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Top Computer Applications to Use When Starting Up Business

Starting up a business isn’t easy. There are times that you’ll see it as one of the most frustrating experience you’ll ever have in your life. While it can be encouraging and rewarding at times, you may end up losing up your game when you’re unfamiliar with the specifics of starting your own business. Yet, you can make things work with the explosion of online software tools that can boost productivity and can eventually make your life much easier. Thus if you’re a business owner, take a look at these best computer applications you can use when thinking about a successful start-up.

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Best Apps: Customer-Relationship Management (CRM)

When it comes to running a business, you should always make your customers one of your chief priorities. If you’re still on your fresh start, you may be thinking of having a customer-relationship management software that can help you run your company efficiently. So here are CRM computer applications you can take full advantage of:

Sales Cloud: To get the most out of your customer relationships, Sales Cloud can be a good option. This online application can enable your business to keep customer information including their profile, contact information, and sales, making them more accessible every now and then. Updating customer information can also be visible to other departments when using Sales Cloud. This CRM can let you to quickly respond to calls, leads and even for update checking. It also has the ability to sync with most email programs such as Gmail and Outlook.

Nimble & Streak: Starting up a business doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shell out a huge amount of money. For instance, there are free CRM tools such as Nimble and Streak that you can actually make use of your company. These are remarkable applications that consider themselves as “CRM inside Gmail.”



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Best Apps: Accounting and Finance

As a new business person, you’re still duty-bound to streamline your business’s financial tasks and responsibilities including your expenses, payroll, sales, and taxes. To give you a better picture of your company’s overall financial health, below are some of the software tools to use for your startup:

QuickBooks: Manage your business finances with this one-of-a-kind computer application. Apart from providing you a sense of your business’ financial standing, QuickBooks can go a long way toward tracking your sales and expenses; viewing your financial statements; paying your employees and suppliers and even monitoring unpaid invoices.

Gusto: Formerly known as ZenPayroll, this app can simplify your company’s tax and benefits processes. In addition to managing your new company more efficiently, Gusto can be beneficial when it comes to handling all local and federal tax filings and automating benefits deductions and workers’ compensation.

Wave: If you’re setting up a small business, this computer app can be worth your try. It’s an easy-to-use accounting platform that allows you to run your finances smoothly. Aside from invoice and customer payments management, Wave is well-known for its ability to easily track expenses and sales and generate accounting reports.

Best Apps: Project and Product Management

While starting up a business has never been easy, the advent of some organization apps can truly help. Stay on top of your projects and other work tasks with these top online software:

Microsoft Office: It’s an essential business application that helps you complete and organize your work errands. For instance, everything from preparing business papers, calculating things up to making powerpoint presentations is within your reach with Microsoft Office. Furthermore, you can create brochures and other marketing materials with Publisher and you can use Access when managing your databases. Anything from scratch, all these applications are made available in the Microsoft Office suite.

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QuickBase: It’s a good addition to your project and product management software tools. The best way to manage your projects, QuickBase enables streamlined connection among project members and provides access to any shared data. Also, it’s a computer application that helps assign tasks and check on the project status.

Best Apps: Business Communication

When setting up your own company, communication is very essential in managing your daily operations. Below are some communication apps that can increase productivity within your business:

Skype: Most companies consider Skype as one of the well-known computer applications for communication. While competitors attempted to knock it off from the throne, the app remains effective when it comes to messaging and video conferencing. You can utilize its features for video and voice call purposes anywhere in the world. If your business operations require transmission of video photos and files of any size, this online tool can be very trustworthy.

Fuze: It’s a video conferencing application that can hold meetings online for all operating systems. If you’re out of your office and you need to host a meeting with your employees, you can take advantage of Fuze for a high-definition video or audio conferencing.

Best Apps: Traffic Acquisition and On-Site Analysis

With technology advancements nowadays, bringing your business into the online world can really make a huge difference. Having millions of online users across the globe, you can actually market your business through your website. So get the most numbered traffic to your site through these topnotch apps:

SEMRush: Being an SEO keyword search tool, it can help to capture better organic search traffic, thereby making better sense of customers and visitors coming to your website.

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MOZ: Unlike SEMRush, it’s not only good for SEO but it also follows Google’s domain authority ranking, hence providing you an idea of what competitors are doing better than you do.

Google Analytics: As a startup business owner, Google Analytics among other tools is an apparent online app you can use for free. It can give you insights as to what’s actually happening on your site, thereby helping you figure out how your key search terms are ranking.


Establishing a new business can be quite overwhelming. With all the possibilities you can actually experience, it’s still best to plan it out properly. If you’re thinking about your business’ future in the long run, it may be about time to invest with these topnotch computer applications that can help organize your operations, relate with your clients and employees, track your financial health and most importantly gets the search traffic you want for your business website. In the end, take time to install them today and be ready to receive their extraordinary benefits along the way.

Top Computer Applications to Use When Starting Up Business


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