce business, then setting up top security plugins is an exciting and worthwhile task. Doing so will help you better deliver or ship work such as tracking orders and finding delivery points or carriers. However, before you even consider installing security plugins on your WordPress site, ensure that all the measures to secure your website have been taken. For instance, you need a safe hosting solution to circumvent any kind of susceptibility that comes with website hosts. Once you’ve ensured other security measures are there, the job is almost done.

Let’s take a look at our top 9 best WordPress security plugins out there:

  1. WebARX

Known for advanced Web Application Firewall, this plugin updates automatically to avert plugin and theme susceptibilities and can be installed under a minute. With WebARX one can block malevolent bots and hacking attempts, avoid malware infections, save one’s website from plugin susceptibilities, and guard one’s website against brute-force attacks.


A variety of monitoring options in the plugin tell you what’s happening with your website so you can keep everything updated and circumvent any type of susceptibilities. The plugin is used by more than 2000 developers and digital agencies the world over.

  1. MalCare

MalCare was developed after examining almost 250,000 WordPress sites, so they conducted their research to clearly comprehend the kind of security a website need. This plugin offers a layered shield and finds concealed and multifaceted malware as soon as possible so that you can clean your site prior to being banned by Google.  Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best WordPress security plugins out there.

  1. Wordfence


With over two million active installs, this is one of the best security plugins for WordPress. In record time, Wordfence has managed to gain the faith of millions of WordPress users all over the world. The plugin has an attractive live traffic view that lets you view traffic updates in real-time and any hack efforts being made on your website. It comes with obstructive features that block attackers in real-time and also blocks whole malicious networks that can represent a threat to your website, and one of the reasons why it is used by government militaries globally.

  1. Sucuri Securit


A world-renowned authority that focusses on website security, Sucuri is best known for taking of any WordPress security issues. This is a free security plugin for WordPress users which can be used as an accompaniment to your current security measures. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it’s not a strong security plugin as, in fact, Sucuri has a lot of features that repair your numerous security measures.

  1. All in One WP Security & Firewall

    All in One

This is a complete, easy-to-use, steady, and well-supported WordPress security plugin. Essentially, this business plugin is a 360-degree security solution for your website that will take your WordPress security to an altogether new level. The plugin focuses profoundly on brute-force attacks and has a variety of other functionalities to help you repel the most common website attacks.

  1. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security

True to its name, BulletProof Security protects your website like an unassailable weapon. This plugin is a highly effective solution for all your WordPress security requirements, protecting your website against code injection hackings. It is also enormously easy to use and is perfect for beginner WordPress users. BulletProof adds a powerful firewall to your website giving it defense against brute force login attacks while saving your data.

  1. iThemes Security

    iThemes Security

Developing WordPress tools since 2008, iThemes is a reliable and popular WordPress backup plugin, so if you install it, you know you are in safe hands because the plugin is maintained and buttressed by iThemes itself. The plugin blacklists users who have already attempted to attack other sites from getting access to your website, implying that the latter has stronger protection against brute force attacks. The plugin will automatically report IP addresses of botched login attempts and blocks them so that your website is safeguarded.

The pro version offers an additional layer of defense to your WordPress website. Two-factor authentication, for instance, enables you to produce a code through a mobile app such as Authenticator. The code will be emailed to you upon generation. With such a vast range of features and 900,000+ active installations, iThemes security is a great option to add vigorous security to your website.

  1. Google Authenticator

    Google Authenticator

If you are a Clef user, this plugin is the perfect option for you. Google Authenticator is extremely safe and easy-to-use. In addition to producing strong passwords, it adds a second layer of protection to your WordPress website and can prove to be great protection. The pro version lets you shield more accounts and use enterprise features, meaning you can take an even stronger stance for your website’s security.

9. Jetpack Security

With more than 5 million active installs, it is a highly effective plugin for safety, performance, and site management. Jetpack Security also comprises website design features and automated marketing tools. The plugin focuses on security and alerts you the moment it notices that your site is down and protects your site against spams and damaging malware injections.

Jetpack Security

Since Jetpack is so full of features from security to marketing, many people believe that the plugin can actually slow down your site.

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Top Security Plugins for eCommerce

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