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Confronting issues with fake and spam accounts of customers on your online e-commerce stores? You might know that spam, unauthorized or fake customer accounts can affect your website ranking and the online brand image. It may also affect your website performance and overload your database server. So let’s prevent such unauthorized accounts and ensure that your site is secured with these Top 5 best Magento 2 Customer Approval Extensions

Integrate the Magento 2 Customer Approval extension to prevent fake and spam registration or log in to your online store. Magento 2 Customer Approval Module allows the admin to approve/disapprove the customer’s new account registration manually or automatically. Admin can easily manage and control all the new registration requests of customer accounts. On disapproval, the admin can redirect the customers to the website pages which are not needed to log in. 

In addition to this, the admin can also notify the customers about the account registration approval or rejection via email. This way, Magento 2 Customer Approval helps admin prevent their online eCommerce store from fake and spam registrations and allow genuine and potential customers to access a website. 

Why Do You Need  Magento 2 Customer Approval?

Are you facing the issues listed below for your online eCommerce website?

  • Uncontrollable New Registrations
  • Junk and Fake Accounts
  • Bad Access
  • Internal Security Risk

For all the problems listed above, Customer Approval for Magento 2 is a savior.

Pre Verify New Registrations on the Online eCommerce Store: Admin can control and manage all the new registrations and new visitors that might have been impossible to manage before. It might be necessary to secure the website from fake accounts from the time of registration only. However, using Customer Approval Extension for Magento 2, the admin can verify the new customers and only approve these accounts. After that, only they can log in to the website. All this is to be done for website security purposes only.

Helps to Reduce Fake and Junk Accounts: Using default Magento 2 might not verify fake and junk accounts, leading to a risk of bad and fake account access. But using this extension for your website can help restrict such spam accounts and prevent your website from such risks, which directly helps to enhance higher marketing results.

Boost Website Credibility: We all know that one of the key factors of success is to create credibility for an online website. This extension helps to gain customer’s trust with its professionality and the high security it provides.

Benefits of using Magento 2 Customer Approval on your Magento 2 Store

  • Prevent website from fake and unauthorized customer account registrations
  • Boost website’s credibility
  • Provide high security for your eCommerce store
  • Save effort & time for the store owners who deal with a long list of fake accounts

Top 5 Best Magento 2 Customer Approval Extension Providers

1. MageAnts

MageAnts Customer Approval Magento 2 allows the admin to approve or reject the customer account registrations to prevent the website from fake and spam accounts. Admin can also notify the customers about approval or rejection through emails. This way, the store owner can control the customer’s account’s activation process and ensure the customers’ genuinity.

Key Features

  • Admin can approve or reject the customer registration automatically or manually
  • Redirect customers to targeted pages on rejection and display an appropriate message
  • Support mass action to reject or approve the customer registration

2. MageComp

MageComp Customer Approval Extension for Magento 2 allows the store admin to approve the customer accounts manually. Admin can easily control all the registrations of the frontend. Customers will not be allowed to login into the website until the admin approves the customer’s account from the backend admin panel. Automatically email notifications will be sent to both the admin and the Customer.

Key Features

  • Store Admin can easily approve one or more accounts registrations at the same time.
  • Option to set the email template and the email sender if needed.
  • Customers will not be able to log in until their accounts get approved.

3. MagentiCity

Get full control of all the users’ accounts of your website using Customer Approval Extension by Magenticity. Approve or reject multiple customer accounts at once and use the custom email templates to notify customers and admin about the approval or rejection of the account.

Key Features

  • Option to have custom email templates and also set customized messages
  • Admin can set and display error messages or warning alerts on the customer’s screen.
  • Approve/Reject multiple accounts at once and automatically send an email notification to admin & customer both.

4. Solwin Infotech

Magento 2 Customer Approval Extension allows merchants to verify their accounts and approve/reject them as required. This process can be performed manually and automatically so that the standard registration process doesn’t get affected. This way, they can prevent their store from unauthorized and fake accounts. In addition, the admin can send emails to customers and redirect the customers to any other targeted link on rejection on approval or rejection.

Key Features

  • Pre verification can be done on every new registration to the website
  • Option to configure the custom error message for the rejected customers with or without redirecting them to any other link or page
  • Option to set a custom email template and a customer approval email.

5. Mage Array

MageArray Customer Approval Extension helps store owners manually approve the customer’s account after checking by themselves and only allows them to log in to the website. So the admin can approve or reject the registrations and notify the customers via emails. In addition to this, only approved customers can log in to the store website and create orders. This extension expands the customer’s registration process by updating the new customer’s status as “Pending.”

Key Features

  • Approve/Reject registration in bulk from back end admin panel
  • Restrict Login until accounts get approved
  • Receive email notification on approval or rejection 


So, here we’re summing up the list of the Top 5 best Magento 2 Customer Approval extensions. Go through all these extensions in detail and choose the best suitable one for your business and store. In case of any other Magento 2 extensions requirement for your store.

Top 5 Magento 2 Customer Approval Extension Providers

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