Top 5 Amazing Magento 2 Extensions That Will Boost Your e-store Sales

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Top 5 Amazing Magento 2 Extensions That Will Boost Your e-store Sales

Every business is unique in its way. Therefore, everyone has their requirements. For this very reason, open-source solutions are considered a blessing in the web world. The most popular among them is Magento and its revamped version Magento 2. However, even though they offer a larger variety of built-in features might not be sufficient to cater to the specific needs of the e-store.

One such requirement is to boost the sales of the e-store specifically. For this very purpose, Magento and Magento 2 offer a lot of extensions that can easily integrate to suffice the e-store’s requirement. With that in mind, here are the top 5 Magento 2 extensions that you ought to have to boost your e-store sales:

One-step checkout

Today no one has the time to sit around and go through various steps to checkout. One needs to clearly understand the fact that the customers’ time is immensely precious. So, in that case, less is definitely more. Therefore, instead of opting for Magento’s lengthy default checkout process, one step checkout extension can be used to simplify the process to a single step checkout.

Doing so will automatically improve the shopping experience for the customers. This, however, will eventually result in higher traffic rates, less abandoned carts, more sales with an increase in the brand value. So, say no to the complicated checkouts!

Slider revolution

It is a natural human tendency to be curious about the things that lie right in front of the eyes even if a person does not want it. This particular extension, slider revolution, tries to use this very fundamental human nature. When an eye-catching slider or a big banner is positioned on a homepage or any other page showing off the best things on the website, the visitors are certainly going to pay attention to it and ultimately be impressed.

Therefore, it will be wise for the e-store to show the good things, including the best new products, arrivals, best collections, sales campaign, etc., right on the slider or the banner. Thus, this extension plays a vital role for the Magento stores.

Advanced reports

To build the ultimate e-commerce store, one needs to have the perfect sales and stock strategy. To achieve that target, detailed information about how the store performs is initially required. One way to generate the required reports is with the help of Magento itself. But, most of the entrepreneurs find it difficult. Therefore, t simple extension called advanced reports can be used instead. to ease the process

This extension basically uses the data from the Magento reports itself and then generates the sales report in Google analytic style with a colorful and graphical format. Thus using this extension, one can quickly check the current and the past reports of the products, customers, orders as it provides the option to search data using “from and to” periods.

Improved layer navigation

Another critical aspect of a website is its ability to let its customers navigate through it without letting them become lost. If they do, you will undoubtedly lose those potential customers. It all happens because customers find it hard to navigate through an interface most of the time. After all, it’s not known much. Therefore, dealing with its improved layer navigation can help the customers search the store in an organized and efficient way.

This extension, in particular, makes the use of filters and multi-select filter options which ensure to give an up to date functionality to the store. Hence ensuring that the navigation and filters with the help of this extension are correctly set up can help the customers to find the things they are looking for easily.

Product review

While shopping online, no matter what the product is, everyone tends to get a bit too precarious. The reason is the essential human nature that doesn’t allow a person to be specific because of the uncertain results. Therefore, to be clear, more than 70% of the people who visit an e-commerce website to purchase or even browse go through the product reviews.

This is where the product review extension comes to the rescue. It allows the customers to upload an image and the product review or add a product review using a widget. It doesn’t only do that, but also allows the store owner to add up & footer links from the backend too. This easy to install and manage extension eases the volume of return goods and increases the number of visitors on the page.

Since there are regular changes in the eCommerce business, the website needs to be updated without reaping the benefits. However, it gets tough to keep track of these changes on a comparatively large scale. As a result, many entrepreneurs opt for Magento development services to take that burden off their shoulders for this very purpose. So, whether you opt to choose the Magento development service or not, do make sure to regularly update your e-store with extensions as per the changing requirements.


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Top 5 Amazing Magento 2 Extensions That Will Boost Your e-store Sales