Top 8 Website Design Software for Beginners

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Top 8 Website Design Software for Beginners

Are you looking for the best professional website design software? Design software allows you to create web templates and beautiful designs in much less time.

You had to write complex code and use web design programs to create even the most basic templates not long ago. However, with more advanced software, anyone can create beautiful web designs quickly and easily.

With 94% of first impressions related to design, it pays to use the best website design software. This is essential for customer retention and preventing leads from leaving. This article will discuss the best web design software for creating website templates or full-fledged websites.

Top 8 Website Design Software for Beginners


Wix is one of the world’s most popular website design software, with over 150 million users. It is perfect for users with little web design experience who want a slick-looking site. Its template editor is one of the most intuitive and has a range of ready-to-use layouts for many industries.

Wix has a repeaters feature that is not available in other website design software options. It is a collection of items with varying content but the same design and layout.


    • Wix will be provided with a drag-and-drop website builder.
    • You can upload your fonts or choose from over 100 pre-existing fonts.
    • It allows you to add scrolling effects like zoom-in or fade-in scrolling.
    • It includes advanced design features for adding animation, video backgrounds, and scroll effects to your websites.


    • According to user reviews, it is difficult to redesign a website with Wix because you cannot change the theme once your site is up and running.


Webflow is an all-in-one responsive website design software that folds a CMS, managed web hosting, and free SSL certificate all in one no-code platform. Drop and drag uncombed HTML elements to your website to add interactions and graphics.


    • Webflow has a strong visual designer that allows you to create beautiful sites without writing code.
    • Advanced JavaScript interactions Full-featured content management system for website creation without templates
    • Excellent SEO features for ranking and keyword optimization


    • Even though no technical coding knowledge is required, it can be a daunting platform for newcomers.
    • However, to use Webflow effectively, you must first have a basic understanding of web design in NYC.
    • The pricing structure is difficult to grasp, and a fully functional website on Webflow can be quite pricey.


Weebly is a free website design software that allows you to create a website, blog, or online store. There will be editable templates, domains, and simple tools. In addition, it includes an editor that allows you to customize the website completely.


    • Weebly offers free SSL security.
    • Its premium plans include unlimited storage.
    • In addition, it includes password protection, advanced site statistics, and site search.


    • Because Weebly’s drag-and-drop functionality is imperfect, you’ll need programming skills to customize the website.
    • It does not allow you to restore the website on your own.

Adobe Dreamweaver:

Dreamweaver is a simplified coding engine that lets you preview your content in real-time as you make changes to the code. Start your next responsive website project with a template or from the ground up. You can use Git support and code hints to create custom HTML assets such as emails, e-commerce sites, portfolios, blogs, and more.


    • This enables you to code websites independently without any prior programming knowledge.
    • It enables you to create a responsive design that works on desktops and mobile devices.
    • Pre-programmed web components such as iFrames, map areas, images, and YouTube are included.


    • It’s pricey, and not everyone, freelancers or working on small projects, can afford it.
    • It is not a browser-based program and does not meet all of the requirements for cross-platform work.
    • There is a steep learning curve to learning how to use the software.


Mobirise is a free web design NYC application. Over 1800 website themes, blocks, and templates are available. Non-technologists can use it.


    • Pro-coders can use the tool for small customer projects and quick prototyping.
    • Your website can be hosted on a local drive, FTP, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, GitHub pages, and so on.
    • It will allow you to select Fonts from over 800 Google Fonts and free retina-ready icons.


    • According to the reviews, documentation, and support need to be improved.
    • Software updates must be manually installed.


Bootstrap Studio is a website design software that allows you to create mobile-responsive web pages using drag-and-drop options and customizable templates.


    • It has a simple and powerful user interface that makes web design and prototyping a breeze without a steep learning curve.
    • The CSS framework does all of the tweaking from the ground up to ensure that it looks the same in all browsers.
    • It has community support and excellent documentation.
    • It includes free professional templates, themes, plugins, and grid systems.


    • If you don’t do a lot of customizing when creating a design, all your websites will look the same.
    • When you deviate from the standard Bootstrap design, you must rewrite files, which takes time.
    • Because jQuery is tied to JavaScript, it is one of the most widely used libraries, leaving most plugins unused.


Squarespace benefits entrepreneurs, photographers, restaurants, and small businesses. A platform does everything. In addition, the websites that are created will be mobile-friendly.


    • Squarespace offers contemporary templates that are compatible with modern browsers and mobile devices.
    • Its style editor will include hundreds of fonts, colors, and page layouts that can be customized.
    • It offers free typeset fonts, starter layouts, chart blocks, free Google fonts, and other features.


    • Squarespace has a learning curve, or you must become acquainted with the tool before you can customize the website with drag-and-drop features.
    • There is no app store, so you must rely solely on its built-in features.


It’s no surprise that WordPress powers 40% of websites worldwide. This web builder provides thousands of pre-made themes and a high level of customization (thanks to its functionality and 50,000+ plugins), making it an excellent choice for creating a website that reflects your brand. In addition, it is simple to publish content in the blink of an eye. It is also the best CMS for SEO.


    • There are thousands of free and paid templates and plugins to choose from.
    • Third-party integrations for e-commerce, SEO, and marketing tools are extensive.
    • Complete control over all aspects of your website
    • Cost-effective


    • For newcomers, the size of WordPress can be intimidating.
    • Unless you used a WordPress managed-to-host package, you are in charge of your website’s hosting, security, updates, and backups.


So, which website design software was the best in 2022? So, pull out that list we told you to make at the start – which web design software best suits what you want to do with your website?

For example, do you want a large selection of templates, SEO features, an editor interface, or a live chat available for support? If you are still confused and need help, you can contact SoftCircles, LLC, a renowned web development company in New York. They have experience of over ten years in website design and development.

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