Top 7 Travel Technology Trends Emerging in 2022
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Top 7 Travel Technology Trends Emerging in 2022


The travel industry is changing rapidly, and the future of travel will be much more high-tech. Unfortunately, keeping up with the latest travel technology trends and tips could be difficult. But as a traveler or travel business owner, you need to know what’s out there in the market and why technology matters.

So let us help! This blog will tell you about the latest travel industry trends in 2022 that could change the overall travel experience & adventure around the world. Here are emerging tech trends that will shape the travel industry in 2022.

Top  Leading Travel Technology Trends

1. The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects—everything from your phone to your car, to your house lights, to the refrigerator in the hotel room you’re staying at—that are connected. They communicate with other devices and people via the internet, allowing these things to be controlled remotely.

In 2022, IoT is already making travel easier in two ways: it will save travelers time and money by automating previously manual processes and increase security by allowing travelers to control their data and devices better while they travel.

Avail with automated services like booking flights or hotels, setting up travel itineraries; providing suggestions for activities during your trip; sending reminders about upcoming events such as check-in times at airports or train stations, updating flight statuses if there are delays or cancellations, etc.

IoT-based travel apps can help make sure everything goes smoothly before you even arrive at your destination!

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is an artificial environment that’s created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user accepts it as real.

Augmented Reality (AR) is similar to Virtual Reality except it uses an existing environment and digitally augments the user’s perception of their surroundings.

These technologies have found their way into travel as well where users can experience destinations in real-time through technology, making travel planning easier for both leisure and business travelers alike.

3. Digital Travel Assistants

Travel assistance is one of the digital trends in travel tech. It is a great way to get information, make reservations, get deals and coupon codes, read reviews from other travelers and even get travel advice from people who have been there before you. They can also be used for booking flights and hotels.

You can chat with your favorite travel assistant on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp instead of having to go through a website or an app.

4. Wearables

Wearable technology is changing the way we travel, interact with our environment and communicate. Wearables are becoming more popular as they become smaller, lighter, and easier to use.

Newer technologies like voice-activated assistants such as Google Home or Alexa will allow travelers to make reservations by simply speaking into their wrist instead of searching for a smartphone or tablet in their bag.

They also provide information about local attractions that might be of interest to tourists on the go, which can help them save time when planning their itinerary for the day.

5. Voice Search and Chatbots

Voice search and chatbots have a lot in common. Both are conversational technology, which means they’re meant to make it easier for people to ask questions and get answers without having to type or speak in a strictly predetermined way.

Both can be used for instant customer support services. Voice search is great for finding restaurants or movie showtimes, while chatbots can help you find your next vacation spot. But the two aren’t the same thing—and if we’ve learned anything from this past year, it’s that they’re not going away any time soon either.

6. 5G or Faster Internet

In 2022, 5G or faster internet could be a must-travel technology. More data, more devices, and more bandwidth are coming to our phones, laptops, and smart home devices. We’ll need better connectivity to keep up with the demand for high-speed broadband.

While it might seem like an odd topic for a travel blog post (what does this have to do with travel?), we think it’s important because faster internet will improve the experience of travelers everywhere by:

    • Better customer service with an improved experience
    • Helps enable traveling professionals to more quickly access the information they need while on the road (like maps)
    • Allows travelers time to plan and stay connected during their journeys

7. E-Visas

E-Visas are a form of visa that can be applied for online. They’re usually cheaper than regular visas, and anyone with a passport can apply for one. This means that if you’re traveling to an e-visa country, such as Cambodia or Ukraine, you can skip the hassle (and expense) of getting a traditional stamped paper in your passport.

In 2022, you can expect the future of travel to be characterized by the following traits.

    • High-tech: We’re already seeing this trend with the rise of smart luggage and other high-tech pieces of luggage. But in 2022, it will become even more common for passengers to take advantage of travel technologies such as live streaming video and real-time data about a flight.
    • Bespoke experiences: Travel tech trends 2022 are increasingly catering to its users by offering personalized location information, recommendations from friends who have visited a particular destination before, or even specific food suggestions based on information gleaned from social media accounts that share similar interests.


How Travel Tech is Benefiting People for Interactive Bookings.

  • 74% of travelers in the world plan their trips on the Internet/travel portals.
  • 45% of users plan their vacations on their smartphones.
  • 36% of users are willing to pay more for the instant booking process.
  • 80% of people prefer self-service to find information.

To conclude

The rise of travel technology solutions has been dramatic, with many new products and services being introduced every year. Here are some of the upcoming travel tech trends we expect to see in 2022.

The future of travel is going to be a lot more high-tech. In 2022, we’ll see more personalization, augmented reality, wearable tech, IoT, etc. that can work together to make your next trip easier.

The best part is that everything will be seamless—no need to download apps or sign up for anything new! With these innovations, travel will be even better than it was before.

Top 7 Travel Technology Trends Emerging in 2022

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