Top 6 Reasons to Pick Shopify for your eCommerce Store in 2021

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2020 didn’t turn out to be a fruitful or, we can say, a successful year as planned. The pandemic has badly affected everyone on every level, whether about communicating with clients or conducting user research. Covid-19 has majorly accelerated trends that we see, and it packed a thousand e-commerce growth in just a single year. Consumers have changed their shopping behavior, and many businesses have started investing more and more in their current e-commerce channels and are going online for the first time. 

Are you thinking of starting your online store? The first thing that you will be needing is to choose the best e-commerce platform. 

An e-commerce platform is such a software application that allows you to manage your website with different handling sales, operations, and marketing options. 

Many popular e-commerce platforms are available to business owners, whether business owners are starting their new business or are reputed international brands. The most famous of all of these is Shopify, as it is easy to get started, flexible, and has the full ability to take your business to the next level; thousands of merchants from all over the globe have selected it to host and run their e-stores.

Shopify is considered one of the leading online shop builders is powering around 500,000 businesses and processing $48 billion of sales.

What is Shopify 

Shopify is a web app that permits you to build your online store. It offers a variety of themes that can be customized to match all the needs of your brands. Shopify allows you to sell physical or digital products. We all know that Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform that is designed for all sizes of businesses. Whether you are selling online, or on social media or in-store, or out of your car, Shopify can cover all. If you have a Shopify store, then you must use Shopify Inventory management

Reasons to pick Shopify for your e-commerce store in 2021

  • Easy management of your store

With Shopify, you can perform easy management of your store. Shopify e-commerce tools are created for handling omnichannel sales and in-person sales amidst your POS (Point of Sale) system. Make use of your admin panel and the assigned number of staff, accounts for managing inventory, payments, orders, and shipping from an exclusive dashboard. 

  • Everything runs collectively

Shopify and all other platforms are developed by one company, and that is why all pieces work unitedly flawlessly. It helps build the website, payment, shopping cart, and inventory for syncing-up right having no issues. This is similar to how Apple focuses on designing and manufacturing the software and hardware for syncing-up well. 

  • Best Technical stuff 

In Shopify, all the technical stuff is protected in a better way. If you are using WPengine for WordPress installation, you only will be responsible for the speed, hosting, and security. Shopify is built-in and has been taken full care of by professionals. Your store will be entirely secure, fast, and protected. 

  • Full scalability 

Shopify is highly scalable and simple to use; hence no requirement for building the architecture. With the growing popularity of your business, the Shopify site can help take it to a whole new level of success. It will just need few clicks to update your plan. There is no need to worry about any hosting costs, bandwidth limits, and investment in the site security when you are using Shopify Plus.

  • Easy integrations with Apps

A robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is essential for better communications. Shopify integrates with CRM software like Salesforce and different social media platforms to turn subscribers and followers into actual paying customers. 

  • Different payment options 

With Shopify, you can have more than 100 payment gateways integrated into the particular platform, providing you and your valuable customers with all the flexibility. Shopify has a built-in gateway called Shopify Payments, and no transaction fees are charged on the credit card fees. 


Shopify is the best platform to choose from for your new e-commerce store or an established one. It offers the best flexibility, efficiency, security, support, and ROI (Return on Investment). The above-article defines the top 6 reasons to pick Shopify for your e-commerce Store in 2021. 

Top 6 Reasons to Pick Shopify for your eCommerce Store in 2021

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