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Top 5 Takeaways from Global IT Survey

The passage of time has forced organizations to push themselves on the adoption of digitization. There had been developments in the field of IT that has revamped the operations in the field. All such development and digitization are mainly applauded due to the fact that it brings a fresh perspective to the approach and enables resources to perform as per user expectations.

IT i.e. Information Technology is one of the fields that is the encapsulation of multiple segments. One cannot say that it just means the development of software, coding, testing. It has more horizon than just software development. If elaborated, there are Business Analysts, DBA, DevOps, Networking, Project Management, Quality and many other.

There are many surveys that happen around the world. These global surveys help us to determine what is the progress of development, how are companies doing, what is the reading and statistics of technological enablement and more. Today, we will analyze and go through top 5 takeaways from global IT survey:

Security Skills

In the segment of DevOps, security is the top most priority for employees. Ensuring security is one of the tasks in the IT department. However, the situation bleeds that security is a top challenge. As per the global survey, it was found that – around 40% of survey respondents said that they find it difficult to hire the right resources to take care of security concerns.

Survey also intimidates that 10 percent of employees feel that they are not given adequate training on security in the organization and 76 percent college pass outs said that they haven’t attended any specific security-related training.

In recent time, security breaches have become a common phenomenon and even top tech companies have not been spared. IoT is one of the emerging technologies that are most vulnerable to security. It requires advanced skills from the IoT application development company to efficiently capture the vulnerabilities and act upon it.

This makes the matter worse and prompts a question on where are we on ensuring the security in the IT department? Considering that data or information security is the first point of an important task, this needs to be taken care on an immediate basis.

Project Management

Project management has taken its place in IT recently. While earlier when it was not given much importance, it was quite difficult to manage the entire project considering that a project alone covers many aspects. A project manager today plans and execute the phase of the project in such a way that the delivery is not hampered, and employee’s productivity is enhanced.

The global survey suggests that Investing in resource skills and opportunities led companies to get spectacular results. There are higher project success rates i.e. almost 92% versus 32% and 21 times less wastage of money since there is less poor project performance.


Enterprises or companies rely on good and skilled resources in all departments to achieve what they desire. Resources play a major role in enterprise IT development. If companies lack skilled resources, there is no way it will thrive in the future.

Quite recently, there had been the introduction of trends like searching for resources or candidates over multiple platforms available. It is now trending to look on social media platforms, job fairs, online professional platforms other than job portals alone.

  • 71% reports increasing in the use of various messaging apps to communicate with candidates.
  • There had been an increase in the use of Skype, WhatsApp, and iMessage
  • Despite being a massive platform to look for candidates, social media platforms are considered as a threat too because of security and data breach. 19% of recruitment companies have restricted the use of social media platforms for candidate hunting.

Even candidates need to make efforts to improve their IT skills. They need to be updated with the latest trends including Programming Languages that can help fetch better jobs.


Every IT organization has its own set of educations and training for employees. These trainings are often mandatory and enable employees with organization policies, compliance and regulatory, skills, new trends etc. However, traditional education in classrooms or webinars, training is not much of use since IT is more about learning skills that relate to employee’s work.

Business today is more towards merging software development with security and if organizations can provide on the hand training and short course of topics like cybersecurity, cryptography; it would enhance the skills of employees and they could give it back to companies in no time.

The global survey on traditional learning and training suggests that fact, only about one-quarter of global universities offer a security program. And only 3 percent of respondents got their career relatable training in their respective universities.


Today, every organization is focusing on being compliant. It has become mandatory from the government as well to be compliant and ensure regulation across all the segments of the organization. With the growing influence of compliance at firms, 92 percent of survey respondents find it highly important as it protects firm reputations from unwanted allegations.

Companies have started to make investments in IT enterprise compliance already. Also, companies have started to minimize external vendors for multiple surveillance systems. It has significantly decreased from 24% to 12% thus increasing the impact of compliance on IT companies.


To conclude the entire blog, it’s quite evident that global IT survey brings out in-depth information with facts and proof on what’s happening and how to cater to change. While in IT firm, it’s not all about software development alone but a combination of various processes that need to sync with other processes for smooth functioning in the organization.

With the support of findings from global surveys, enterprises can maximize any positive effort or minimize or eradicate any trend that incurs a loss to the company. It acts as a report card for IT firms which indicates either the success or the failure of an IT firm.

Author –

Rita is the Technology Evangelist at Finoit Technologies, a reliable web application development company operating in USA & India. She explores the possibilities of the Internet of Things and imbibes the extracts into her writings for Finoit, also a prominent IoT application development company.

Top 5 Takeaways from Global IT Survey

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