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Top Features of the 2018 MacBook Pro 13 Touch Bar That Makes It a Super Buy

For folks who have been waiting for Apple to release the upgraded MacBook Pro, the 2018 edition of the popular MacBook Pro 13 Touch Bar would not have disappointed with its host of improvements that make it a truly desirable machine. It is very easy to fall in love with its blazing performance, the superb high-resolution “Retina” display, the lightweight and sleek aluminum case, powerful speakers, and solid battery life, not to forget the Touch bar that is very easy to get accustomed to. A quick look at some of the features that you are likely to be wowed by:

Significantly Quieter Third-Generation Keyboard

While Apple’s third generation butterfly keyboard retains the bounce and tactile feel that their chiclet keyboards have always been known for, you will notice that it is significantly quieter. This has been made possible by introducing a new silicone membrane under each keycap, however, more than the drop in the sound level; the new barrier is expected to stop debris ingress into the butterfly switch system that is pretty sensitive. While the sound dampening could very well be a side effect, what you can be sure of is that the new keyboard should be significantly more reliable and durable.

Blazing Performance

https://www.forbes.com explains that the MacBook Pro 13 inch touch bar comes with 8th-gen, quad-core Core i7 processor for the first time and a standard 16GB RAM that deliver blazing performance. The model’s performance significantly exceeds that of its earlier generation. The superfast SSD is capable of delivering mindboggling transfer speeds beating the Windows machines hollow. The combination of the CPU and the SSD enables it to come out tops in virtually all speed benchmark tests.

Bluetooth 5

These are the first MacBook laptops that get the new Bluetooth specs that are a decided improvement over Bluetooth 4.2. The range of transmission can be as long as 800 feet theoretically, however, most users will be satisfied with the real-world performance that is far more impressive than before. Its versatility ensures that it can transmit data over longer distances with less bandwidth or even transmit twice the data volume, up to 2Mbps, over shorter distances. Of course, it does mean that your hardware too must be capable of taking advantage of this performance; however, a lot of devices have already started entering the market.

True Tone Display for More Comfortable Viewing

The 2018 MacBook Pro’s 13-inch display (2560 x 1600 pixels) continues to offer the same brilliant performance as its predecessor, however, with the True Tone feature turned on, the screen is much easier on the eyes. The technology uses two light sensors embedded in the display to change the display temperature to match the machine’s environment. If you can’t adjust to the yellow tinge, you can always turn it off.


The 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is definitely not aimed at the mass market given both its performance and price. However, if you are a power user with a requirement of a truly portable laptop, it could very well be a very satisfying solution.


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Top Features of the 2018 MacBook Pro 13 Touch Bar That Makes It a Super Buy


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