Top 5 Converting Sales Funnels Explained
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Top 5 Converting Sales Funnels Explained

Remember that special someone you all of a sudden started noticing once you were a teenager? (hey, don’t blush!).

Not long ago they might’ve been that annoying person from your classroom who you wanted to ignore or couldn’t stand. 

But then, something happened—you don’t know what it had been or what caused it but something inside you changed. Suddenly that person you wont to ignore (or poke with a pencil) became someone you merely couldn’t get out of your mind.

“How did I become conscious of their presence?”—you started wondering.

What I’m accessing here is that relationships happen piecemeal, and overtime—and a sales funnel is sort of a relationship-building machine for selling or generating leads on a huge scale. 

To define it (so many gurus get this wrong and claim “everything” may be a funnel—it’s not): a sales funnel may be a series of steps designed to guide visitors toward a buying decision. 

And during this process, AIDA formula which is awareness, interest, decision, and action are the high-level stages of prospective customers and clients move through and that they move through your funnel. 

You see, with a web sales funnel, it’s all about engaging visitors and getting them to click or opt into your free offers. you only got to find out how… 

How to create a marketing funnel that converts

And/or the way to improve what you’ve got immediately 

That’s why today, I’m sharing with you 5 samples of the simplest, highest-converting funnels on the online immediately. 

I’m confident they’re going to teach you ways to convert more (or even more counting on your stage of business) customers and clients.


Netflix Sales Funnel
Netflix is that the most used paid subscriber video streaming service that permits its members to observe a good sort of award-winning movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more on many internet-connected devices. 

According to Statista research, it shows that in July 2018, Netflix had 72.9 million monthly users. 

Their site is extremely simple too. There’s not tons of confusing copy and you recognize exactly what you’re getting. they modify their background image supported what movies and shows are being promoted. 

They also offer a risk reversal where you’ll cancel any time and not be locked into a contract. 

Steps within the Sales Funnel

  • Homepage: their homepage is very clear with explains their risk-free trial with a progress bar/timeline design. They state that there’s no commitment with the free trial and you’ll cancel anytime. They emphasize the danger reversal because Netflix may be a recurring charge.
  • Pricing Page: you’ll scroll right down to the FAQ section and find the pricing info. By default, Netflix selects the Premium plan for you (which may be a very smart move). you’ll downgrade if you would like though.

Why The Sales Funnel Works

You have multiple payment options: gift card, MasterCard, and PayPal. All major credit cards are accepted. you’ll also return and edit the knowledge so you’re not locked in. There’s a stress on security which is great because people are naturally risk-averse.

Netflix is straightforward. It’s very focused on the top consumer. and that they answer consumer questions cleanly and clearly with the smallest amount of text needed.

What Makes It Unique

Netflix can believe the facility of its brand. Everyone knows Netflix.

You can also contact them by phone. Not tons of web-based companies share their telephone number. This just builds trust even further.


HelpScout Sales Funnel

Help Scout offer to observe a demo video. The designs and animations feel emotional. 

The site has good; it’s easy to read. Nothing is interfering with the copy. There’s no messy background. There is a transparent CTA and much of social proof. it’s going to be below the fold, but it’s still high enough that it’s easy to ascertain.

Let’s dive right in to assist Scout’s sales funnel.

Steps within the Sales Funnel

Traffic: blog or resources page.

Homepage: Help Scout’s homepage is clean, visually attractive, and has great change if colors. There’s much social proof and a transparent CTA.

Pricing Page: There are three pricing plans in their pricing page: company, standard and a CTA to start the free trial.

Why The Sales Funnel Works

Overall, Help Scout features a beautiful design. Their message and services seem pretty clear. They’re doing all the proper stuff to deal with the fundamentals.

Their blog is great. they need some fantastic resources with nice graphics. they need tons of high-quality content overall. It’s super original with a clean layout. you’ll easily learn more about the team. They even have a robust lead magnet with a CTA to download their carpenter’s kit. 

Help Scout once just offered helpdesk services. Today, they’ve expanded their offerings to incorporate a search component and a knowledge library.


CrazyEgg Sales Funel

CrazyEgg’s sales funnel is large. they need an excellent blog with high-quality content. Their sales funnel starts at their blog. this suggests most of their traffic is coming from inbound sources like Google.

They have a transparent call to action (CTA) at the rock bottom of their blog posts to drive customers into their email list.

Steps within the Sales Funnel

Traffic: from referrals, organic, blog, and ads. They display a pop-up at rock bottom of their blog posts and homepage for a free 30-day trial. If you check-in for the free trial, you’ll be redirected to the pricing page. And if you check-in for his or her email list, you’ll remain on the Crazy Egg’s blog page afterward, keeping you engaging with even more content.

They also link on to their homepage (except the pricing page) at the highest of each page.

Homepage: they require you to feature your website URL.

Pricing: when visiting the pricing page, all packages are displayed and therefore the 30-day free trial plan too.

Checkout form: The pricing page features a similar aesthetic to the remainder of the location.

The checkout page has a light copy stressing social proof. The language is straightforward, with no jargon.

After you decide on your pricing plan, the ultimate step is to feature billing information. Crazy Egg assures you on the checkout page that you simply won’t be charged within the primary 30 days due to their free trial.

Why It Works And What Makes It Unique

According to Neil Patel who is the one if the most popular digital marketer and owner of crazyegg, Crazy Egg has consistently doubled its conversions and revenue year over year.

The focus of the funnel’s design is on simplicity. There’s not tons of copy. Instead, there’s attention to strong visuals.

In the past, their landing pages’ design was much heavier on the copy and in explaining the advantages of the service.

Instead of bombarding the customer with information, Crazy Egg keeps the data light. However, the copy is obvious so customers know what they’re getting before they submit their email address.


Groupon remains an enormous company reaching many consumers monthly.

They have a transparent and prominent email opt-in pop-up on their site. This pop-up displays on their homepage to visitors on their first visit.

Groupon sales funnel
This pop-up is a component of the strategy they need to have been using for a short time. it’s successfully been growing their audience since they need to have continued to use it over the years. Let’s examine the remainder of their sales funnel to ascertain how it works.

Steps within the Sales Funnel

Traffic: from ads, direct, referrals, affiliates, email lists, and more.

Homepage: the pop-up on the homepage incentivizes visitors to offer their email address. They get to save lots of up to 70% on restaurants, spas, things, and other deals only for signing up. From there, visitors can browse and buy services.

Why The Sales Funnel Works

When you find a deal you wish on Groupon, there’s a transparent CTA to urge you to click. you are doing got to check-in through email, though.

Groupon’s follow-up offers are then tailored to its customers to urge them to use the service again. they provide are slightly more tailored toward women because they create up a majority of its customer base.

What Makes It Unique

There are not any free trials. Customers either want in or they don’t.

Groupon’s business model and sales funnel are, in a way, best thought of as an enormous email list that happens to possess an internet site attached thereto.


Basecamp Sales Funnel

Basecamp helps you manage all of your company’s projects, work, and communications in one place. They continually test new designs. The copy focuses tons on problems they will solve. 

Basecamp also feels very personal. They emphasize social proof and that they present it uniquely.

Steps within the Sales Funnel

Traffic: blog, PR, organic search.

Homepage: additionally to the social proof, they show their product “in action.” A face on their logo makes an emotional tie-in.

30-day free trial sign-up: Basecamp is liberal to try. For visitors’ peace of mind you don’t need to fill in your Mastercard information initially once you check-in. They keep their pricing information super simple and clear easy to read.

Why It Works

Its “new” design emphasizes testimonials. They’re promoting how it’s liberal to check-in, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love free stuff?

What Makes It Unique

Every company wants to unravel problems for his or her customers. They speak to customers on a natural, real level.

Where It Might be Better

I think that adding pictures of real people’s stories might make the user experience even more personal. People love seeing faces, especially in testimonials. In fact, according to research found that consistent with one case analyzed within the Proven Sales Conversion Pack, adding real images to your website can improve subscription rates by 34.7%.


There you’ve it. the straightforward steps to accumulate more leads and increase sales using a sales funnel.

Throughout this page, I’ve shown you the simplest practices, the components of an efficient sales funnel, and several other sales funnel examples that you simply can learn from.

Don’t forget that you simply may have to refine the varied stages/steps in your funnel, to align together with your audience and offers. You’ve absolute control. Always remember that.

Top 5 Converting Sales Funnels Explained

Putting the Pieces Together – Build, Grow, Convert

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