Top 5 Automotive Digital Marketing Strategies in 2021

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Here are some of the digital marketing tricks that you should know before starting right away!

The automotive sector is going under remarkable transformation, and there seems to be no option but to adapt to the changes. The automotive industry started to revolutionize with continuous progress and focus. Research conducted that about 78.6 million units by the automotive industry are produced every year. Public expectations are exceeding rapidly with the evolution in the automotive industry. Here are the 5 topmost digital marketing trends roaring high this year.

1- Mobile optimization

Have you ever imagined a day without your mobile?

Mobile devices now also have made the automotive industry bend to bend the knee. Mobile devices have changed the way car users search and shop. A recent study revealed that almost 51% of car users search for their favorite vehicles via their mobile. Keeping that in mind, the automotive industry has to spend a huge sum on mobile-optimized ads alone. A study highlighted that the U.S automotive industry had invested almost $3.4 billion on such mobile ads, which are about 47% of all investments in a digital agency.

Yeah, you heard it right!

Digital marketing’s 47% is the automotive industry.

A growing number of customers in this multi-channel, multi-device world already rely on mobile from the first step of researching which car to buy to the final steps of getting the vehicle on your name. If your website looks good on the web version and has no mobile-friendly version, you already have lost most potential clients. The main reason is that a mobile-friendly interface has never been more important to people till now.


2- Make Your Website Google Friendly

Authentic and valuable content prevents the buyers from leaving your web page. Rather the authenticity inspires them to bookmark it to come back later for more!

What must be kept in mind that any dealership’s online appearance is as valid as his face-to-face appearance? How a dealer connects with the customers, face to face, even when online, plays a significant factor in connecting with the buyers early in their purchasing journey. To meet customer’s online expectations,

  • Provide convenience
  • Allow them to research at their own pace.
  • Be as transparent as possible you can be.
  • Availability of Vehicle details
  • Attractive and high-end images of the vehicle

Companies nowadays are not focusing on price competition anymore; they are more focused on competing in providing customers with extreme convenience. A study concluded that 54% are willing to buy a vehicle from a dealership with the highest price as long as that dealership is offering the best customer service. The same is the case with the website; if the website isn’t providing any convenience to the clients, they are already gone. You can check this leading Range Rover Workshop in Abu Dhabi and analyze how they have fixed everything to make the web structure friendly, easy for customers, and that’s why making people feel comfortable. Convenience builds reputation; reputation builds character, brings in customers, and brings in sales.

3- B2B marketing

This type of business strategy is crucially important for the automotive industry.

Ever heard of Chevrolet or any other vehicle manufacturer producing radios as well?

Just think of dozens of components, visible and invisible, that are inside every car. The carmakers do not manufacture these parts; other specialized companies supply most components from around the world. Such collaborations result in attracting customers to either of the products, cars, or components.

But what is a B2B environment?

For starters, the elimination of paper products and the efficiency gained by relying on companies specializing in digitalization and dematerialization provide a perfect B2B environment. Another thing to ponder is that this marketing strategy was regarded as a rigid and standardized marketing strategy until recently. Because this strategy nowadays has been replaced by data-driven marketing dynamics and digital tools.

4- Use of Social Apps

Messages are way more effective than emails when it comes to digital marketing. One of the main reasons is its usage. Talking about the social Apps, WhatsApp is the world’s leading messaging app which connects around 1.6 billion users socially; Facebook messenger comes in second with about 1.3 billion users and 294 million users on Snapchat placing it on third. The automotive industry should consider communicating with their targeted audience through social messaging apps by keeping GDPR compliance in mind.

But the question that pops up in mind is how these social messaging Apps can be an efficient way to improve sales online?

There was a time when clients used to ask around for any information they could get on the car they were thinking of getting. Still, now these apps have eased up the way that connects millions and billions of people worldwide, which makes the customer heavily rely on their social apps research to make the right decision and enables service and sales teams to cultivate improved relationships with them their customers.

5- Get Feedback from Satisfied Customers

A systematic approach to asking your happy customers for reviews before their departure builds your dealership’s reputation online. Customers can take leave without giving you your hard-earned reviews, but social proof is far too crucial to be left at the chance. Reviews are given as much importance as personal recommendations, and three out of four customers consider this consideration their final decision.

What can reviews do?

Online reviews influence shoppers more than a salesman or advertising ever can. A few pinned enthusiastic and inspiring reviews can help you attract a steady stream of leads because establishing trust is the most important part of sales. Reviews play a vital role as a trust link between the dealership and the client. What can even enhance your images is by monitoring the online reviews and responding to the negative comments responsibly and quickly. Because a complaint, when taken care of by the crew, can turn into a positive review online as it would show how your firm went the extra mile just for the client’s satisfaction.

Top 5 Automotive Digital Marketing Strategies in 2021

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