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Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform used by more than 1.5 billion users across the world. It is constantly raising its standards to the eCommerce industry and offering cost-effective eCommerce web design and development services for all business types effectively. Today, the eCommerce industry is on the move and is rapidly growing by bringing awesome new features and functionality to its worldwide users every year.

When it comes to eCommerce website development, Magento has become the world’s largest and most popular platform that helps you to build an impressive, engaging, and high-performing website effectively. Magento comes with tons of features and functionality to effectively make an attractive eCommerce website that best meets any business needs and requirements.

You can easily implement any template into simple variants in the most convenient way.

You will get more than 8,520,000 results for Magento when searching over the Google search engine in a split of a second. Today, Magento is in the race to keep all its edges flawless to raise its customer base effectively. It’s time to know about the top Magento development trends that will help you to heighten your Magento eCommerce development services to a new level of success easily.

Let’s explore the top Magento eCommerce development trends of the year 2020.


The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

People are more adopting Artificial Intelligence that’s because of its easy to use and personalization. Artificial Intelligence plays the most significant role in increasing the eCommerce business to a new level of success. It helps customers and makes them feel personalized by suggesting the most relevant products based on their purchasing behavior and browsing history across your website. It has a personalized customer shopping experience in the field of the eCommerce industry.

People are becoming more interested in the devices that make them comfortable, talk with them, and solve their problems while sitting at their own house or place. Today, billions of people are shopping online and making transactions online by using their mobile phones. With Artificial Intelligence, you can significantly increase the delivery process and boost sales of your online Magento store in the most convenient way.

Personalized Experience

When it comes to online shopping, people are becoming more personalized. They want to get a personalized and innovative shopping experience from your online web store. With the rise in Magento eCommerce development services, it has become necessary to make your customers feel personalized by offering them various promotions, discount codes, messages, and other sales announcements about the product.

There are thousands of customers in the market, but if you can’t make them feel personalized while addressing their needs and requirements, your business will be turned into a failure. If you don’t know how to make your customers feel personalized, you can ask for a leading Magento development company or hire certified Magento developers to help you drive the targeted audience based on the shopping experience and purchased history by delivering customer-specific offers and discounts.

Chatbots Are on the Move

The demand for using Chatbots is on the move in the field of the eCommerce industry. Today, more than 90% of businesses worldwide use Chatbots in their online web stores to help customers by answering their questions and concerns about products & services.

You can see the live example of Chatbots used by Magento development eCommerce companies. The Chatbot provides a tiny pop-up that displays at the right bottom corner of your screen and asks for a chat or help. It asks online customers to chat with a live person and helps them by answering their questions and concerns during online shopping.

It is rapidly improving online businesses by helping online customers while browsing the product online, and the demand for the Chatbot will be increasing for the year 2020.

The Trend of Intelligence Organic Search

The trend of intelligent organic search is on the top in Magento eCommerce development services because of its more customer engagement. It helps online businesses to drive more customers to their eCommerce website by knowing about intelligent organic search over the internet. The online eCommerce business success ultimately relies on the customer’s shopping experience.

It is essential to know your customers well and understand their specific requirements to make your business successful. Google is employing artificial intelligence for better user enhancements into search results pages. If you are new in the eCommerce industry, you must implement modifications to make user navigation smarter and improve the customer shopping experience effectively.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are simple text messages that help you reach out to your customers even when they leave your website. Push notifications help you drive more customers to increase sales of your e-commerce website more effectively significantly. If you want to achieve high user engagement to your website, you need to implement push notifications into your web store to boost traffic.

You can notify your customers by sending push notifications about various product offers, promotions, discount codes, and other sales events to boost traffic to your eCommerce website. This is one of the best ways to keep updating your customers by sending push notifications to them easily.

Just make your clients feel important and special by notifying them about the discounts and the latest offers. You can reach thousands of customers with a simple click by using push notifications effectively.

Implementation of Parallax Scrolling

You can make your Magento store have a great look and feel by implementing Parallax Scrolling into your web store easily.

If you are cleared about your product inventory that will grow in a long time, you have to implement parallax scrolling.

It will help you improve the scrolling functionality. Therefore, it will provide users with a great impression while scrolling the web page across your website. Parallax Scrolling refers to website layouts that showcase the background of your web pages to make them more attractive and appealing by creating a 3D effect more effectively.

Keep in mind; customers are likely to prefer swiping to tapping when using their mobile phones. It would be best to use scrolling to provide a seamless and engaging UX experience to utilize the big data in less time easily. Therefore, you can offer a seamless and more engaging user experience to your customers when they scroll any webpage on your website by implementing Parallax Scrolling into your Magento eCommerce store.

Use of High-Quality Images and Unique Content

It is essential to use high-quality images with unique content to get more user engagement, attention, and fame to your eCommerce website. It doesn’t matter how appealing and attractive a website you have. If you have not optimized your website with quality images and unique content, then you won’t get more user engagement and higher revenue on your online web store.

Quality content helps you attract customers’ attention, recognition and allows you to boost sales of your e-commerce website. Likewise, quality images help customers view products from different angles and immediately make a purchase decision.

It plays the most significant role in helping customers to understand more about the product and to know what it is about with the help of unique content in the most convenient way.

The Use of ‘Going Live’ Feature

With the trend of “going live” features on Instagram and Facebook, the importance of “going live” features in Magento eCommerce development has significantly increased by Magento eCommerce development services. That’s because of its higher user engagement in Magento eCommerce sites.

By adding videos to your online Magento store or website, you can significantly draw more customer’s attention and revenue to your eCommerce website easily. Live product videos help customers know more about the product and encourage them to make a purchase instantly.

You can post your product videos on social media and put a link to redirect customers directly to your eCommerce website. This way, you can drive more customers and boost sales to your eCommerce website.

Mobile-friendly Website

It is experienced that more than 80% of people are likely to do online shopping using their mobile phones while sitting at their homes or place easily. People are becoming more mobile-friendly because of its convenience and ease of use and save customers time from going to stores or in the market and making purchases instead of shopping online while using their smartphones from anywhere and anytime.

So, it is essential to build your Magento eCommerce stores mobile-friendly so customers can easily browse the products and place an order easily and quickly. You can target thousands of customers for shopping online by sending various offers, discount codes, promotions, and other sales events to boost sales and conversions to your eCommerce website through mobile shopping.

In the eCommerce world, a mobile-friendly website plays a vital role in attracting customers, boosting traffic, and increasing conversions and revenue by conveniently giving users experience on all mobile devices. You can offer a seamless shopping experience on all mobile devices to all your customers by making your online eCommerce store mobile-friendly.

If you are not sure how to optimize your Magento store to build an eCommerce store mobile-friendly, you can hire Certified Magento Developers or ask for a leading Magento development company to build a high-performing and easy-to-use eCommerce website on all mobile devices.

It is noticed that almost all customers like to purchase the product from a fast-loading website on every mobile device so they can easily make a purchase using their mobile phone. If your website is optimized with mobile but taking time to load on mobile, you will be out of the race. By following the Magento trend, you can easily help customers purchase using their mobile phones from anywhere and anytime effectively.

Use of “Call-To-Action” Button

A call-to-action button is considered the endpoint of contact between conversions and the users. Designing attractive and most appealing call-to-action buttons has become a complicated task for great user engagement in eCommerce.

A little change in the call-to-action button can make a huge difference between thousands of stores; it can significantly increase sales or reduce conversions to your eCommerce website in no time.

It is essential to design an eye-catching call-to-action button to draw more customers’ attention to increase traffic and boost conversions most effectively. It is noticed that more than 70% of customers are likely to read the CTAs along with product content. Hence, it is essential to effectively use the right call to action button to drive more customers with a simple click on the CTAs button.

Likewise, it is also important to have a useful landing page for the call-to-action button. It doesn’t matter how attractive and eye-catching the call-to-action button you have designed; if it is not targeting the useful landing page, then it’s a waste of your time and money as well.

So, we suggest you make a useful landing page for an eye-catching call-to-action button to drive customers, increase traffic, and boost conversions to your Magento eCommerce website more effectively.

Sell on Social Media

Social media is another most popular platform where you can easily sell your products to your targeted audience or existing customers by promoting your products on its platform in the most convenient way. You can increase your business sales by 40% faster than ever before.

You can easily share your products and the information on social media to get traffic and boost conversion to your Magento eCommerce website.

If you plan to jump into a new level of business success easily and quickly, you can start paid marketing on social media to reach thousands of customers to your page to boost sales and revenue to your eCommerce website.

Final Word!

Thus, you can significantly drive more customers to increase traffic, boost sales, and higher revenue by following the above Magento eCommerce development trends for your online Magento store or Magento eCommerce website effectively.

Magento always has been adopting the changes in technologies from time to time to enrich your Magento website with awesome new features and functionality. By following top Magento eCommerce development trends, you can easily build an attractive and high-performance Magento website that will help you increase sales 50% higher than before.

Try out these Magento trends of the year 2020 to have a great look and feel for eCommerce websites that will benefit your competitors in the global market.

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Top Magento eCommerce Development Trends

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