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Top Mobile App Development Trends

2017 remained phenomenal year for excellent Mobile Application development. This industry has experienced frequent changes in its programming language, platforms and moreover in the updates. Best App Development Companies and other big brands like Apple are making several partnerships ruling in Artificial intelligence market and moreover, App developed beyond just automation. VR/ AR also made significant changes in this industry to strengthen its profile.


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Mobile Application development Trend 2018

Among all of these, we saw that application are one of the most disruptive technologies of its time. Maybe you think it’s the end of gadget apps than probably this article will act as a torch bearer for you. Let’s begin with the Top Mobile App development Trend that is expected to be dominating in 2018 onwards along with the reason why?

Mobile payment

This year there are millions of platform available that are offering online services. This year is expected to be more for online bill payment rather than manual payment. So if your website is lacking this trait than you need to make one right choice now. Mobile payment is making things far easier. It is estimated that online payment methodologies are bringing 80% more work to your field.


9 into 10 government firms are now planning to invest in blockchain for their financial transaction, management of assets and complete contract management and regularity compliance. On third of banks are also expected to adopt the commercial blockchain in 2k18. Bitcoin is one of the important elements of blockchain that is considered to be the best technology in the world. It is getting more investment and industries are no longer expected to run without cryptocurrency transactions anymore.

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PWA is not something that you can get install from the application stores. It comes with a completely different range of innovative features, quick update and no longer pushes the working hours any longer. Factors like speed, engagement, and cost-effectiveness bring a progressive web application and Native Application counterparts. Although the native applications still have the upper hand in 2017. The changes that are being planned in PWAs in 2k18 will make more people joining it soon.


The next generation applications mostly the gaming apps are all revolving around AR and VR. The technology experts have predicted that it is a powerful way of generating the complete revenue of almost $150 billion by the end of 2020. While the technology was restricting the most of the gaming industry in 2017, the year 2018 went for more adapting culture to supports the traditions of this industry. The foundation that AR/VR has made is setting all goals for further improvement this year.

Enterprise apps

An Adobe study and companies that develop apps says that 77% of the total business owners found those enterprise apps advantageous and about 66% of the increasing investment furthermore. There is almost 430 billion enterprise application that is expected by 2021.

The reason and enterprise Apps have found in the first place in the list is because the today the corporate scenario, it needed to fix and used to get operated the thing in the past. In the time of virtual employees companies, it needed to have all their own employee working at one place and has become negligible.

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In 2017, users mostly spent 98% on demand entertainment application comparing it with 2016. It has also expanded its user waiting for more exciting applications and working more with Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends in 2018. Each day people are relying more on mobile applications comparing it with past 3 years. This trend is expected to be same this year as well as the new platforms are emerging with every single day.

These above mentioned mobile application trends are expected to generate more revenue as we saw in past years. The best is that android app development and iOS applications are now more promising towards more betterment of the technical world.

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Top Mobile App Development Trends

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