Top 4 Tips for Creating an Effective Video Marketing Campaign
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Top 4 Tips for Creating an Effective Video Marketing Campaign

It shouldn’t be any secret at this point that video marketing is huge. Being able to promote your products and tell different stories through video that’s easily shareable and accessible to millions of people is a marketing revolution, and we’re living in the very heart of it.

Although video marketing as a whole might be a relatively new concept when compared to other forms of advertising and promotion that exist, we can still make judgments and suggest advice based off of what we’ve learned so far.

Top 4 Tips for Creating an Effective Video Marketing Campaign

One of the most commonly asked questions that we receive is people wanting to know how to start and run an effective video marketing campaign. Running a campaign like this requires a great deal of time and money, and as such, you want to make sure you’re making as many of the right choices as you can.

Video marketing campaigns will differ from business to business, but if you need a few pointers to help your campaign get up off the ground, here are 4 tips to help you do just that.

1. Quality is important, but so is the actual content

Something that we see people freaking out about whenever they think about starting a video campaign is whether or not their AV equipment will be good enough for making their videos look professional and enjoyable to watch.

With fancy terms such as 4K, HDR, and others being thrown around the video-creating sphere, it can be easy to think that you need to shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars to create viewable content. You can certainly spend $50,000+ on a professional grade RED camera setup, but in all honesty, this is overkill.

It’s quite possible to spend a couple thousand dollars on a really high-end camera setup, but all you really need to get started is an HD video camera that you can easily pick up for a couple hundred bucks or so. In fact, most flagship smartphones come with cameras that are perfectly suitable to start off with nowadays.

You can obviously invest in more and better equipment as time goes on, but the quality of your content will always be more important than the quality of your videos themselves.

When creating your videos for your marketing campaign, make sure they’re as authentic, engaging, and entertaining, when applicable. Practice being comfortable on camera. The more enjoyable and engaging your content is to watch, the fewer people will care about whether or not the white balance is off on your videos.


2. Figure out what kind of message and theme you want to deliver

Being consistent with the type of content you produce for your campaign is one of the most important things you’ll want to hammer out before you ever start recording. If you start producing videos with a mishmash of different styles and tones, you’re going to be sending out a confusing message that people won’t enjoy following.

Do you want to be humorous with your videos, or are you aiming to kick out a more serious tone? Will you regularly feature one host on your clips, or will you be alternating between people from time to time? These are questions that you need to find answers to before you start delivering content to your audience.

It might be difficult to hold off on the creation process if you’re especially eager to get started with everything, but answering these questions prior to recording will make your content much more cohesive and enjoyable for your target audience.

3. Keep your videos short and sweet

When you do eventually get to the creation stage, one of the biggest things you’ll need to keep in mind is the length of your videos. Creating beautiful, hour-long masterpieces might sound like an awesome endeavor if you’re really into content creation, but unfortunately, no one will ever want to sit through that.

It may seem impossible at first to keep your videos under a minute or two, but it’s something you’ll need to achieve if you want to keep people listening and engaged in your content.

Attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter and shorter, and as such, it’s important to adapt your content as such.

Get your message out there, make it evident as to what point you’re trying to make, and leave it at that.

4. Adapt your videos to your audience

While the first three tricks mentioned here are great points to keep in mind when working on your campaign, something else that’s worth integrating is personalized video.

Personalized video, although one of the newest takes on video marketing, is already being used by some of the biggest names in the business world, like AT&T and Nike, to further engage with their customers.

Personalized video allows for you to connect with your audience further by featuring a video with your customer’s name or featuring a product they have viewed on your website. When you personalize a customer’s experience, they are more likely to be engaged and purchase your product than if you give the same blanket experience to your entire audience.

Final Thoughts

There are obviously more steps that you’ll need to take in order to completely hammer out everything that needs to be done for an effective video marketing campaign, but these are 4 of the best tips around to help you get thinking and get started with the entire process. Video campaigns require a lot of time and thought, but once you get these 4 things understood and out of the way, you should be looking at smooth sailing from there on out.


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Top 4 Tips for Creating an Effective Video Marketing Campaign


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