Top 6 Online Marketing Tools That Will Help You for SEO

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Top 6 Online Marketing Tools That Will Help You for SEO

Are you struggling to find the perfect online marketing tools to help you with SEO? Don’t worry; you are not alone.  

With the growth of online businesses, digital marketing tools have tremendously grown and improved. There are many good ones out there that you can use. However, not all digital/online Marketing Tools will help you in Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. If you are new to all this and wondering why this is so, given below is your answer. 

Importance of Online Marketing Tools and SEO 

 When you start any business, you want to ensure you have a competitive service and get returns on investment. But it isn’t as simple as just expecting it. To make any money online, you need to ensure that your content is marketed to the right audience. After all, without proper traffic, your online business will offer.  

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation 

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is quintessential for ensuring good traffic. SEO helps in making your website better. From landing pages to keywords, SEO is an all comprising process that helps develop your website, for example, using keywords such as ‘escape room Banglore,’ ‘best escape room,’ and ‘top escape room Koramangala ‘ on your escape room website. If you have a website for coloring pages, your keywords can be printable coloring sheets.

SEO helps get a good Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking leading to higher clicks. The better ranked your website is, the better the traffic and the more sales you make. This, in connection to digital marketing, makes your website work successfully.  

SEO has many aspects, which can make it a tedious process. Hence, many businesses employ several digital tools to help in SEO. Having to do SEO while also taking care of your marketing campaign is challenging. Online Marketing Tool plays an important role here.  

Online marketing tools 

Online marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Ahrefs, and Google Analytics are helpful. Online marketing tools allow you to perform several functions through a single interface. This is important since marketing in itself has a lot of aspects.  

Thus, most businesses end up using various tools for the sole purpose of Digital marketing. However, imagine if your online marketing tools could also help with SEO. That will make our lives much easier.  

Are there such tools to help you? 

Well, of course, there are. Below is a list of the top 6 online marketing tools that will help you SEO. You should check this list out if you face the same problem that many others do.   

1. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs is one of the best online marketing tools that helps you do many different tasks. It is a popular tool that you most likely must have heard about or even used at some point in time.  It is a great all-inclusive online marketing tool for SEO and Digital marketing. 

Ahrefs helps in link building, website Audit, market (Competitor) Analysis, Keyword Search analysis, and much more. Using Ahrefs is great for analyzing your website’s health. In addition, Ahrefs can be used to conduct keyword research allowing you to see how well a particular topic performs.  


Ahrefs is a paid service. Therefore, you can choose a number of different plans. In addition, Ahrefs offers different features and capabilities to suit your business needs depending on your requirements.  


Apart from the ones discussed above, Ahrefs has many other nifty little features.  Some of those features are: 

    1.     Competing Domain Research – lets you know what all domains compete for a particular keyword.  
    2.     Content Gap – provides insights regarding your competitors getting ranks for a keyword where you aren’t  
    3.     Website Audit – provides a technical report for your website with detailed analysis.  
    4.     Paid Search – Paid search is a great marketing feature that allows you to help with your pay-per-click ad campaigns.  
    5.     Doman Comparison – provides data about how your website compares to another similar website. A head-to-head comparison. 
    6.     Top Content search – provides you with a detailed list of pages shared through social media. 

This all-in-one SEO tool is great if you want to save some expenses on doing online marketing and SEO at once. It would help if you thought about getting or trying this online marketing tool. 

2. Google Analytics 

A free online marketing tool that helps with SEO and provides useful data? Yes, Google Analytics is one of the best free online marketing tools you should already be using if not.  

Google Analytics, as mentioned already, is a free online marketing tool by, you guessed it, Google.  It is a great tracking tool that helps provide data that can help you improve your website. 

It collects data from the behavior of visitors on your website and presents it in a readable and understandable form. It is excellent since you can utilize this report to assist in your marketing campaigns.  


    1.     Tracking Tool – It is a great tracking tool. It helps collect data such as bounce rates, duration of each session, pages visited per session, and much more. It also helps in providing data about the source of your traffic.  
    2.     Google Ad Integration – You can integrate your Google analytics with Google Ads and observe your ad campaigns and their success or conversion rates.  
    3.     Visualization – Google Analytics uses easy-to-understand visualization that helps you understand valuable metrics.  
    4.     E-Commerce feature – you get access to custom visitor segmentation and sales record and performance, transactions, and much more.  
    5.     Real-time Analytics – get insights about the traffic on your website in real-time, helping you understand user activity much better.   

As a free tool, you are getting a lot of this one. It has very basic and very important features that are great if you are willing to save a couple of bucks. A tool you should be using already.  

3. Google’s Page Speed Insight 

A good chunk of SEO is trying to make the user experience better. This includes optimization of pages for faster load times. Search engines notice this and can reduce your page ranking based on this. It won’t matter if you do everything right, and ultimately users cannot get what they want in time.  

PageSpeed Insights is another excellent free tool that helps you analyze webpage content. This analysis is then further quantified in the form of scores. These scores represent how fast your website pages load on mobile and desktop.  


    1.     Speed Rating – one of the main features or functions of PageSpeed Insights is that it provides a Speed rating. This is a great feature that will analyze the loading times of your pages and give you a rating. Depending on what rating you get, you can improve your pages. 
    2.     User Experience – PageSpeed provides user experience data depending on your page speed. It is again quite valuable for knowing how you can improve your website.  
    3.     How to fix – One great feature is figuring out what you need to improve and how to fix it. Quite helpful if you do not know what is causing specific issues.  

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a great tool with its diagnostic and analyzing features. Page loading times, as mentioned, are pretty important. Improving user experience is one of the foremost objectives of SEO. This tool is great in allowing you to do that.  

4. Moz 

Moz is one of the most powerful and influential SEO and online marketing tool. It can greatly assist any online business to attract traffic and increase sales. However, one of the most prominent problems in SEO is trying to SEO your website while also running a marketing campaign. 

 Moz as a company has grown a lot. As a result, it has two exceptional products for your business needs. The first one is Moz pro, and the second one is Moz Local. 

Moz Pro 

Moz Pro is an all-in-one tool that helps businesses manage their SEO campaign and digital marketing needs. In addition, Moz Pro has some great features that provide analysis and detailed reports regarding the performance of your website.  


    1.     Audience Analysis allows you to see data regarding the traffic on your website. As a result, you know how to improve your website, which keywords to use and how your ad campaigns are effective.  
    2.     Site Ranking Feature allows you to analyze your website’s presence on search engines. It also helps you in knowing how well your campaigns are working.  

Moz Pro has a couple of different plans according to your needs. The cheapest one starts from 79$month (yearly rate) while the premium plan is 799$/month(yearly). In addition, there are two other plans (medium and large) that cost 143$ and 199$ per month, respectively (yearly). 

Moz Local 

Moz local is much more specialized. It offers many features to help local businesses. Moz Local can help you rank above your local competition while also helping your SEO needs.  

Moz local has three plans, Essential, professional, and premium, each costing 99$, 179$, 249$ yearly. Depending on your business size, you can choose the most effective plan. It is a great tool to improve their local search ranking while fulfilling their SEO needs, especially for an escape room.   

5. Kissmetrics 

Kissmetrics is another great online analyzing tool for your marketing and SEO needs. It is quite similar to google analytics. You can use either of them or both. However, as a premium service, Kissmetrics offers a slightly better service than google analytics.  

Unlike Google Analytics, Kissmetrics is much more particular with data collection. As a result, it helps in providing much more intelligent and in-depth data regarding visits, sessions, competition, and much more.  


    1.     Tracking – Kissmetrics like Google Analytics tracks sessions. However, it tracks groups and individuals instead of the more general traffic.  
    2.     A/B testing – Kissmetrics has integration options for analyzing your landing pages. You easily import data from third-party online marketing tools and get an analysis.  
    3.     Analyze activity – this helps you know how and what the trends in the market are. It also helps in understanding the source for such trends. 
    4.     Email – Kissmetrics can send emails to your customers depending on their activity on your site. This is a great function that is automatically following up on your leads.  
    5.     Priority groups – Kissmetrics can categorize certain people as your most important customers. This will help you in knowing their behavior in the future as well. 

Depending on your needs, Kissmetrics is available at different prices. There are three plans: 

    1.     Start-up – 220 $ to 920$ 
    2.     Growth – 500$ to 1200$ 
    3.     Power – 700$ to 1400$  

6. Cyfe 

Cyfe is a great online marketing tool that caters to your SEO, SEM, Email marketing, and social media needs. Cyfe is an all-in-one tool that provides great support through dashboards providing visualized data and real-time analytics. 


Cyfe provides automated reports, built-in widgets, and pre-built templates to help you in improving your business. Through Cyfe, you can create custom or interactive dashboards that utilize various data sources.  

Cyfe is a useful tool that allows you to: 

    1.     Monitor aspects of your business online. 
    2.     Get real-time data reports.  
    3.     Data Exports 
    4.     Build Engagement on your social media 
    5.     Customizable dashboards. 
    6.     SEO assistance. 

Cyfe is great for utilizing data from a number of different sources such as social media, emails, websites and presenting it through its dashboards. 


Online marketing tools have become very important in today’s day and age. With the rise of online culture, more and more businesses rely on digital marketing to expand and grow. With that in mind, SEO is a hurdle for many such companies.  

Overcoming this hurdle can be overwhelming or difficult if you do not know what you need or should do. Thus, having online marketing tools help your SEO needs can be beneficial. Those mentioned above six online marketing tools are some best and topmost used tools for this purpose.   

Top 6 Online Marketing Tools That Will Help You for SEO