Top 5 Online Project Management Tools

Whether you are the CEO of an international company or the founder of a startup, you probably know that project management is a task that you’ll always have to encounter.

Having the right resources makes everything easier in the corporate world, from meeting deadlines to gifting software for your client’s birthday.

Top 5 Online Project Management Tools

In this article, you will discover the five best online project management programs to manage your projects smoothly and efficiently.

 1.   Asana

Asana is one of the most practical, nice looking, and intuitive project management tools on the market that you should start using.

You can do so many things such as create lists of tasks, create projects, add comments, or break big tasks into smaller ones to keep everything organized,

Also, you can leave comments on your or colleague’s projects to share feedback and ideas. Managers and supervisors can quickly check the projects on the calendar and see how things are doing.

To sum up, Asana is one of the best and most used project management solutions that will keep things organized. It is a stunning tool that will remind you of everything from urgent meetings or even give premium corporate gifts to your clients.

2.   Trello

Trello is another one of the popular project management tools examples that deserve to be tried to experience the organization that it offers. It has been designed to be easy to use and understand, it is very intuitive, and you won’t need to spend hours to find the feature you’re looking for.

Trello was built with a card design that you can create, open them, add lists inside, comment, and upload files. Also, when a task is created, an email address is assigned to you, giving you the chance to send an email to update your colleagues on changes made.

3.   ClickUp

While ClickUp isn’t the most popular of the project management software, it certainly deserves some attention. It has been designed to look good, organize tasks, and be intuitive to all users.

Each new task has a dedicated page to add comments, files, and update your colleagues. You can also assign tasks, assign comments, and send your coworkers a notification in case they need to be aware of any change.

Moreover, it might be a little harder to learn than other project management solutions, but having an extensive list of features will help at work. Lastly, it has a time tracking system that is very useful, and that is connected to a Chrome plugin to be more aware of the time spent on it.

4.   Wrike

Wrike is a flexible project management tool and collaboration platform. First of all, it is straightforward to use, and finding things around is relatively simple. It has a tidy and clean design to help you understand what tasks you need to complete and where to find assigned comments.

With Wrike, you will be able to track new tasks, changes, and updates of all your projects in one single place. You can connect it with Google Drive, making it easy to collaborate with colleagues and exchange files.

Last but not least, it is a more premium product that comes at a higher price tag. The tool is worth your money, and that’s the reason why we recommend it as one of the project management tools and resources to use.

5.   Basecamp

If you’re looking for some project management tools and resources that are for beginners and easy to use, Basecamp is the one for you.

In essence, instead of receiving and replying to hundreds of email chains to get updated, you can simply open a centralized message and comment on it. This concept might recall Facebook or Twitter, where people comment on their status.

Basecamp has a feature where managers and supervisors can create tasks and assign them to employees. Lastly, it also has a real-time messaging system to communicate with coworkers efficiently.

Top 5 Online Project Management Tools

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