Top Features of a Successful eCommerce Website

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Top Features of a Successful eCommerce Website

The online business requires more exposure, dedication, and devotion than offline companies. Individuals need to ensure a top-notch user experience and design for building up an online presence. The major purpose of setting up an eCommerce store is to sell products and services to consumers on a large scale. For high sales, simply providing quality services and products isn’t sufficient. You need to ensure appealing website design while ensuring top-notch features to attract many potential customers.

Read on to learn about the significant features that help make an eCommerce site a huge success.

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is an essential part of an eCommerce platform. The end customers store the products they are interested in buying before continuing with the checkout. With a flexible cart, both the registered and guest users can quickly proceed to checkout. To get a fully-featured shopping cart for your site, hire a reputed eCommerce Website Development Company.

Integrating Payment Gateway

A top-notch eCommerce website offers the option of diverse payment gateway integration so that users can get unlimited payment choices. It’s one of the essential features of an eCommerce platform that can either break or make the consumer experience. You can either go for a customized payment gateway or look for a pre-approved version integrated quickly with the online store.

Order Management

A customized panel for order management simplifies the task of merchants for getting the info related to refunds, buyer cancellation, update for exchange order status, COD order verification, etc. In addition, the panel allows merchants to manage their order fulfillment while overseeing order completion status.


The security feature is another crucial feature ensuring that confidential data like credit card info is saved. It also helps keep track of the prepaid shipments, which is carried with the help of a secure payment gateway. Unfortunately, the passwords aren’t stored in an easy-to-read format but hashed. The web pages should have SSL protection. And the servers should be protected and secure using top-notch tools and technology.

Scalable Infrastructure

The infrastructure for hosting should be ably scalable as the traffic on the eCommerce platform increases. Loopholes in the infrastructure will drop leads and transaction rates, resulting in a considerable loss. Use CDN to improve the website’s performance and manage the products online. Besides, it will also facilitate the customers with outstanding uptime and ensure that the site is available readily at any time and everywhere.

Compatibility with Mobile

Top eCommerce sites offer several solutions for the compatibility of a place with mobiles. The primary reason is to ensure a responsive mobile view and proper accommodation to the device. WAP is a high-end template specifically designed for mobile view. Mobile compatibility optimizes the website’s size while generating a reasonable loading time. Mobile app APIs are crucial since every individual prefers to browse websites through their mobile phones. Hence, it is considered one of the best features that help elevate the popularity of an eCommerce website.

Analytics and Reports

Site Analytics and reports need to be there in the form of exports. They should include all the necessary info regarding the product reports, customer database, and orders which helps site owners to maintain a proper catalog. In addition, it’s beneficial for a business’s growth analyses. The site needs to be pre-integrated using analytics and marketing tools to ensure better performance.

Logistics Integration

Logistics Integration allows individuals to ship the products seamlessly. It offers both consumer and merchant peace of mind that the courier will reach the customer safely within the stipulated time frame. Also, it provides real-time updates of the courier while facilitating the merchants with an order tracking facility. To develop a highly professional and world-class website, take the assistance of an eCommerce Website Development Company.

Live Chat

Users can easily interact with the support and sales team with this feature. It replaces the conventional methods of connecting with the customers while allowing the operators of an online store to resolve customer queries in real-time. Solving visitors’ questions enhance the probability of an increase in sales. The more happy and satisfied are visitors, the more likely they are to place orders. Plus, it also reduces the cost of handling queries of customers.


Professional eCommerce web design needs not to be state-of-the-art or cutting-edge to increase sales. Instead, the website design should be accessible, easy to use, and intuitive. Know that today almost every customer is accustomed to purchasing products online. Hence, they always look for an impeccable online experience every time they shop online.

If you provide individuals with access to high-end features such as the ones mentioned above, then your online store is sure to achieve success. Also, you won’t face any hassles to convert potential buyers into satisfied customers.

Top Features of a Successful eCommerce Website