Top 5 Takeaways from Global IT Survey

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Top 5 Takeaways from Global IT Survey

Organizations have been compelled to embrace digitization due to the passage of time. IT has undergone significant developments that have transformed operations in various fields. The adoption of digitization and technological advancements have been highly appreciated since they provide a fresh perspective and enable resources to meet user expectations.

IT encompasses various segments beyond software development, such as business analysis, project management, quality, networking, DevOps, and DBA. Global surveys have helped to gauge the progress of IT development, company performance, technological enablement, and other relevant statistics. Here are the top 5 takeaways from a global IT survey:

  1. Security Skills: Security is a top priority for employees in the DevOps segment. However, the challenge lies in hiring the right resources to address security concerns. Approximately 40% of survey respondents found hiring the right resources difficult. Additionally, 10% of employees feel that they have not received adequate training on security in the organization.
  2. Project Management: Project management has become crucial in IT, and investing in resource skills and opportunities has resulted in higher project success rates and less waste of money.
  3. Resourcing: Skilled resources are vital for the success of enterprises. Recently, the trend has been to look for candidates on multiple platforms, such as social media, job fairs, and online professional platforms.
  4. Training: Traditional education and training methods may not be as effective in IT, and organizations should provide on-hand training and short courses to enhance employees’ skills.
  5. Compliance: Compliance has become mandatory, and organizations are investing in IT enterprise compliance. Compliance protects firm reputations from unwanted allegations and significantly impacts IT companies.

In conclusion, the global IT survey provides in-depth information and facts on the current trends and how to adapt to change. IT firms need to synchronize various processes for smooth functioning, and global surveys act as a report card to determine the success or failure of an IT firm. Enterprises can use the findings to maximize positive efforts and minimize trends that may incur losses.

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Top 5 Takeaways from Global IT Survey