Top 6 Must-Have Tools to Market Your Construction Website Successfully
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Top 6 Must-Have Tools to Market Your Construction Website Successfully


Being relevant in the construction business means reaching as many people as possible. You never know from where your next client or project may come up. But construction websites regularly fail to employ marketing tactics effectively. 

Often, they do not have a team dedicated to marketing efforts.

Today it is possible for you to market efficiently without a full-fledged team. The only thing that has made this possible are marketing tools. 

With a range of SaaS marketing tools available in the market, now you don’t even need a marketer to begin with.

This article will discuss the 6 top tools to market and promote your construction business. Since the construction business is largely B2B, the challenges are different from a regular consumer-facing company. 

Nonetheless, these tools will help you overcome all challenges. 

The top 6 must-have tools to market your construction website successfully

Marketing tools have come a long way to be more accessible now. While some free marketing tools, the better ones are almost always paid. The amount you have to pay is more than justified for the services you receive.

Before discussing the best tools to market your construction website, remember that the ultimate preference would boil down to your marketing goal. 

If you have zero experience in the digital space, it is better to start slow. But if you already have enough marketing experience, you may jump to the more advanced tools immediately.

Types of tools to market your construction website

The term marketing tool is vague at best. It does not say anything about what a tool does. Marketing tools include various tools that may focus on similar or completely different things.

For example, a social media marketing tool would work differently from a lead generation tool. But you need both (and more) for a successful marketing campaign. Fortunately for us, there’s a wide range of choices in every category of marketing tools.

Since marketing efforts require all these tools to work in conjunction, we’ll also talk about each type. At the same time, note that there are alternatives to each tool in this list. If you think the alternatives would serve your purpose better, go for them by all means.

Let’s find out more about must-have tools to market your construction website. 

Impact Plus
Impact Plus


    • Multiple uses
    • Content marketing, email marketing, customer support, CRM, lead generation
    • Cost: $45 per month to $3,200 per month

Hubspot is a known name in the world of marketing. However, Hubspot is more than the email marketing tool that many people think it is. Instead, it has transformed into the only tool you need for your marketing efforts. It’s also the reason behind mentioning Hubspot at the beginning of the list. For many construction websites, Hubspot alone would do the trick.

Back to functions and features, Hubspot does everything from lead generation to customer support. In addition, it is a complete set of digital tools for as low as $45. So if you want to make the most of Hubspot’s marketing automation tools, you will only have to pay $45 per month. Considering the benefits, it is a ridiculously low price.

Hubspot has three separate tools addressing marketing, sales, and service. To experience the power of Hubspot, you must sign up for the Professional pack at the very least. It costs $800 per month, but you get access to all three tools. In a nutshell, Hubspot alone has the power to solve all your marketing woes. 

  • Agendrix

    • Manage employee schedules
    • Track employee work hours
    • Communicate with team
    • Manage employees remotely
    • Cost – $2.75 to $4 per user per month

Agendrix is a unique solution for construction companies. It’s the first construction crew scheduling software that effectively tracks and records all employee data. It’s a very useful tool for site managers where hundreds of employees are working at the same time.

The best part about Agendrix is its affordable plans. With only $4 for each user every month, you can get the full functionalities of this application.

Agendrix has made it to this list since your work is the ultimate marketing mouthpiece. Time and employee management help you get better work done in less time, earning you precious credibility and hopefully referrals. 

  • Reonomy

    • Aimed at brokerages, construction businesses, property owners, and commercial services providers
    • Get insights into the industry.
    • All-in-one commercial real estate marketplace and information hub

Reonomy is a unique tool in its approach. There’s a free trial that you can use, following which you will have to pay a customized amount. The unique proposition of Reonomy is that it connects buyers with sellers in a very new way. It uses AI and ML algorithms to connect the right person to the right property or owner.

Note that Reonomy does not deal with residential houses and properties. It only deals with commercial properties, which may or may not be at a large scale. If you want to research more people and reach them non-intrusively, Reonomy will come in very handy.

Hundreds of people have benefitted from Reonomy in construction and real estate. It is one tool that you must try at least once. Even if you do not like the execution, the idea is worth taking inspiration from. That makes Reonomy one of the essential marketing tools for construction businesses

  • CoConstruct

    • Dedicated project management for construction companies
    • Streamlined financial management
    • Generate more revenue with streamlined financials
    • Cost – $99 per month to $399 per month

CoConstruct is a dedicated project management platform for construction businesses. The ease of using the platform makes it accessible for everyone. As a result, you can start using this tool no matter the scale or size of your construction business.

Among the many tools of CoConstruct, its operations and communications tools help the most in terms of revenue. It helps you make bids and communicate effectively with prospects. However, you are losing a lot of revenue by not using a simplified project management platform like CoConstruct.

CoConstruct is also a social and educational hub besides its tools and features. After signing up, you will be connected with the most promising prospects for you. From there, you can take the conversation forward. The vast library of resources also makes CoConstruct an educational and training hub. Anyone can use CoConstruct and benefit from it, no matter their skill level.

Since revenue is at the heart of any business, CoConstruct is an efficient tool for any construction business. The social connectivity features of the platform also make it an effective marketing tool. There are regular webinars and events to keep you engaged. To put it in simple words, CoConstruct is an all-in-one project management tool for construction businesses that also has a social model. 




    • Social media marketing platform
    • Social media analytics
    • Customizable landing page builder
    • Manage all social media accounts from one place
    • Cost – Free to $10/month per social channel

Social media marketing is indispensable for anyone who wants to grow their business. In 2022, it is one of the most cost-effective yet productive marketing avenues. When we talk about marketing, we cannot miss talking about the crucial component of social media marketing. Buffer helps you manage all your social media marketing needs from one place.

Social media marketing helps you build an audience organically. Over time, it would have a great impact on your construction business. Buffer simplifies the process of social media marketing with built-in tools and analytics. It helps you plan content and collaborate on it with other people. It also helps you with publication at predetermined intervals. If you are looking for a social media marketing tool, you need not look beyond Buffer.

Google Ads
Google Ads



    • Leading advertising platform in the world
    • Adjustable budget
    • Targeted campaigns
    • Increase website traffic and engagement

No piece about marketing can be complete without mentioning Google Ads. It has been the leading advertising platform for several years now. Google Ads gives you the privilege of showing up in the results when people search with related keywords.

Google Ads is not only efficient but also very easy to use. Small businesses can easily use Google Ads to drive revenue, so you can start using it no matter the scale of your construction business. In addition, it’s a rather simple tool with many features and functionalities.

Google Ads is one of the easiest ways to boost engagement and increase reach. While organic growth has its place, paid advertisements can be extremely beneficial. 

A combination of a planned marketing campaign and paid ads would be the ultimate marketing tool for your construction business.


We hope this guide will help you market your construction website and reach many people. So keep working on your marketing skills to make the most of these tools. 

Remember that the more you work with a particular tool, the better you will become at it.

Top 6 Must-Have Tools to Market Your Construction Website Successfully

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