Top 8 Data Science Project Ideas To Practice Your SQL Skills

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Top 8 Data Science Project Ideas To Practice Your SQL Skills

Data Science is becoming a very popular field with so much going on in the industry. SQL is a well-known programming language for databases. It’s a great resource for data science projects as it’s very easy to learn, and you can get started immediately with little programming experience.

However, finding the perfect database project to work on can be challenging. You don’t want to spend time on something that doesn’t contribute to your skill set or career growth. This blog provides a comprehensive review of all high-quality SQL-related project ideas. 

But what is SQL, anyway? 

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language for retrieving and manipulating data in a relational database management system (RDBMS). It’s a very easy-to-learn language with multiple uses but primarily allows users to do data warehouse operations such as querying, creating, and altering databases and data warehouses. 

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Top SQL Projects for Data Analysis

No matter what field of study you’re in, you need to know that there are numerous SQL project ideas to help you further innovate your career. Here I’ve narrowed down some good SQL project ideas for data science.

  • Library Management System

This project aims to develop a library management system (LMS) that can provide books and allow customers to check out the various books and their titles in an orderly and category-wise manner. Furthermore, it keeps track of all the books in the library, including their price, status, and the total quantity of volumes present in the library. The user will find this intuitive approach more convenient than the manual writing system.

  • Student Database Management System

This project might potentially be completed with the help of SQL. Students’ records will be collected by creating a project that will be held responsible. Most of these documents must contain information on the students. This information might include basic details such as a student’s name, residence, performance, and attendance or department-specific information like a collection of data.

  • Salary Management System

This method tends to be the most prevalent since salary is a basic concept across all industries. The Salary Management Database is a comprehensive form of data about an organization’s employees. Examples are their salaries, monthly payments and security benefits, taxes and assessments, and compensations. In addition, you’ll need to know the employee’s name (along with leaves), title, hours worked, and payment methods, among others. Finally, the Salary Management Database provides an output of paychecks and bank files in light of these calculations.

  • Online Retail Application Management System

Online retail application databases are among the most famous SQL project ideas as e-commerce continues to flourish worldwide. Using the app, customers can create an account and purchase an item over the internet. In many situations, the registration process includes the generation of a unique customer ID and password and the consolidation of information such as name, address, phone number, and bank account information.

When a user buys a product, a bill is created depending on the amount, price, and applicable discounts. Before delivering the product to the desired location, the client must pick a payment option.

  • Railway Management Database System

This is another popular database project for data science beginners using SQL.

In this database system, you must design different train stations, railway tracks between connecting stations, train details, rail routes, train schedules, and booking information for passengers. To simplify your project, let’s assume that every train has a daily schedule and only travels one day to its final destination.

Each train station should record basic information like: 

    • In time: Trains arrival at the station
    • Out time: When a train leaves the station (This means the same thing as “on time” if the train doesn’t stop at a station.)
    • Stations number: The order of the station in the route
  • Hospital Management System

The Hospital Management Databases is a reliable record that provides all the relevant information. In addition, it helps collect data on the procedures inside the hospitals—for instance, doctors, nurses, patients, rooms, and other entities. Everyone in the database is assigned a unique ID connected to their behavior records. Apart from these, many more data points are available in the database, such as vacant rooms, admin and staff duties, discharge summaries, etc. This data provides easy access to important information, such as doctor availability and available patient rooms.

  • Bank Database Management System

The primary goal of this project is to collect as much data as possible on banks. Bank statements, daily transactions, and client information are all handled by the Banking Database. It’s not just for customers; it’s also for the company’s staff. With SQL databases, the bank management system is easy to implement. It attracts users’ attention as they can locate what they are seeking.

  • E-Ticket Booking Database Management

Another great idea for learning SQL for beginners is the Ticket booking project. This technology makes it simple for people to book their train, bus, and flight tickets online. Also, ensure that the seats are reserved after the tickets are purchased to avoid confusion. When booking tickets, it is necessary to consider the required parameters.

For example, train and details, routes covered, customer information, etc., can be included. 


In this article, we have seen some data science project ideas for getting started with various data analysis-related projects. These projects can help you gain a practical understanding of how you can use SQL to solve real-world problems. In addition, data scientists generally have a lot of decision-making power regarding these projects because they’re somewhat flexible in their design.

As you can see, many SQL projects for data science to choose from exist. Data science is an exciting and fast-growing field, full of opportunities for anyone willing to step up to the challenge. I hope this list of databases has inspired you to start planning your data science and SQL projects! With that in mind, if you are still unsure about how to build SQL-based projects or plan to pursue a career in data science, enroll in Learnbay’s data science course in Dubai. Engage with industry professionals and learn the most in-demand data analysis skills.

Top 8 Data Science Project Ideas To Practice Your SQL Skills