Top 6 Software Development Trends To Follow in 2021

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Top 6 Software Development Trends To Follow in 2021

Software development is continuously growing, and it will continue to do so in the coming period. However, societal and technical requirements are causing the majority of the changes that we witness. For example, the need for a secure method to implement contracts takes Blockchain to the next level. At the same time, the new uses of artificial intelligence (AI) compel the industry to work more on ethical AI.

The majority of the companies accept software development advancements and digital acceleration from the best software development companies. These software development companies will assist them in considering the latest methods to drive their operations forward to value their society, bottom lines, and customers.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we present you with the top software development trends prevalent in 2021.

  1.   More Focus on Cloud

Some industries flourished during the COVID-19. Whereas some industries like tourism experienced a sharp decrease in demand. Companies using cloud-based platforms did not pay any heavy amounts to a data center they did not require at that time. Therefore, many companies transferred their operations to the cloud in 2021.

  1.   Increase In The Use of Blockchain

Blockchain has a vital role to play in cryptocurrency. It also plays an imperative role in fraud prevention for compassionate cases. A few functions are more likely to grow your online business in 2021. This includes the use inside the smart contract platform.

  1.   Development of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to play an essential role in 2021.  The capabilities that AI drives are also likely to get success. For example, the Natural Learning Process (NLP) allows computers to write software programs and texts. This part is of particular interest. Furthermore, awareness of ethical AI is also going to increase. Ethical AI means that computers are programmed to do the right thing, not causing any harm to anyone.

  1.   An Increase In The No-Code or Low-Code Development

The requirement for software engineers has outstripped their availability. This makes no-code or low-code programming essential for the business. This is because; these businesses require the ability to move forward with the latest initiatives. This software allows those with zero developmental training to develop databases and other apps that support agile operations. This ability is becoming ordinary, and it is expected to grow this year.

  1.   The Dominance of JavaScript and Python

JavaScript and Python are expected to stay in demand in 2021. Therefore, programming languages that are simple to learn and use are becoming very popular. Python is utilized comprehensively in a considerable number of fields and data sciences. Whereas JavaScript is generally a very famous language, specifically for the developers who are just beginners.

  1.   Advancements in Utilization of Modern Languages 

Modern development languages are targeted to fulfill the demand of engineers nowadays. Some companies like Kotlin, Go, and Rust is becoming very famous because of conciseness, expressiveness, null safety, and inference. In this case, some of the experts have forecasted that Rust will step forward in 2021. Both Amazon and Microsoft just announced a significant investment in Rust.


After viewing the discussion above, it can be concluded that software development companies must consider these trends so that they are not left behind in the competition.

Top 6 Software Development Trends To Follow in 2021