Top 6 Shopify Ad FAQs That Advertisers Must Know

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Top 6 Shopify Ad FAQs That Advertisers Must Know

Why does Shopify need to understand advertising? The Top 6 Shopify Ad FAQs That Advertisers Must Know through Facebook, a big social platform. How did they succeed in making money with so many top Shopify stores? These ten years of overseas experience have taught me that it will be straightforward to consolidate the foundation and details of delivery, understand the Facebook system, be familiar with the policies, and convert later. Below I will choose from the platform selection, advertising common problems, policy interpretation of these three aspects, together with you to share with you a few experiences of Facebook advertising in the past few years:

  1. Speaking of platform selection, e-commerce is often more suitable to start from Facebook because the Facebook platform itself means traffic. As for how big the traffic is, I just browsed the latest data on Facebook’s official website. Facebook’s daily active life reaches 1.8 billion, and monthly active life reaches 2.7 billion. Therefore, your ads can almost reach users in most countries globally. You can see it!
  2. Facebook has its precise positioning attributes from the beginning of its establishment. Users are potential real buyers. The Facebook system can intelligently reach users more likely to click or buy according to your specific placement settings.
  3. This platform can achieve multi-platform, multi-slot, and multi-format delivery. Potential buyers can browse your different advertisements on multiple page locations on various devices. It helps you to market products without fail.
  4. Facebook also has a powerful function: to use the placement of pixels on the website to track data and produce scientific monitoring reports. These are good helpers for audience positioning and remarketing in the later stages of the account.

However, there are still many problems encountered in the advertising process. I have summarized the common problems for you. There are about these six situations. I hope that everyone who reads this article can avoid them in time:

Advertising is always in the learning stage.

Advertisers were very hesitant when they started advertising and always wanted to do their best before advertising. They were always in the learning stage, and they finally made up their minds to vote and encountered various problems. As an excellent advertiser, you should quickly establish a reproducible advertising system so that you can quickly and effectively carry out advertising every time you advertise.

Several advertising points to help you avoid difficulties:

  1. First, avoid frequent editing or major editing of advertisements. Otherwise, the machine will start learning again, taking longer.
  2. Determine the use of a reasonable budget. Setting a sufficient budget to obtain at least 50 total conversions is recommended.
  3. Determine whether the audience size is too small, and it is recommended to expand the audience size appropriately.
  4. Judge whether there are too many ad groups. It is recommended to generally not exceed five groups. If it exceeds, ad groups need to be reduced, and the audience is merged.

CPM is too high

CPM is only the cost per thousand impressions. Everyone has great hopes for advertising, and they always want to achieve the best results at the lowest cost. But in the end, the money may be spent, but the effect is not good. Facebook ads cost benchmark tool-ADCostly provides some CPM data, which will bring you some references.

In addition, everyone should pay attention to these:

  1. The advertisement has not accumulated enough data, and the previous data is unstable. Therefore, it is recommended to wait patiently.
  2. Some news accounts have focused on advertising targeted at conversions from the beginning. However, when the budget is insufficient, it will be more difficult for Facebook to find suitable audiences. Therefore, it is recommended to increase part of the budget appropriately.
  3. It coincides with the shopping season/festival marketing peak season, the market is highly competitive, and the CPM is generally rising. Therefore, it is recommended that you can do a few clicks, interactions, or additional purchases in the early stage to build the upper funnel of conversion.
  4. For specific reasons, you need to look at the account to analyze the specific reasons and investigate one by one. Other reasons such as the audience being too small, the single creative, the low click-through rate of the advertisement, and other issues will also affect the level of CPM.

The CTR is too low

CTR is the click-through rate of the ad. Some advertisements have a lot of exposure, but it isn’t easy to attract users to click to buy goods. Maybe you and your competitor spend the same amount of money on advertising, but you attract a lot of different traffic in the end.

Some ways to increase CTR are as follows:

  1. Check whether the creative and format are attractive, such as a high-definition picture, a clear product description, etc.
  2. Check whether the advertising audience is accurate
  3. Check whether the product price and market comparison are too high
  4. Check whether the delivery time is appropriate, such as after lunch and dinner, etc.
  5. Check if it is affected by the lack of ad impressions
  6. Check if you use a call to action button

Facebook pixel and Shopify background data are inconsistent

Everyone thinks that the advertising is similar, but in fact, the data you see on the advertising management tool page is the performance data of the ads tracked by the installation of Pixel; the data displayed in the Shopify backend is the data that tracks all the traffic of the Shopify store. This is what I learned from my recent contact with Shopify. 

The main reasons are the following two points:

  1. Because the data collection source is different, the data presented will be different.
  2. At the same time, data differences are also affected by Facebook’s attribution system.

The search for words of interest encounters a bottleneck and cannot find a suitable audience.

Advertising lets everyone see your product, but some customers are more interested in your product. For example, I do outdoor sports, and my advertising is mainly for young people. We can get more profits by accurately positioning the audience and pushing our products to the target audience. Use some Facebook interest targeting tools to quickly complete the audience analysis and find the right keywords. The following are the outdoor sports interests and audience numbers that I have obtained using AdTargeting, worthy of reference.

High churn rate in a specific link of the shopping process

My friends who are also engaged in cross-border e-commerce complained to me that the click-through rate of the store went up after the advertisement was placed, but the product sales were not as high as expected. Later, I communicated with some professional teachers, mainly to find problems from these aspects.

  1. Are the landing page and product information complete, and is the website page attractive enough?
  2. Is the page loading speed too slow?
  3. Is product pricing an advantage?
  4. Whether the product evaluation is too low?
  5. Whether the payment sector is safe and efficient, including redirecting to third-party platforms?
  6. Is the discount information attractive?
  7. Does the website have a complete and transparent return policy?
  8. Other specific reasons (to be analyzed with the account website).

Top 6 Shopify Ad FAQs That Advertisers Must Know

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