Top 7 Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas

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Have you ever realized that virtual conferences can produce more money generated by face-to-face events? Virtual events have been viewed as forced event formats by enormous businesses. But, it offers a clear value proposition when handled correctly. And the list of merits offered by virtual events is beyond the reach of live physical events.

Virtual events resolve the various costs involved in setting up a live physical event. All you need to invest in is the right virtual event technology and promotion strategies. Whether you’re hosting a virtual conference or another virtual event like an expo, job fair, or anything else, if you don’t engage your audience, you won’t be able to keep them coming back.

In comparison to in-person meetings and events, virtual conferences may provide attendees with greater possibilities to get bored while watching long sessions. This is because participants have already spent a significant amount of time on the computer, and distraction is simply a simple mouse click away. Therefore, keeping guests engaged at a virtual conference is a must to get the maximum out of it and ensure a successful event.

In this blog, we have enumerated the top 7 virtual conference engagement ideas that help in boosting attendee engagements. So without wasting any time, go through it and apply it to your virtual conferences to engage attendees effortlessly.

Tips for engaging attendees with virtual conferences

Some of the most effective virtual conferences engagement ideas are listed below. Have a look and pick those that best fit your event requirements.

  1. Photo booths never fail to impress.

Incorporate AR/VR photo booths in your virtual events. Allow attendees to get their pictures clicked with branded photo frames at the event. Please enable them to share their clicked pictures on social media profiles instantly with friends and family. It will not only help in engaging attendees but also enhances event reach. As many people are available on social media, people who are not part of the brand family may feel motivated and excited to be a part of the event in the coming times. Incorporating photo booths is one of the effective ways to engage attendees and extend event reach. Additionally, it even allows attendees to take event memories back home in the form of clicked snaps. It acts as a souvenir for the event.

  1. Incentivize attendees by organizing leaderboard challenge

Set up a leaderboard challenge in the virtual event to keep attendees hooked for longer hours. Additionally, it even motivates attendees to navigate every aspect of the event to earn more points. Incentivize attendees by offering points on doing certain activities during the event. Allow the top 3 scores to redeem the points later in the form of gift cards and vouchers.

  1. Engage your attendees with the help of social wall

Embed a social wall in your virtual conference to engage attendees effortlessly with the event. Social wall curates feed from various social media platforms with relevant event hashtags in a single place. In addition, it offers a chance to attendees to have open communications with other participants at the event. Thus, keeping them engaged throughout the virtual conference.

  1. Try hands-on hosting a quiz or contest.

Organizing a quiz or contest is one of the effective virtual conference engagement ideas. It helps in keeping attendees hooked with the event throughout. For example, you can organize a quiz relevant to your event topic and offer gifts to the same winners. Apart from it, you can opt to organize exciting contests to boost engagements at virtual conferences. For example, you can ask participants to share their childhood pictures. Then, display it one by one, and whoever guesses it right gets a chance to win and grab the prize. Apart from it, you can even organize a contest by simply asking fun questions and more.

  1. Organize Live polls and Q&A sessions during the virtual event

You can opt to incorporate live polls during the virtual conference to engage attendees effortlessly. With live polls, you can instantly get the attendees’ opinions during the event. The poll results are displayed on individual screens. Apart from it, you can even opt to organize Q&A sessions during or after the session concludes. It gives a chance to attendees to ask their doubts and queries directly with the speaker during the virtual conference. Thus, resulting in boosting event engagements effectively.

  1. Gamify your virtual conference to engage attendees

Integrate various AR/VR virtual games in your virtual conference to boost excitement and engagements. Everyone loves to play games, so why not use it to your advantage to engage attendees effortlessly with your virtual conference. Allow attendees to play various games during the event and get themselves refreshed. You can opt to integrate various games such as word finder, tic-tac-toe, spin the wheel, dart game, shooting game, and more. And boost engagement and excitement at virtual conferences effortlessly.

  1. Offer discount coupons from exhibitors and sponsors to attendees.

There is no one there, I think, who does not love discounts on their favorite products. This is something you may promote at your event organizer booth. Additionally, you can even ask your sponsors and exhibitors to offer discount coupons to attendees. Your sponsors and exhibitors can communicate with potential customers after your event and measure their own efforts via coupons, vouchers, and discount codes. They can also determine how interested people are in their product offerings. It will help in boosting engagements at virtual conferences effortlessly.

Wrapping It Up

Virtual conferences have grown in popularity ever since the global pandemic came into the picture. Today, ample virtual conference platforms are available in the market that offers best-in-class features. Selecting the one that offers exciting features and offers best custom solutions makes you win the half battle. However, an engaging attendee with virtual event formats is the only challenge attendees face during virtual event formats. As attendees access the event remotely and are not surrounded by other attendees while watching an event, they may get bored with long sessions. And as a result, they will leave the event or get involved in doing something else. We have listed some of the best ways to engage attendees effortlessly with the virtual conference to overcome this issue. I hope it helps you out to boost engagements at your virtual conference!

Top 7 Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas

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