Top Mobile App Development Trends 2021

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One common feature you are more likely to observe in all the successful businesses in Australia and across the world today is that they all have a stunning mobile app. Mobile app development has emerged as a service you can use to enhance the customer experience. 

Mobile apps provide a perfect platform to engage and communicate with your customers and showcase your products and service. Keeping up with emerging mobile app trends helps you retain and attract new customers through unforgettable experiences.

You need to work with the best mobile app developer to stay up to date with the latest trends in mobile apps. Mad About Apps is among the few companies with a talented team of app developers who keep tabs on the latest mobile app trends and immediately leverage the opportunities they offer to optimize mobile apps’ performance. This has ensured that all apps they create and manage exceed customers’ expectations in an already crowded market. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the top emerging trends in mobile apps and show you why working with such a company is necessary for ensuring you have maximized the opportunities these trends offer.

Blockchain Technology

When blockchain technology is mentioned, many of us associated it with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. This has long been its most popular application, but the technology is now being used for other purposes in mobile apps beyond enabling transactions. It is a database that is finding new uses in the mobile app economy. 

One of the most recent uses is keeping user information more secure. Since it is a decentralized ledger that easily tracks transactions between multiple parties and shares them with the stakeholders, this makes it an absolutely transparent system. It enhances app security because no one can make any fraudulent transactions or tamper with them without stakeholders noticing. 

Also, no outsider with ill intentions can access the transaction information. It makes purchases safer by recording information such that no one can hack or interrupt payments. 

Many industries that need to track digital transactions or secure peer-to-peer transactions find blockchain technology a perfect solution. Real estate, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, insurance are some of the industries already embracing it. The technology is also being used in voting and contract management. 

Apps that have payment gateways or are loaded with features that require a secure decentralized database technology have every reason to embrace the blockchain technology. Please speak to your mobile app developer to learn how technology could be applied to your app to make it better. 

Edge Computing

Do you wish to improve your app’s response time? If yes, then you have to embrace technologies that reduce the time it takes for your app to process commands. Keep in mind that commands on computers, smartphones, and tablets respond depending on the distance covered between data storage and computing. The longer the distance, the longer it will take for your app to respond. 

With edge computing, however, your app needs to access the data to process commands that are brought closer. This way, the time is taken to look through products, explore app features, make inquiries, or purchase goods is made shorter.

Unlike with the older cloud computing model, where all information was stored in a central place, you can have all the data your app needs to be stored on edge. Through the open IT architecture, your app can use some of the information from the users’ devices and nearby computers and servers. 

Just like with any other new technology, edge computing could risk your company’s and clients’ information if not done right. It would help if you worked with an experienced and reliable app developer to seal all security breach possibilities.

Cloud Applications

Remember, when you only had to choose between iOS and Android before launching your app? Time changes fast because you do not necessarily have to develop apps for different mobile app operating systems. Enter cross-platform mobile app development. 

This technology provides the flexibility to create an app using a universal programming language such as Javascript then export it to the various mobile app platforms. With cloud apps, most or all of the data is stored in a cloud, making it accessible anywhere, including on a browser. Examples of cloud apps include Facebook, Gmail, and Dropbox. 

By deploying all necessary data on a cloud instead of on a device, you save lots of resources and make it easy for users to access your products or services. This also helps with quicker problem-solving whenever there is a hitch in the system, as this can be fixed by pulling useful data from the cloud environment.

Coming up with a cloud app is relatively cheaper and saves you a lot of time since you can steer off unnecessary processes and features. But since this is a fairly new idea with its own unique challenges, ensure you seek advice from a trusted mobile development company on how to approach it.  Take your time and find out more about cloud apps before embracing it. 

If you choose to go ahead with this idea, work with an experienced app development company that has already built successful cloud apps for different businesses.

Mobile Commerce

Who would have thought a day will come when we do not have to carry our wallets around? 

With smart gadgets and reliable internet connections, you can accomplish many regular tasks through your phone or tablet. When you give your customers an app they can rely on, they get better services than they would if they physically visited your shop. 

The convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes or offices keeps them coming back to view the new products you post. Now you can do even better by allowing them to pay for your goods and services through your app via mobile commerce for app development.

M-commerce uses e-commerce and wireless technology (WAP) to conduct sales and complete payments. When you incorporate m-commerce in your apps, your customers have an even easier time buying from you. They can view your offers, make inquiries, select items and pay, all in one login. This is even a step ahead of online banking since it has a wide reach, accommodating many clients. 

M-commerce helps you target clients based on their location, devices they use, and even their service providers, offering them services favoring them alone.

Augmented Reality

Just when we thought the use of 3D technology in apps was the best thing ever, Augmented Reality (AR) happened, and it already promises a whole new experience. 

Adding AR to your app enhances user experience since they can integrate digital visual content into their real world. Through the camera on their device, they can see how your products will fit in their spaces or look next to other objects they possess. This creates a personal touch as your customers can confirm common minute details before making a purchase. 

AR also engages your users in customizing their preferences in a fun way, like letting them see how a certain dress will look on them.

If you are looking for customer engagement, AR is a must-have for your app. It keeps customers logged in as they try out as many products as they can. They will have your app in their favorites since every free minute they save will be spent trying to merge their reality with your artificial world. 

Customers also love it since it saves them the need to drive all the way to come and see how your seat will look in their dining room and can ‘window shop’ at their own convenience. 

You do not want to disappoint them with AR that freezes or distorts their reality. This calls for expertise found in implementing this technology. 


Constant changes in consumer habits and technology advancement are the greatest contributors to the current app development trends. Every ambitious business owner always tries their best to keep up with these trends since they understand what is at stake when their clients find better options.  

One of the best ways to grow your business is by giving your clients a good user experience through your apps and other online platforms where you have a presence. Use these trends as an opportunity to achieve that. 

Top Mobile App Development Trends 2021