Top Digital Marketing Trends Every Marketer Must Know In 2023

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Top Digital Marketing Trends Every Marketer Must Know In 2023

Brands will also need to fight the global lifestyle crisis in 2023 as consumers become more selective about the products and services they purchase.

This means it is even more important for brands to be transparent and consider their information and research or change their strategy next year. It also means that marketers need to know what the future holds to plan and take advantage of every opportunity to innovate.

To help you start 2023, we have a podcast with industry experts to identify the most important trends. You may also want to watch our Trends webinar. for more 

Key Trends to Focus On In 2023

Social Media and Influencer Marketing Trends

2023 will see some interesting trends in social media. This area of the market will see a big change, and brands will need to continue to leverage these platforms effectively.

TikTok Continues to Grow and Dominate

TikTok has become a major player in the social media space. This will not change in 2023. According to the App Business report, TikTok will generate $ 4.6 billion in 2021, a one-year increase of 142%, and it is expected to reach 1.8 billion monthly active users by the end of 2022.

TikTok is not just about reaching out to consumers or creators. The platform’s focus on business use and improved targeting options for advertising will make it the biggest platform for brands in 2023.

Leveraging Social Media to Create ‘Super Apps’

Twitter’s changes emphasize the weaknesses of social media platforms. Consumers no longer expect to interact with platforms controlled by billionaires but instead control their content and data.

Battersby believes that “we are moving forward with the need for decentralization of social networks. Some new and exciting platforms we see include Mastodon, which has many downloads in a few weeks and how long ago. The people built it.”

B2B Marketing Trends

B2B marketing can be seen as boring or at least less exciting compared to its B2C counterparts. But it is not true. As a B2B company like the international B2B marketplace, it is important to be creative in your marketing and use the channels and tools available to make it memorable.

Videos, Videos, and More Videos

As marketers, we all know the power of video marketing as a way to communicate and connect. After all, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 92% see it as an important part of their strategy (according to a Wyzowl survey).

The same study shows the different reasons companies use video, and the commentators are the most important, followed by video ads and presentations. The top three channels used by companies are YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Help Members Use Social Selling

Social media effectively allows brands and their marketing teams to connect with customers. This is especially true for B2B companies with long marketing cycles that rely on digital channels to provide useful and relevant information.

But there is a difference between sharing content that delivers a marketing message and using content to attract and connect. So you can see how social selling works on the Chinese B2B platform. According to social change expert and author Julie Atherton, this will lead to business growth in 2023.

Content Marketing Strategy

The Content Marketing Institute found that while 78% of marketers have a strategic plan to manage content, more than half have a written content plan to refer to. Unfortunately, in today’s content-hungry society, that’s a mistake.

Connect with Content

As marketers, we know that content can be used at all levels of marketing and sales to provide information and solutions. But content can do more than that.

In 2023, you should be using content to connect and build community. Companies that develop and seek connections will succeed as customers become more interested in the values and principles of the brand.

Improve and Define Brand/Creator Relationships

There is a lot of noise online, which equates to a lot of content. Some of the content out there is great, but a lot of it is connecting with the wrong people or not the right audience. This is where a good content developer/brand interaction can come in.

Many creators expect to be successful in 2023. That means they are looking for brand partnerships (not just endorsements) that match their content, so posts have a natural impact on the industry and -give guidance and support instead of leaving them alone!

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