Top 8 Digital Marketing Tips for eCommerce Websites

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If you analyze the recent trend, you can understand that the percentage of eCommerce retail sales has increased with the passing time. With the growth in the market, the competition is also growing. For every eCommerce business, it’s getting difficult to attract the right customers. However, the right levers can pull more customers to your business.

The right digital marketing strategies can grow your business and income. Whether you are running a small boutique or a large online apparel shop that brings millions in revenue, getting the right marketing strategy is crucial to your online success.

No eCommerce business can succeed in an increasingly crowded market without a thoughtful, full-funnel marketing strategy. Practicing the perfect digital marketing tips for eCommerce websites will boost your profit. 

Put, digital marketing tips for eCommerce websites embrace a set of online marketing ideas and strategies that can draw in more traffic to your store, increase conversion rate, and also improve purchases. The successful implementation of digital marketing strategies is key to eCommerce Marketing is key to managing a profitable online store. Here’s our list of top digital marketing tips to improve the return of your online shop.

Mobile-Friendly Site

If your online shopping site is not mobile-friendly, make it friendly for mobile users because a considerable percentage of people make their online purchases using mobile phones. Unfriendly mobile sites can lead prospective customers to leave the website. Adding a shopping cart that scrolls with the customer, easy navigation, and a lot can help you make your eCommerce website mobile-friendly. Hiring an experienced eCommerce development company is very crucial to build your site mobile-friendly and to draw-in great results.

Reach in with Google Shopping ads 

Google shopping campaigns are one of the best recommended digital marketing strategies nowadays for the eCommerce industry. With a well-planned shopping campaign, you can advertise your services and products to the target audience by getting placed on the top of the Google search results page.

Displaying your ads at the right people at the right moment when they look for buying similar kinds of products you sell is a great way to drive more traffic. Including relevant images, price points, offers, ratings, and other critical information can make your ad attractive and let your customers choose them.

Once your product data feed is uploaded to Google Merchant Centre and connected the Merchant Centre account to your Google Ads account, Google ads for your products will be automatically generated for the users whenever they search for a similar query.

Hence, starting a Google Shopping campaign is an excellent means to drive a lot of consistent traffic to your eCommerce site.

Remarket with display ads

A successful Google Shopping campaign can fetch you better clicks. But the statistics say that about 2% of conversation rates are only received from the Google Shopping ads; i.e., only two percent clicks get converted into purchases. Don’t be skeptical. Even though the clicks suddenly don’t get converted into a sale, each click denotes a valuable interaction between your business and the prospect. 

Here, taking some additional steps can bring those shoppers back to your eCommerce website. Thinking of how it’s possible? Remarketing. Remarketing is the best suggested digital marketing strategy adopted by many online marketing experts to increase the conversion rates on eCommerce sites, bringing the shoppers back in. Isn’t it a great way to remind your prospective customers about that pair of tees they were eyeing last week.

So use this remarketing campaign to target customers who noticed you through Google when they are on Facebook next time. 

Optimize for Search Engines

Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in the eCommerce marketing strategy. Organic search traffic brought in through search engines delivers high ROI for eCommerce websites. Make sure that content, metadata, and alt-tags based on keywords research are correctly optimized.

Do some off-page optimization by building backlinks to your website via blogs, social media networks, other related-industry websites, etc. Articles, infographics, guest blogs, etc. are great ways to build backlinks and drive traffic to your website. 

Increase trust with customer reviews

Instill trust with more customer reviews. A few trustworthy reviews from those who’ve already bought one or more of your products can inspire other customers. Throwing high ratings and reviews on your products is a time-tested, superb way to turn more site visitors into customers. This will drive a substantial amount of sales to your business. 

Turn likes into sales with Instagram.

Social media marketing is one critical step in driving more sales to your eCommerce websites, and of course, Instagram plays an essential role in that. Setting a business profile on Instagram and uploading your product catalog to Facebook-the parent company of Instagram- so that you can tag your products in stories, posts, and organic feeds.

To make a purchase, the users who see your content need not navigate to the website; instead can click on the product they find interesting and follow the link to the respective page of your site. Social shopping is a strong eCommerce marketing tactic; through Instagram social shopping, you can easily turn your followers into shoppers. 

Sell Through Pop-ups

An essential yet simple selling tactic for your eCommerce website is to integrate a pop-up. A mini window with additional offers can be presented to your visitors to drive more sales. Use an attractive pop-up to entice your prospective customers with a special offer that can easily tempt them to click on the offer and add the product to their cart. Always remember to add relevant offers with a limited period offer or discount or a Flat off.  Use them correctly and drive in substantial additional revenue to your business.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is another critical digital marketing tip in the eCommerce business to turn the enthusiasm of your customers into new companies. In simple terms, referral marketing is the practice of using your customers to tell others about how much they like your products or business. Your prospects who trust their beloved ones more than internet advertisements and reviews will be attracted to your business. Giving an irresistible offer- which lasts for only a limited period- to your customers can generate a huge buzz in the market. This can derive plenty of customers who can later be even repeated purchasers. 

Digital marketing strategies of eCommerce sites are helpful to generate more traffic to your site and boost purchases. With a few practical tactics to work at each stage of the marketing funnel, your business will be in great state. Get to it!

Top 8 Digital Marketing Tips for eCommerce Websites

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