Top Reasons Why People Fail the PMP Exam

Did you know that almost 40% of people do not pass the PMP exam on their first attempt? We recently did a survey and found out that people do not fail the exam because it is too tough, but we have mentioned below.

Top Reasons Why People Fail the PMP Exam

1) Not mastering the PMBOK Guide.

No matter which study material you read from, the PMBOK guide can not be overlooked at any cost. It would be best to read the PMBOK Guide(page to page) at least two times. As I always say, that PMBOK guide is no less than a bible for the PMP exam. It has all the important stuff and the guidelines that you need to become a successful PMP.

2) Not using the right study material.

Well, this shouldn’t surprise you. Obviously, if you don’t use the right study material, you are bound to fail the exam. The PMP exam is costly, and to avoid the extra expenses, people mostly opt for free resources. See, I am not against free tools or resources! They can often be helpful. However, depending solely on free tools and resources is not the right decision because most of the time either inaccurate or just outdated.

Don’t forget that the PMP exam can be a game-changer for your career and is way too important. So, be serious about it and invest some extra bucks in the right study material.

3) Not Preparing Enough.

Do you think the PMP exam is a piece of cake? Do you think you can pass it in just a week of preparation? Unfortunately, the PMP exam is one of the toughest exams on this planet, and you need rigorous preparation to pass it.

How to prepare for PMP

  • Set aside time for study: You must dedicate enough time to study (I would suggest at least 2 hours/day) to gain comprehensive knowledge of the material. Binge-watching youtube videos at the last minute won’t help it.
  • Don’t just depend on prep courses: Taking a PMP prep course is indeed a great way to prepare for the exam, but that alone isn’t enough to crack the exam. You also need to study from other resources as well. After completing the prep course, spend a little time reading blogs and going through some micro and quick prep courses to ensure that you have mastered all the key concepts.
  • Take plenty of practice exams: No matter what kind of exam you are planning to give, mock tests are a must to get a good idea of where you stand and how many marks you can score. So, make sure you give lots and lots of mock tests before dressing up for the final exam.

4) Overconfidence

Many people believe that their professional project management experience is enough to pass. Therefore, they don’t take anything seriously, nor do they enroll in prep courses and just cursorily read through the PMBOK guide once they think they know everything about project management. Well, this is a sure-shot way to fail the exam. Having years of experience is definitely beneficial, but it doesn’t mean that you know everything about the PMP exam.


I hope you will take your PMP exam seriously, avoid these mistakes, and do well in your PMP exam. I wish you the very best for the exam. And yeah, please do share your learning & thoughts in the comment section below.

Author bio:- Balkrishan is eager and passionate marketing & IT professional with 5+ years of experience in IT, marketing, and advertising. Driven team player with strong interpersonal skills.

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Top Reasons Why People Fail the PMP Exam

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