Top 5 Best AI-Based Summary Generators

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In a list of hundreds, it is somehow difficult to find a suitable summary generator, but we will surely do this for you.

We have often mentioned that tools are essential to save your time and energy, but finding the best one is difficult.

The second essential thing is that you need to go for AI-based tools whenever you pick a tool related to writing.

What is a summary generator?

A summary is a short story of lengthy content, and it is quite clear from the name that a summary generator helps us generate a summary of our content.

Students mostly use this tool to write their assignments and reports, but there is no limitation or specified group of people.

We have mostly two types of tools; one is simple, and the second is AI-based so, we prefer you to go for ai-based tools.

The reason for preferring ai is that these types of tools will never disturb the sense of your content, and that’s something significant.


We can say that this tool is specifically designed for the ease of students, and we have seen a majority of students using this tool.

And the most impressive thing is that manufacturers used the latest Ai technology to maintain the accuracy and efficiency of the content.

When you have AI technology in a tool, the sense of the content remains the same after summarizing or even paraphrasing the content so, it is essential.

The interface of summarizing tool is very simple and easy to understand, so; anyone can use this tool either they are a technical user or not.

The second thing that can attract the users is they are providing unlimited text summarization free of cost that can be a good option for students.


We need to highlight the important sentences or words for summarizing content, but many unauthentic tools sometimes compromise it.

But not in this case! We have one of the best summarizing tools, which highlights the important lines first and then starts summarizing the content.

In this way, the content will stay meaningful and keep the idea the same as mentioned in the whole content so, you can pick this.

We also have many additional features, like you can select the length of your summary by yourself, and we can say that it is rare.

And the most attractive thing about this tool is that it can show bullets, highlight the important lines, and is free.


If you prefer to select the easiest tool, you can surely go for it because it is very user-friendly and easy to use.

As we mentioned above, these tools are specifically created for the help of students, so they must be easy to understand and easy to use as well.

As soon as you reach this tool, you can see two boxes; one is for input, and the second is to show the results.

You can easily paste the copied content in the input field, and you are all set to get your desired results; you can also set the text density in your content.

4.      QuillBot

It is one of the suitable tools in which we have two options either you can use bullets or go for simple paragraphs.

The good thing about this tool is selecting the number of bullets you need to show in your content.

We have both free and paid versions available in this tool, but a free version is enough for most people and according to their needs.

5.      Text summarization API

This is the simplest tool in our list because the interface is straightforward, and anyone can use this tool without having any difficulty.

This tool is designed to reduce the whole content by 20 percent, which is the best figure for summarizing your content.

We have no option to increase or decrease the summary’s length, so manually, you must compromise on it.

Bottom line

Using tools is perfectly fine, and sometimes it is a requirement by the institute to use these tools and make your words more meaningful.

As we mentioned above, these types of tools are used mainly by the students, so they are created in a way that can be helpful for them.

We have discussed the five suitable summary generators; you can check and go for any of them because they are free.

Top 5 Best AI-Based Summary Generators

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