Top 6 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Site Without Buying

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Is your website receiving tons of traffic, but your sales are not growing?  Then you are reading the right article. After investing thousands of dollars in a business, owners are now attracting visitors. But in maximum cases, they leave the site without buying anything. This situation is very frustrating.

In this blog, we will be discussing the top reasons why visitors leave a site without buying.

1. No Review on Products:

Let’s imagine you are selling knives online in your brand-new store. You might find visitors will click your page through some organic search or social shares. But they are leaving the site without buying anything. The main reason could be there is still no reviews on your products.

According to a statistic, 93% of customers make the purchase decision after reading reviews. Reviews give confidence to the buyer. Still, you can get a few buyers purchasing products from your store. So, don’t let the buyer go without leaving their valuable reviews.

How to request buyers to review your products?

  • Send them an email after 7 days of purchasing the product. Request them to write a review.
  • If they come to your site again, pop up a message that they don’t review the purchased product yet.

2. Lack of Proper Visual Elements

Your visitors might not get enough visual elements to have proper information about the product. Take a look at the below elements and check that you are using them properly or not:


From any image, visitors got a better understanding of the product. The absence of proper HD images can be one of the main reasons for leaving the site without buying. Besides the main feature image, use a set of galleries taken from different angles with focusing the features if possible.


A short video on your products or services can be beneficial to users. From the features to configuration, you can describe everything in a short video.


Well-structured navigation is the crucial element for a good user experience. Your website should have internal links where needed & a clear display of important pages like:

  • About Us
  • Contact Support
  • Product
  • Service
  • Blog

To find out the product easily that they are looking for offer filter option by:

  • Price
  • Product Type.
  • Size
  • Best rating
  • Or another customization that your product has.

3. Site Load Time is Terrible:

Site load time is defined as the time the website is taking to load. When any user visits any website, it gets loaded at the backend, and the quicker it is, the higher the customer retention.

Loading the website is an integral parameter based on which users decide how long they will stay.

As per the recent survey, even an increase of a second of load time results in a reduction in conversion by 7%.

With the reducing attention span, nearly 50% of the consumers have given thumbs up to any website loading within 2 seconds. Often, the websites with heavy graphics, or too much automation, take more time to load.

You can check your site loading time & performance from these tools: GT Matrix & Google Insight page speed.

Often the following can be done to reduce the site load speed:

  • Using a fast server for hosting the website.
  • Reducing the size of the images by using compressor tools.
  • Minimizing the number of plug-ins on the website.
  • Minify unused CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Fix unnecessary redirects.
  • Use of browser caching.

Trying out these might help in reducing the site load time. Though, a consistent and routine check on the other features also enhances the site speed. So, make sure to monitor it regularly.

4.  Your Brand is not Authentic:

Your brand authenticity depends on your brand’s reputation. Users can place orders without any hesitation if your brand is quite popular, even there is no review on the specific product.

Brand reputation can’t be built within a night. Mention at least below things continuously to become a trusted brand.

  • Be transparent to your audience.
  • Focus on getting reviews on your listed business pages on Google My Business, Facebook, or other business listing sites.
  • Be available 24*7 if the product needs technical support or something.
  • Keep your commitments.
  • Be careful of using words, even appreciate the negative reviewer and assure them to investigate their problem.

5. The trouble with the Calls-to-Action:

Invoking the sentiments within a user through captivating stories, exhilarating graphics, and touching moments, go all in vain if the impactful call-to-action is missing.

A call-to-action is like a free ticket to enter into the show. With the right CTA, the CTR has seen an improvement of over 200%.

Some of the key takeaways while using the CTAs include:

I. Using more action words
II. Value focused keywords
III. Make sure to create urgency. Words like “Right Now” “Soon” helps in conversions.

Yet, even if you have a proper CTA, you must concretely emanate the message.

6. Your value proposition is not clear:

Writing it from the customer’s perspective and driving the content through story-telling have strong impacts.

When the facts and figures are translated into stories, there is a 20 times increase in customer retention.

Making the message clear, concise, and easy to understand makes your website rank higher even for the layman.

What makes your message authentic are the real-life examples and testimonials! If you are selling a product, don’t forget to add it from your old customers!

Finally, keep changing the tone of the message and the styling of it! Leverage the art of variation in content to gain more conversions!

Bottom Line:

These are the top six reasons why visitors leave the site without buying. You might not find the exact problem your business is facing. You can seek assistance from an Ecommerce digital marketing company like Shout Digital. As they are dealing with hundreds of eCommerce business daily, it will be easy for them to find out the solution.

Top 6 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Site Without Buying

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