Top Content Marketing Trends in 2021

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Top Content Marketing Trends in 2021

Despite the devastating year of 2020, there’s always a new beginning, which is one of the reasons we have continued to explore new avenues in 2021. With a high percentage of people remaining indoors, it’s the digital space witnessing a paradigm shift! As the relevance of digital content creation touches the sky, this post uncovers the top content marketing trends in 2021. Today’s digital marketing content trends are the crucial elements in revamping marketing strategies, bringing many opportunities.

  1. Voice Search is the Next Big Thing

Voice search has taken the digital – SEO space by storm! Studies reveal that around 55% of users opt for voice search rather than typing, and this data is on a steady rise. Around 32% of people find it easy to embrace a hands-free technology that is faster and seamless. Smart voice devices like Alexa, Cortana, and Siri have become household names. Content needs to adapt to the changes that will help to optimize voice search over the coming days.

As the long-tail voice search queries are specific, voice search SEO in 2021 is surely a hit. Creating the 4 W’s – which, who, when, and where would be the most prominent words. To scale up your content market strategy in 2021, optimizing content is the best way to address voice search SEO.

  1. Google’s Featured Snippets Spots

Taking advantage of the featured boxes that Google showcases is a smart way of bringing your brand to the top page. As Google algorithm changes with time, appearing as a featured snippet has become a key component in the present online market. Blogs are a good way to grab these featured spots because of the long-tail keywords present in the blogs. Few tips that make your content visible:

  • Structured data
  • Informative post
  • Formatted content

These featured snippets are a big way to stay ahead of your peers, enhance conversions, and convert traffic. If you have done the SEO right, any brand can get a premium space, and you can easily dominate the SERPs. So, if you intend to upscale your content marketing strategy, ensure the content gets highlighted as a featured snippet.

  1. Effective Use of Social Media

Even amidst Covid-19, reports suggest that, on average, users spent more than 2 hours per day on social media. With most professionals doing a WFH, the average time spent on social platforms is an all-time high. Capitalizing this time on marketing and brand engagement is surely going to give good results.

Both paid and organic social media strategies need to break traditional norms. While Instagram offers creative ads & marketing opportunities, Pinterest is favored by a majority of women online. Snapchat has emerged as an easy-going platform for innovative content campaigns in recent times. Marketers need to explore the infinite opportunities spread across platforms like Snapchat, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

  1. Video Marketing

By its ‘multichannel’ nature, video marketing is one of the most talked-about digital content marketing trends in 2021. On Facebook alone, on average, around 8 billion videos are viewed daily.

Marketers are focusing on creating engaging video content to fulfill their reach and engagement goals. With over 5.11 billion unique mobile users across the globe, mobile usage is at an all-time high! So instead of pre-recorded videos, short and engaging videos will continue to grab the spotlight.

Adding live-video content is a great way to connect with your customers as it builds the credibility of your service or products. AI also plays a decent role in analyzing which part of a particular video is most liked by users. Animated video is another excellent tool to bridge the emotional connections with their target audience. Ensure to have relatable digital marketing content based on the industry and the consumer segment.

  1. Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the basis of every digital marketing strategy. Post Covid-19, marketers are concentrating on retaining customers through curating local SEO strategies. Local SEO is dominating the content marketing trends in 2021 because of the growth of small & local businesses. While business cards & mouth publicity is a fair deal, targeting the local audience is the key for small businesses.

Most people tend to search for the business on their smartphones! Local SEO is critical for any business, whether it’s a bakery, brewery, or laptop repair shop. Local SEO helps to gain a customer base alongside building brand awareness. Over the last few years, the relevance of local SEO has scaled up for local businesses and medium-sized companies. Finally, local SEO is a highly cost-effective way to enhance the digital market content of your local business.


As the digital marketplace undergoes a major transformation post-Covid-19, the above-said content marketing trends in 2021 are playing a dominant role today. Therefore, the above list of the top content marketing trends will surely have a lasting impact on businesses and will lead the way next year!

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Top Content Marketing Trends in 2021