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Over the last decade, there has been an overflow of data (more misinformation than information). It has become more difficult to focus on relevant data amidst chaos and even more difficult to create actionable insights. Amidst the growing noise and chaos, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find and focus on relevant, high-quality data and even tougher to create actionable insights from it. This is where market intelligence tools come into the picture.

Market intelligence tools make it easier to source relevant and trustworthy data, enabling you to leverage it and make better decisions. We have come up with a list of 8 highly regarded market intelligence tools to help you pick the right one for your business.


Cronycle is an AI-powered, all-in-one insights platform for market research, product innovation, and sales enablement teams. It enables the discovery of various data (including articles, documents, conversations, and more) from top experts across 80,000 topics, delivering only the most relevant content that you need to know about.

With Cronycle, enterprises can more efficiently curate content, collaborate with teams, harvest insights, and share market intelligence with internal and external audiences and stakeholders. Cronycle offers a full desktop app, a mobile iOS app, and a web browser plug-in for convenient content clipping while on the go.

Key features:

  • AI-powered content discovery from experts across 80,000 topics
  • Advanced filtering to reduce noise and irrelevant data
  • Multi-language support
  • Knowledge hub for content curation, organization, collaboration, and enrichment
  • Cronycle Boards with collaboration features to work with teams
  • Multiple integrations for sharing and publishing – MS Teams, newsletters, RSS & more
  • Group-level analytics and admin configuration


Digimind is a leader in social listening and market and competitive intelligence solutions. The platform has social media monitoring capabilities that facilitate gaining insights by focusing on the most relevant, real-time conversations across multiple online sources. It offers the generation of analytics and reports from an unlimited number of social accounts.

Another use of the platform involves aggregating information from multiple sources and advanced monitoring of industries to generate reports. Digimind is available on both desktop and mobile.

Key Features

  • Social media monitoring
  • Analysis of social accounts and report generation
  • A personalized dashboard and real-time engagement
  • ROI measurement
  • Aggregation of content from multiple sources
  • Advanced monitoring and text mining

Market Logic

Market Logic is an end-to-end market insights platform that collects consumer and market data to help with strategy, innovation, marketing, and sales. It boasts a digital insights workplace to search and research new insights to enable business decisions based on this research.

Market Logic has been named a leader by Forrester Research in the 2019 Market and Competitive Intelligence Solutions wave.

Key features

  • Business assistant to access personalized news, knowledge, and business reporting
  • Digital Insights workplace to collect all data to generate insights
  • Text search with AI-powered noise cancellation to surface insights from past research
  • Insights engine to deliver answers for consumers to market data and business questions
  • AI-powered knowledge graph that understands the fundamentals of your industry and your business to connect the dots across all your research


Acquired by Dynata in 2020, Sharpr is an insights platform for the world’s leading brands and agencies. It offers knowledge management with a searchable insights database for market and competitive intelligence.

Sharpr acts as a hub to collect research from internal and external sources from which insights can be extracted. 

Key Features

  • Knowledge management with searchable insight platform
  • AI-powered text search to find unique insights from collected content
  • Publishing insights through an integrated email newsletter tool and pre-integrated apps like Slack or Salesforce
  • AI assistant called Sam that delivers suggested content according to each user’s preferences
  • AI-generated tags to analyze trends in collected data


Crayon is a software-driven competitive intelligence platform that enables you to monitor competitors and act on data to stay ahead of the competition. It claims to track a company’s entire digital footprint from multiple sources.

Crayon shows analytics to identify market trends that you can act on by collaborating with your team. 

Key Features

  • Competitive insights from a company’s complete digital footprint on a single dashboard
  • Filtering metrics to separate signal from noise in analytics reports
  • Collaboration features to work with teams
  • Centralized platform for external and internal insight collection
  • Automated data categorization
  • Daily digests and custom alerts for competitor tracking
  • Sales battle cards integrated with competitive intelligence and usage statistics


Klue is an AI-powered competitive enablement platform for product marketers and enterprise sales teams. It has competitor tracking capabilities that enable you to deliver intel to sales to improve win rates.

From competitor tracking and collaborating with teams to updating sales battle cards and delivering curated insights to sales, all of its features aim to centralize all competitive content on a single platform.

Key Features

  • Track competitors by monitoring relevant news and data and combining it with internal sources
  • Update sales battle cards and collaborate with sales reps to deliver insights
  • Collect, manage and deliver insights from the web and across the company in platforms you already use
  • Curate and distribute competitive intelligence with teams

Northern Light

Northern Light is a machine learning-powered knowledge management platform that enables market research and competitive intelligence for enterprises. It is a securely hosted, turnkey solution that is typically fully deployed in 90 days.

It has 3 products: a SinglePoint platform for research-driven competitive intelligence, a Social Analytics platform for social media analysis for research and planning, and content collections for business research.

Key Features

  • Full-text search of all your research to gain insights for market research
  • Strategic dashboards curated by experts to distribute information to users
  • File upload system that accepts any file type and is searchable
  • Analyze tweets and hashtags using machine learning-based AI and data analytics 
  • Identify keywords and accounts for the most targeted reach
  • Content collections about various topics for business research


SparkToro is a market research tool that enables discovering websites, blogs, podcasts, social accounts, and publications that reach your audience. The tool is ideal for identifying your customers’ sources of influence to target those sources with your marketing efforts.

Its audience intelligence database is updated monthly, so you can search to look for sources that engage your audience.

Key Features

  • Audience intelligence data to identify what an audience engages with and what they talk about online
  • Build outreach via a list of publications and people that reach your customers
  • Compare sources of influence and prioritize them for marketing activities.
  • Analytics for your audience and your competitors’ audiences.
  • Build customizable lists for opportunities

With so many market intelligence tools to choose from, how can you decide? One factor to consider is the ease of use and whether the platform will integrate with other tools essential to your business. The more functionality built into the platform, the fewer external moving parts you’ll need to worry about, so all-in-one solutions may go to the top of your list. Ensure the company will let you test drive the product first and answer your questions as you give it a trial run to feel confident when you make your final decision. Your market intelligence tool shouldn’t be difficult to learn or use–it should make your life easier! With several excellent options, you’re bound to find the solution that’s right for you and your business.

Top 8 Market Intelligence Solutions

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