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The onset of the 21st century has brought with it the exigency of technological incorporation into business processes. For an organization to supplement its growth, several key metrics are used. These indicators place the company’s focus on various crucial factors like identifying consumers’ behavioral purchase patterns, market segmentation, and client portfolio management. 

All such factors help the multinational conglomerates identify the consumers’ needs and requirements, influencing the demand. 

The main reason behind the ever-expanding world of E-Commerce is that it helps such organizations to maintain efficacious relations with the consumers. Gone are the times when physical/tangible interaction was the prerequisite in gaining one’s trust. 

A professional skilled in the domain will make the entire business accessible to the customers without going through all this. With this post, we aim to guide you to some of the most prestigious programs best suited for aspirants entering the world of E-Commerce. The demand for such programs has been in huge demand ever-since their initiation.

  1. Masters in Statistics

Pursuing a Master’s degree in the science of Statistics is the art of analyzing and rendering numerical datasets utilizing a blend of Mathematics and Science. The candidates must have prior knowledge in subjects such as Linear Algebra, Probability, and Set Theory. 

The students will be required to produce results using computer science and programming tools instead of computational formulas. Graduates in such fields are more likely to secure jobs in finance, insurance, and management consulting. Moreover, their main job is to gather, analyze, and interpret data to aid a business’ decision-making process and apply statistical models to real-world problems. Its omnipresence rewards the candidates with ample job openings with high packages. 

This program creates numerous vacancies in the Government sector. It allows one to lead a life that balances both work and life.

  1.   Masters of Science in Strategic Marketing

A business can only grow if it has extensive market outreach. Professionals with specialized skills are required for the same. The curriculum comprises subjects such as Content Marketing Management, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Analytics, Internet Marketing, and Promotions/Adverts Management. These are incredibly crucial in expanding the potential marketing by attracting the target audience and ultimately driving the sales. 

The program usually extends up to a year full-time. The theoretical pedagogy, combined with the pragmatic exposure gained through numerous guest lectures and internships, aims to construct a future marketing leader. Upon completing the program, the student becomes well-equipped to prepare a triumphant marketing strategy. Also, one gets to dive deep into conducting market research and handling big data marketing analytics.

  1.   Masters in Operations Research

Students are required to possess strong analytical and mathematics skills as it’s a math-heavy program. Proficiency in core courses in mathematics, such as statistics, linear algebra, and calculus, is the prerequisite to succeed in this field. Students should be well equipped with several programming software necessary for running statistical analyses and model data. 

A person in an operations role also gets to have a more in-depth insight into other departments’ functioning. This serves to be of utmost importance if one wants to start their business from the ground-up later in their career. High paying roles such as Content Marketing Manager, Digital Brand Manager, and e-Commerce Marketing Director open up for post-graduates in Strategic Marketing.

  1.   MSc in Computer Science

The program endows students with problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. The curriculum includes modules on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, System Development, Natural computation, and Mathematical foundation.  Besides companies in the IT and Tech sectors, government agencies also recruit such candidates. The program prepares the students in-advance for careers in the niche/domain of their choice. 

The aspirants must have a prior professional degree like a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from a universally recognized university. Also, after an MSc in Computer Science program, unlike the B. Tech program in the same specialization, allow the students to interact with customers and stakeholders. Thus, providing a pragmatic exposure and not confining them to a life-sucking desk job.

  1.   Masters in Finance (MFin)

FinTech/Financial Technology – being an advanced degree program refers to the new age of tech-oriented towards automation and an enhanced user experience in financial services. Some of the many necessities that FinTech’s onset has brought with it are – Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking, and Banking e-portals. Unlike all the other programs in this list, the MFin program does not require the candidates to have any prior knowledge in the field. The program comprises two tracks, including Business Track and Accelerated Track. Now deemed the most sought career, the MFin program is for those who wish to widen their finance knowledge.

 A business track targets students who possess pre-existing working expertise in the Finance domain and can therefore advance on to the high-level courses. On the other hand, an accelerated track is for students proficient in Quantitative ability and wish to switch to finance. In addition to the theoretical pedagogy, specific accredited certifications aimed at upskilling like Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) are offered to the students. 

  1.   Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering

Almost all industrial sectors, right from transport networks to manufacturing and distribution channels, require Electrical Engineering’s science concepts. The course is tailor-made for students who are profoundly interested in technology, mathematics, and science are willing to learn the necessary know-how for real-world applications. 

The curriculum comprises subjects on bioelectrical studies, signal processing and communication, and electromagnetics. The graduates are allowed to conduct researches on advanced subjects and work, thus developing new technologies. Moreover, they are also permitted to design electrical components or work in the telecom sector. 

All positions in this discipline require the students to be well-equipped to know advanced math and science concepts. A majority of aspirants graduating from this program also find jobs as Senior Managers in Tech support, where their main job is to ensure a smooth transition and solve the error.

  1.   Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

The demand for MBA has been increasing ever since its initiation, although it has seen a massive boost in the last few years. This boost has been seen majorly in graduates with prior robust knowledge in a technical field. Moreover, the rising need for technological immersion in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Marketing, Robotics, and Supply Chain Management has created numerous job vacancies. This has resulted in multiple vacancies across diverse sectors. An MBA program, when secured from a prestigious school with reputed alumni and organizational networks, the degree can make all the difference.

 However, securing admission in such schools requires one to have a holistically developed profile. The most prestigious B-schools prefer candidates with prior work experience of about 3-5 years and a strong academic background. However, such colleges pave the aspirant’s way for numerous campus placements offering impressive packages. Therefore, investing one’s time and money in securing admission in such disciplines will not waste.

  1.   Masters of Science in Economics 

The program offered can go up to 24 months. The majors in the program usually range from Operations and Managerial Economics to Advanced Microeconomics and Econometrics. Many prominent companies like BCG, BBC, HSBC, Barclays, Amazon, Google, and Accenture are on the constant lookout for such candidates.

 To pursue this program, the aspirants need to have an existing concrete foundation in Mathematics with a particular emphasis on Calculus. Moreover, specializations like the Advanced theory of Financial Economics are also provided in some MSc in Economics programs. An aspirant graduating from this program will also choose various career options in Investment and financial planning services, Insurance sectors, Brokerage firms, and Banks or Credit Unions. 

Hence, boosting job opportunities for one through its vast yet all-rounded curriculum that in some cases also cover Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

9. Masters of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)

With the onset of digital transformation and incorporation into business processes, organizations seek Business Analysts to make data-driven decisions.

An MSBA degree allows one to dive deep into programming tools and languages, extremely crucial for data mining and analytical modeling. Prestigious companies like Google and Amazon offer impressive packages to the candidates possessing these cumulative set of proficiencies. Therefore, the course is best suited for those who love churning raw data to direct the business towards prosperity and substantial growth. 

Moreover, the program is open to all aspirants – from undergraduate to post-graduate and doctoral levels. Being at the company’s nucleus will allow you to expand your network across various departments and build harmonious relations with stakeholders and sponsors. 

Thus, it becomes vivid that such courses are incredibly crucial for one to grow in the sector of E-Commerce. However, there are other top degrees you can think of pursuing, depending on your current interest and professional level. If you are looking to hone your managerial skills with the master’s program, 2021 is the right year to begin. This will provide you an advantage over other candidates who lost their jobs due to COVID-19. By upskilling themselves, they can secure a good-paying job in this staggering economy.

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Top 9 Masters Programs to make a Career in eCommerce

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