Top 7 Digital Marketing Techniques For Startups

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Are you looking to expand your new venture’s reach and revenue? Do you want to create a marketing strategy to boost your startup’s visibility? If you want your startup to be more productive, you must harness digital marketing power. Only funds and a unique idea are not enough to run a profitable and stable startup. You need to get more customers, stay relevant in the market, and have a competitive edge. And that’s where digital marketing can be beneficial. It can help your startup gain recognition and traction.

But, there has been a massive disruption in the online marketing landscape. The things that were successful a few years ago may not yield similar results. The market competition is getting fiercer, and customer expectations are rising. To cope up with changing times, you need to update your marketing strategies. Here we will explore top digital marketing techniques for your startup.

Generate Organic Leads With SEO

The primary role of digital marketing is to target ideal customers and enhance your visibility in the search engines. People use search engines to find information using keywords. By optimizing your website for those keywords, you earn free traffic. If your startup belongs to any high-risk industry, digital marketing can be challenging. These verticals like gambling, CBD, finance have strict, nuanced laws and regulations. Yet, you can leverage cannabis SEO experts to ensure long-term success and growth. SEO can be the most cost-effective digital marketing tactic for your startup. Here’s why:

  • It is cost-effective but delivers higher ROI and organic traffic.
  • It increases your online reach and produces long-lasting results.
  • It enhances your brand’s authority, trust, and reputation.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has become a buzzword in the online marketing community. That’s because of its effectiveness and impact. A successful content marketing approach can help you focus on sharing relevant information. The content you share should be engaging, like infographics, videos, blogs, or audios. Users interact with these pieces of content and learn more about your startup. And that’s how content marketing delivers value over time.

If you’re writing blog posts, you can optimize them for the search engines. It will drive continuous traffic to your website.

Leverage Video Marketing

Videos are crucial for businesses because they generate the most consumer internet traffic. Integrating video marketing could make a massive difference to business growth and profitability. 

By creating engaging videos and uploading them, you can access millions of users. Effective Video marketing on your landing page can escalate the conversion rates. Experts believe that many consumers buy a service/product after watching a brand’s video. So, if you haven’t started using video marketing for your business, it’s time for you to leverage this strategy.

Perform Social Media Marketing

Reports suggest that there are approximately 3.6 billion users on social media. It will grow to 4.41 billion by 2025. As more users start to interact with your social media post, it catapults and brings more users.

Research recognizes social media as an effective channel to market your startup business. You can use various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. It would be best if you create a different strategy for each platform for maximizing profits.

Run Email Marketing Campaigns

You may view email marketing as an outdated marketing practice. But it’s still relevant and useful today in 2021. Evidence reveals that there will be approximately 4.3 billion daily email users by 2023. The right email marketing strategies deliver 40 times higher ROI. It implies that for every $1 investment, you will get approximately $40 in return. Not investing in email marketing campaigns can result in missing your target customers.

Experiment With Niche Marketing

In niche marketing, you sell your products to a particular segment. It can be 18-20-year-old males living in LA and using iPhones. By narrowing down your niche, you become more relevant to the audience.

Niche marketing is a practical strategic path for startups to experience rapid growth. Thus, at your startup’s initial stages, you must use this strategy and grow it as your business expands.

Tap into AI

Artificial Intelligence can predict trends to identify and generate the most valuable leads. You can leverage AI/ML to enhance customer experience and your online presence. These technologies help in deeper personalization — be it of content, services, or products. With AI-powered tools, you can make strategic decisions about content creation and distribution.

As a result, your startup can reduce digital waste and ensure the best results.


You need to market your services so that customers know that you exist. Experts would agree marketing a startup isn’t easy. The budget is often low, and the founders don’t have an accurate answer to how they will perform in the market. That isn’t to say new companies should refrain from marketing. Digital marketing is a compelling way for startups to increase brand awareness. So, get ready to embrace these digital marketing strategies.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Techniques For Startups

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