Top 7 Powerful Inside Sales Tips You Need to Know in 2022

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Top 7 Powerful Inside Sales Tips You Need to Know in 2022

“ I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard.”  – Estee Lauder.

There is no secret formula or magical tips for boosting sales and enhancing your performance. Selling is not an important task, but selling skillfully should be the primary concern. Succeeding in sales in the 21st century is not easy; it takes hard work and commitment with proper understanding and competence. 

You can achieve the best by putting all your efforts into the work. For example, you might already know the product, brand, sales team, sales process, sales analytics, etc. The only thing you need to do is optimize your work accordingly, and the sales will automatically follow you. 

Determining your most potential and existing customers is equally crucial at every point. New companies are being introduced to the market every day, continuously evolving. There is nothing to worry about if you are a newbie who has just started with sales or has gained proficiency because there is much more about everything you can learn. 

These newly-developed companies have made the lives of the inside sales team much easier by automating the processes and understanding the customer behavior in a much better way. But, of course, the work varies from business to business. Here, I have provided a complete guide to inside sales and seven tactics useful for almost every industry. These tactics will help boost sales and make the most out of it!

The store owner uses several other tactics to convert visitors into potential customers by adding products to the cart. The decision time can be reduced and easily added to the cart or added to the wishlist. This can be done quickly by facilitating the users with a quick view popup to view the products without leaving the current page conveniently. 

Hence, these techniques will help get quality leads and turn those leads into prospective customers. 

What are Inside Sales?

Inside Sales refers to the practice of selling the products or services remotely. Every organization has a set of defined sales procedures, software, and multiple technologies that aids them in selling. It reduces the dependency on in-person sales. Inside sales reps use their cell phones, emails, or other online channels to carry out the sales operations. 

Inside sales reps do not meet the prospects face-to-face; they take advantage of tools like email, phone calls, or carry out virtual meetings to connect with leads. Simply saying, inside sales is a way of handling all the sales operations remotely. However, to master the inside sales processes takes years of effort and hard work to succeed. 

Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales

Inside sales can be defined as selling products or services online. On the other hand, outside sales are also called field sales, where store owners can physically sell their products or services by meeting their leads or prospects. 

Inside sales are usually preferred by companies that use technologies effectively and sell modernized products, whereas traditional products typically rely on using outside sales methods. It depends on you which way is appropriate for your product. Both the processes are pretty different, so one cannot make comparisons. According to one research by Forbes, inside sales roles grow 15 times faster than outside sales. 

With the emerging shopping trend, most companies are also moving towards getting their team divided by having 50/50 of their team members, i.e., inside and outside sales teams. This is because the internet has changed the buying habits of people. Although no doubt, face-to-face sales hold great importance, remotes sales are the future.

People find it more comfortable to purchase in person when spending a vast amount of money while making a big purchase. Still, virtual shopping provides excellent flexibility and is convenient enough for everyone.

Challenges Faced by Inside Sales Reps

Sales are one of the most challenging and fundamental parts of any business, and the lack of access to sales resources may hamper the overall sales growth of the business. Let’s have a look at some of the common challenges faced by inside sales reps:

1. Building Trust Online

During times of pandemic, most sales reps used emails and phone calls to communicate with their prospects. 

Thus, establishing credibility between you and your prospective customers requires using advanced technologies that help you to differentiate from your competitors. This can be achieved by developing personal interactions with your customers. 

2. Closing Deals

Closing a deal is one of the foremost steps while carrying out sales. In this competitive market, no customers would want them to get pushed to purchase, and they should opt to make a purchase. 

The salesperson needs to find the challenge faced by the person and try to overcome them accordingly. Try customizing a solution satisfying a person’s needs.

3. Hard to Engage

Mobile phones and other smart devices have been an integral part of our daily lives. But, sometimes, people find it difficult to reach and engage people on the phone. This is because of the multiple means of communication available over the internet. In addition, even people’s busy schedules make it challenging to stay connected. 

So, one can use platforms such as HubSpot CRM and easily connect the clients once they open up the email. Thus, it would make connecting relevant enough and easily engage with the prospects. 

Here, in this article, we have prepared a detailed guide about some of the best sales tips to help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Top 7 Powerful Inside Sales Tips[2022]

Let’s go through some tactics to improve the inside sales success rate. These fundamental tactics need to be baked into your sales process to get lasting benefits.

1. Invest in the Right Time to Call

Connecting with your potential customers over the phone calls has proved to be the most challenging task. Therefore, one should use their time wisely to increase efficiency. Thus, the salesperson should invest in those times and the specific days when your prospecting customer has the highest chances of receiving the call. 

Potential customers may be willing to hear pitches on a workday and workweek. Usually, cold calls are most effective on Wednesday or Thursday or right before lunch. However, multiple factors are responsible for converting leads into sales, so it is crucial to choose the right time for connecting to an individual.

Hence, one needs to strategize accordingly and focus on the important ones at the right time.

2. Know When to Pause While Pitching

After pitching your idea, let your audience understand the pitch, get your key points and get them excited about your idea. It is impossible to evaluate the body language and time your pitch with inside selling. Without pausing, your pitch will be like a piece of information provided. 

Additionally, pausing will help you boost your confidence and create a good impression from the prospects’ perspectives. So, it is equally important to stop talking, listen properly to potential customers, know about their needs, and let the prospects ask open-ended questions. 

A very well said, 

“ If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” – Zig Ziglar.

Hence, this facilitates closing more deals and creates a stronger bond with potential customers.

3. Focus on The Schedule While Remote Selling

A drastic change in the business environment has been observed during the pandemic, and many of the sales teams have switched to work remotely. By working from home, it provides a sense of flexibility.

Working with an inside sales team always promotes productivity by stepping into your office. On the other hand, working remotely would create a more flexible environment as you might not be working with your teammates. But, as a result, it would not produce much efficiency.

Hence, it is essential to set a defined schedule while working remotely and follow it strictly to increase productivity.

4. Convey Authenticity Through Communications

Communication with potential customers, leads, and prospects facilitates establishing relations with the audience. To strengthen the bond with the lead, the sales team must establish authentic communication through consistent efforts. 

The sales, marketing, and advertising message must be rooted in brand values, tones, and ethics. It will help in defining the business identity.

5. Avoid Cold Emails – Make Relationships & Establish Credibility

Personalization plays a crucial role in achieving inside sales success. Ultimately, you may end up shooting generalized cold emails to hundreds of prospects till the end of the day with almost zero success rate.

One can even connect the potential clients on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Understand their preferences through their activities on these platforms to tailor personalized cold emails for more success. 

Thus, it helps build strong relationships with the reader and establish credibility. 

6. Provide an Excellent After-Sales Service

After-sales service plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction and customer retention, and it helps to improve customers’ loyalty. However, the journey doesn’t end just by selling a product or service, and it is only 80% of your job done; the rest needs to be accomplished by providing an excellent after-sales service to the customers. 

You can even establish a good relationship with them by sending a gentle email of how they are, providing them with the latest market trends, updating them about the company, and much more.

Doing so would create a strong relationship and can enhance brand loyalty. As a result, they would surely return to you while making a repurchase and might even recommend your business to others.

7. Take Regular Follow-ups

Sending follow-up emails, at times, can be embarrassing. But, they cannot be neglected, keeping the rejection in mind. These emails may even lead to conversion and help you stay ahead of the game. 

In most cases, businesses stop sending emails after the customer fulfills them. But, one must keep trying continuously. You can even use automated email campaigns depending on your recipient’s engagement. 

Hence, these follow-up emails may even help you have conversion and be your prospective customer.


To succeed at inside sales, you must have the most appropriate lead generating and prospecting tool to outreach your potential clients. You can stand apart from the competition by implementing these tactics that help to optimize the sales and have more closing deals. 

Hence, using the most appropriate tools, technologies, and proper sales training will help you get your job done. In addition, utilizing these resources and keeping a track record of such activities may help you quickly succeed and reach your potential customers.

Author Bio – Ombir is a SEO Executive at eRank Solutions. He is a SEO writer with two years of experience in these respective fields. He loves spending his time researching different topics.

Top 7 Powerful Inside Sales Tips You Need to Know in 2022