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Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Strategies

The web with its crazy outreach has changed the way we do business. The millennials are bestowed with prodigious opportunities that no other generation had, opportunities that have great business values. Great opportunities lead way to sundry marketing channels, and a good measure of those online channels are remarkably intimidating when comes to forging customer relationship. It helps brands to a position among their audience, reflect their intangible values, shimmer and outshine the competitors, etc.

Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Integrated technologies gave birth to innovative eCommerce platforms, where an entrepreneur could own an enticing online store with a single click. The challenge is followed when multiple people started to create online stores causing a disruption in the market. High competition to become the market leader forced a majority of the online entrepreneurs to implement disruptive ideas to stay ahead of their counterparts. In this article, we will discuss few productive marketing strategies to increase your online visibility and get better conversion.

#1 Value driven content to address target customer’s pain points

For ages, content has been used as the primary means to position a brand among the target audience. For example, the tagline “Pursuit of Perfection by Lexus” in its days promised its customers that the engineering teams, as well as the entity itself, is a rigorous attempt to provide the best quality service available. Innovation doesn’t have a destination, rather an increment approach to add value to the end user all along their journey. The promise and willingness of the brand to scale and evolve with the changing market demands, and coalesce latest technologies to provide a safe journey have attracted diverse markets around the globe.

The Internet has become a crowded space. The plethora of solutions often times overwhelms the consumer, persuading them to make decisions in micro moments. So the question that baffles digital entrepreneurs is, How to get the customers attention? How to convince a lead to proceed down the funnel? How my value proposition will add benefit to the end user? etc. The answer is simple, Know your customer, pen down their pain points, create a simple but enticing article that can add a solution to their day to day struggle.

Having a blog section on the website, and consistently publishing high-quality articles will help position an entity as an expert in their niche domain. Let’s consider that you run an airline. Creating an article on the topic “Your Luggage – Safe in Our Hands”, will help address an entire segment of populous that have their concern with airline cargo handling. Drafting, why customers should consider your airlines service over others will help bring new customers.

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Create engaging content, Eg: An online calculator to arrive at an exact price for any additional cargo weight, will help the customers make informed decisions prior to their journey. Give people an opportunity to reflect their concerns in the comment section, respond back to those comments regularly, and improvise your article in a way that it covers most of their concerns. A value driven content marketing strategy helps build strong authority in the niche market. Always remember the quality of information you provide help make informed decisions, that’s why 30% of B2C marketers believe that the content marketing plays an important role in their business goals (CMI benchmark report).

#2 Create a personalized email campaign

Email marketing promises you the best possible ROI. Statistics published on Campaign Monitor says that for every $1 spent the Return on Investment skyrockets to $48. Emails, when strategically used for drip campaigns, help improve online sales. Emails are widely used for lead nurturing, educating, and inspiring leads to transgress from the title of a cold lead to that of a loyal customer.

Since emails possess great opportunities it also accompanies colossal challenges. Why colossal? The tempting ROI is to be blamed, most entities around the world start to spam every email they could find, even they started to source cluster of emails from third party sources to do the same. The result, Pissed off customers. Nobody is interested to see a regular email in their inbox. A regular email clearly mirrors the idea that, This email is not for me, This email is for 1000’s of me.

Think from the receivers shoes, no one appreciates a general email. It annoys the receiver, forcing them to tag you as a spammer or unsubscribe. The best solution is to hyper personalize your email. The subject line should clearly state what benefit he will be getting if he opens the email. Analyse the customer buying behavior, understand their interests, learn their previous actions and then plan your email campaigns accordingly. For eg: If the customer has abandoned a cart, then in your email you can offer them an opportunity to invigorate their interest by providing discount coupons, implementing cross selling and upselling strategies, etc.

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#3 Contextual marketing – Be an opportunist

Contextual marketing considers the relevance of positioning an entity among target customers. In most cases, it considers the customer’s past behavior before displaying the ads. This technique is widely used in a paid advertisement. Based on the buyer’s previous search, the mathematical algorithm will create a probabilistic metric and then will try to retarget the customer with similar products. The goal of behavioral targeting (contextual marketing) is to provide multiple touch points to interact and convert.

Oreo is one typical example for successfully implementing the contextual marketing strategy to their benefit. The tweet “you can still dunk in the dark” during a lighting problem at Super Bowl XLVII help the brand to get cracking attention.

#4 Video marketing – Sell a story, not a product

The video is an enticing content platform when comes to delivering complex messages in a compelling and constructive way. Stats published on Wyzowl states that 72% of the companies that used video for their marketing channel were able to increase their conversion to a significant amount. The channels unique capability to deliver messages with a blend of emotional touch help relate a business with customers regular lives, creating a familiarity, which dramatically plays a profound role in creating trust and increasing conversion.

A good video focused around a purpose will lure even the laziest. The objective should be to create a story, rather do a hardcore sell. As a child itself we are more inclined to stories and no sooner it’s going to change. People see hundreds of products, only a few carries exceptional stories. Be among the brilliant ones.

Create short and right to keynote videos. With time being scanty, a short video is much preferred across all macro/ micro sharing sites. The thumbnail of the video needs to be such that it created a sense of curiosity among the users. The content should enlighten the end user, and not emulate the competitor.

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#5 Social media for socializing and branding

Stats published on WordStream says that around 22% of the total populous is having a Facebook account. With a majority of people interacting on social media on a day to day basis, this platform offers a perfect opportunity for branding and social selling. Consistency plays an important role in social media, all the social accounts on the web should reflect the same message. A difference in visual graphics across social accounts can create confusion among people.

Social media is not just a broadcast media, It is a channel that needs to be used wisely to interact with people. Offering solutions and answering queries can increase trust among the users. Create a deeper impact on this channel, so that people will recognize your brand voice. The American based company Under Armour was successful in creating their own brand voice across social platforms. The continuous use of hashtag #IWILL has gained its significance among the online dwellers.

Parting notes: It takes rigorous effort and sleepless nights to build a creative online store. Success can be deduced to a smear measure of hard work and persistence. The above eCommerce marketing strategies can help you give the initial boost but a wise entrepreneur will always try to find his own rhythm. Strategies are just guidelines, It’s your dedication to building something new that adds value to the society will determine your success.

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Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Strategies

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