Top 6 eCommerce Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Overlook
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Top 6 eCommerce Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Overlook

Regardless of the fame eCommerce has gotten lately, it has its challenges. But, unfortunately, the newbie entrepreneurs are highly likely to neglect or overlook these challenges, primarily due to a lack of understanding of the business niches they choose to venture into.

However, if you are persistent in eCommerce, expert advice is to learn from others’ mistakes and succeed. Are you aware of the common mistakes eCommerce startups are likely to make?

Top 6 eCommerce Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Overlook

Don’t worry if you don’t, because, in this write-up, I have highlighted the top 6 such mistakes. Read them through and strategize your goals to avoid them while penetrating the real-time global competition.

  1. Lack of proper exposure

The most common eCommerce mistake is that the entrepreneurs believe that the internet is a magical place that will show your product on the target customers’ screens. So, they create their online platform and wait for the customers to pop up.

No doubt, going online means that you open up your business to a global avenue, but unless you tell the world of your existence, you won’t be successful in generating a stable revenue stream. According to the InternetLiveStats, there exist 1,202,012,086 websites right this moment and counting.

You need to give your product the proper exposure among so many websites, or it will turn into global junk comprised of hundreds and thousands of websites, which remain off-the-radar mostly.

Instead, launch your e-store, furnish it with appropriate content, spice it up with proper SEO, build a robust supply chain, do exquisite marketing, and then wait for the revenue to generate. If you do it all right, you will eventually surf on top of the waves.

  1. Site Security

In the virtual world, securing online transactions is one of the major concerns for merchants. While shopping, the consumers prefer not to share their credit card details and other personal info due to online information theft apprehensions. According to the 2014 TRUST WAVE GLOBAL SECURITY REPORT, 35% of the cyber breaches in 2013 impacted the e-retail sector. It includes the 40M payment cards & 70M personal records thievery.

Entrepreneurs need to avoid the common mistake of keeping their sites unguarded by these statistics. Instead, make sure you resort only to trusting IT professionals to manage your online security. Undergo the annual compliance assessments and continual risk monitoring process. Secure your customers, and they will benefit you with good word of mouth and increased sales.

  1. Inadequate site usability & inconvenient navigation

Better site usability means making your website work for your customers. According to some facts shared by Online Marketing Institute, 85% of people abandon a website due to poor design on it; other 62% navigate from the site when they aren’t able to find what they want, and another 83% leave the site in first few minutes when more number of clicks is required for more straightforward jobs.

To be a successful entrepreneur in this continually evolving global village, make sure to build your eCommerce site to provide ease to the customers, not the other way round. The first impression of your site in the customers’ minds helps to build a solid future relationship.

Also, give your website visitors things most of your competitors fail to offer. For example, embed proper search function placed in plain sight to be found by the customers effortlessly. It cuts the time short for prospective customers to find whatever they want on your site. Adding an item-comparison feature on your website can also be an incredible turn-on for your site visitors.

  1. The lengthy and over-complicated checkout process

A common mistake on many eCommerce sites is the lengthy and over-complicated checkout process. The Internet has turned most of us into quite impatient personalities. Now, we demand each thing be done within seconds. Due to the fierce competition that’s become part and parcel of the present-day virtual world, if customers won’t get the upbeat results from your website, they will switch to the other available options without thinking twice.

PCA Predict shares the following information in a report published on their website, according to which:

So, when the customers fill their shopping carts, the rest of the process shouldn’t take much clicks and time. Make the payment process quick and secure, saving your time as well as your customers’. Then, deliver the product/service accordingly and take the customers’ feedback.

  1. Unworthy and invaluable content

When you own an online store, you need to hold your content. Unfortunately, the mistake entrepreneurs make while content development is that they copy the description of their stock products from the manufacturers’ site.

If the customers aren’t getting anything new from your site, then why will they bother coming to you in the first place? Instead, they will buy the products directly from the original stores.

So, to retain them, provide them with new and plausible information. Increase your credibility by developing your content and product reviews. The more you follow ethical conduct, the more credible you will become in the customers’ eyes.

  1. Mobile-friendly sites

Of all things, technological advancement is focused on bridging gaps in every possible manner, and so shall your eCommerce platform. So make it accessible for everyone, whether some approaches through a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Usually, customers prefer checking out e-stores on their mobiles or tablets. A while back, if someone launched their site for a single platform, it might have had succeeded. However, nowadays, mobile technology is more common than laptops or computers.

HubSpot gives some interesting stats on this:

So to make people come to you, have a pleasant experience, and return soon, mobile compatibility has become a must for any website, let alone an eCommerce one.

Final Word

As this global village evolves, so does the eCommerce business. To penetrate through the fierce competition that exists here and make your mark, you need to learn from the mistakes and fallbacks of other companies and build an ideal and successful platform.

Entrepreneurs need to know the common mistakes that could seriously hurt their business interests and develop appropriate strategies to overcome pitfalls.

Don’t follow others around you blindly; instead, pick a thing or a few from all of them to come up with the best eCommerce experience to offer your customers and turn yourself into an industry leader.

What’s your take on this?

I’ve witnessed significant improvement in the performance of eCommerce stores bettering in the areas listed above. What’s your take on all this; what’s worked best for improving your eCommerce store, and what’s harmed you? Feel free to share your experiences, concerns, and observations in the comment section below.  


Khawar Zaman is an eCommerce consultant, having expertise in developing eCommerce solutions, sales, and internet marketing strategies. He is the co-founder of, a WooCommerce and Magento support specialist company, which also specialize in providing dedicated developers to startups

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