Top 5 Digital Strategies To Improve Your Automotive Business

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Though 95 percent of car sales happen at the dealership, search engines are the first place people go when starting their journey as a customer. Thus, there is no denying that online marketing is the key to bring new customers to your automotive business.

Is your automotive business easy to find online by potential customers? Are you present and active on social media? How many customers do you get who come to you because of your online ads or social media presence? Digital marketing is the way to get an affirmative answer to all these questions.

So, let’s help you out with a few strategies.

1. Start Building Trust With Your Customer Reviews

The modern customer would not simply go ahead and avail your services without prior research on what you have to offer. They might be looking for assistance to fit a discovery two roof rack or repairing their car’s body. Irrespective of the type of service needed, they would probably spend weeks researching and even calling their friends in the area to know more about your services. And one of the things that they would trust is the customer reviews about your services.

So, the point is that customer reviews are the most effective marketing strategy out there. Having an automotive business means you will have to make sure you earn good reviews, and these are all over the internet.

It would help if these reviews showed up on social networks, Google, Yelp, and your website. You can take these things a step further by including customer videos and success stories in your website, newsletter, and social media.

2. Aim to Be At the Top of the Search Engine Result Pages

Seventy percent of the consumers who research cars turn to the search engines first. Consider Google as your first line of defense in digitally attracting your customers, and the most clicks get earned by the first couple of listings. So, how would you get on top of Google’s result pages? Here’s how!

  • Make sure your Google Ads account remains structured adequately, with at least twenty keywords in each ad group.
  • Have the keywords closely related to the ad text and have three ads for each keyword list.
  • Google loves ad extensions, and they get you more prospects of lead interactions.
  • Use negative keywords for blocking out unrelated searches.

Allocate the budget properly between your campaigns by considering your highest sellers and your target audience’s possible search terms.

Top 5 Digital Strategies To Improve Your Automotive Business

Top 5 Digital Strategies To Improve Your Automotive Business

3. Put the Right Social Media Channels to Work

Social media offers an easy and effective way to market your automotive business, but there is more to such work than what you might think. First, it would help if you had a robust digital strategy for social media, the same as your other marketing efforts. It is not about randomly posting photos on every social media platform.

Take a closer look at specific channels you are receiving the most interaction from and decide where to focus your efforts. For example, maybe your competitors are using LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but that does not mean you will have to use all of those.

Businesses within the same vertical also have different needs, so you need to decide what works the best for you. For example, if your business is concerning car body repairs, you can try Instagram and Facebook because those “before and after” photos work the best on these platforms.

4. Find Ways to Stand Out From Your Competition

Everyone has that one guy they go to for all their car troubles, be it about fixing their car or getting a used one for their son. So, what would make them choose you over their trusted guy?

You will have to apply the right digital marketing strategies to stand out and seem like a more appealing and trustworthy option for your potential customers.

You need to have a locally optimized and mobile-friendly website, social media, engaging content, and a catchy CTA (call to action) to make your business look more attractive than that guy your customer usually goes to. Drawing people to your store or workshop would not be too difficult if you could make your business stand out in the digital space.

5. Leverage the Benefits of Paid Advertisements

It might be pretty intimidating at first, but paid advertisements bring many benefits for an automotive business. For example, you might be looking for more leads or expanding your brand awareness about your business. There are several ad channels and types that you can use to reach these goals.

Paid advertisements let you reach your target customers at the right time. You also have to retarget or target by location options to keep you in your customers’ minds. Nowadays, it would be ideal to have a different strategy for paid advertisements to reach your customers.

Digital strategies for your automotive business are not too complicated or confusing. You can start with the five tips given here, and along the way, you will pick up more ideas on what works for your business in the digital space. Also, remember to keep an eye on the online trends for your business.

Top 5 Digital Strategies To Improve Your Automotive Business

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