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Top 5 Customer Review Websites

5 Best Customer Review Websites You Should Register Your Online Business

In this era of World Wide Web, we tend to check everything online before buying it. Whether it is some hobby item we purchase online or a restaurant we want to dine. In all decency, we want to learn from other people experience and make our final decisions only after knowing if that particular thing or restaurant is worth our time and money. Reviews play an important part in helping a business flourish or fade away into the losses. They have become a way to judge anything and people do trust ratings and good reviews.

Not only businesses, there are other entities that are rated on customer reviews websites. And why not? Will you ever trust a doctor without knowing how he is rated by his patients? Will you ever book a hotel room if the ratings are low? Will you buy that particular apparel if the material reviews are not satisfactory? Will you be watching any movie if the reviews on IMDB or any other review websites are negative? This debate can go on all night, so we recommend you to always check the reviews and ratings of all the items, movies, doctors, hotels, foods and every other thing before spending your hard-earned money.

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What is a Customer Review Website?

A Customer Review website is a platform that offers you to rate a product, business, or any other entity. This helps others to decide and learn from your personal experience. For example, you run an online travel agency in London and offers your users flight comparisons to a different destination. If multiple customers buy flights to Copenhagen or any other city, you can ask them to provide their reviews and feedback about how their trip was. If it is a good one, then reviews will be good and if it is not a good one, well use your wild imaginations.

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There are a lot of online platforms that offer customer reviews. Although review websites can work on a single niche, there are also platforms that cover multiple niches and businesses.

Top 5 Customer Review Websites

Importance of customer review websites

Customer reviews are a backbone of any business. Not only they provide a valuable feedback about your product, they also help you to work with your clients and satisfy them. Apart from good reviews that are always beneficial in getting more traffic and customers, bad and average reviews also provide a unique opportunity to a business to address the issues and influence the customers. When a customer is given individual treatment, not only they will return to purchase from you, they will also recommend your platform to others which will enhance your sales and revenue.


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5 Best Customer Review Websites

With all that stated, following are 5 best customer review websites that you should consider registering your online business. Whatever your nature of the business is, these platforms will always provide a chance to enhance your influence on current and potential customers.


Google is known as the world’s leading search engine platform. But it offers other features to its users that are part of their ventures. These features include providing maps, social media platform, e-booking, site rating and much more. One thing about Google is its reliability. Website reviews and ratings are visible everywhere on the search engine and you won’t even need to search for them separately. Google provides these online reviews and ratings of businesses to enhance their users’ experience UX.

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Yelp is based in San Francisco. It has collected more than a hundred million user-based reviews of business with different niche and nature. Users visit Yelp when they want to spend their money to make purchases online. It has become a common practice for every user to visit Yelp first before making any decision about making a purchase.

Business owners can also benefit greatly by responding to all the reviews. To register your business on Yelp and seek reviews from your customers.

Trip Adviser

Trip Adviser is one of the biggest travel websites. It offers you booking packages and traveling plans all across the globe. It is also a platform to rate any traveling plan, city, package, company, hotel, attraction and accommodation; to help others in planning their trips. It generates over 350 million visits each month and has collected over 350 million customer reviews. Be sure to visit Trip Adviser when making any traveling plan.


Just like those good old yellow pages, these new digital form of their old self-provides a great way to review or rate a business, health and wellness, automotive, restaurant and any other business of any nature. YP has more than 70 million users and they offer information about every registered business on their platform.


Trustpilot was founded in Denmark. It is an online review community which offers transparent and honest reviews of customers. With hot information about registered companies, it is a must visit platform for all the users to consult the rating before making any purchase.

Top 5 Customer Review Websites

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